Alexa Bliss to announce Money in the Bank RAW Participants

Alexa Bliss will present a Money in the Bank Special edition of her talk show “A Moment of Bliss” where she will announce the participants from the RAW side for the Money in the Bank Ladder matches.

Moment of Bliss MITB edition

Money in the Bank Event is scheduled for 19 May this year and will feature the Men and Women Money in the Bank Ladder matches among other matches. The Winner of those matches will win the MITB breifcase and a contract to cash in the briefcase against any champion at the time of their choosing in the next one year. The matches will feature the stars from both RAW and SmackDown rosters and Bliss will only announce the stars from RAW side.

In more news regarding MITB, the Twitter handle Wrestle Votes is reporting that WWE want to make MITB briefcase special again after the debacle from last two years and want the winner to rise as the star from the process which will surely need a good buildup.

RAW Results and Updates – 22 April 2019 episode