Matt Riddle beats Roderick Strong NXT Takeover:25 in Bridgeport

Matt Riddle defeated Roderick Strong at the opening match of NXT Takeover: XXV(25) in Bridgeport

Matt Riddle Nxt Takeover 25, Matt Riddle Nxt Takeover XXV
Matt Riddle Nxt Takeover 25


Matt Riddle’s undefeated streak was broken by Velveteen Dream at Takeover: New York and the feud was dropped there itself. He moved on to the program to become a quasi-partner for Johnny Gargano in his feud with the Undisputed Era. After Riddle made the save on Gargano last month, he was attacked backstage by Strong in the next episode. Their match was announced during NXT episode from two weeks ago, after which Riddle was pinned in the tag team match with the interruption from Strong.

Match Description

The lights go off for a while as they start the match. Riddle tries to grab the leg before they reach a stalemate. Riddle again goes for the bromission, only for another stalemate. Strong gets better of the third time but Riddle hits the trio of Gutwrench Suplexes. The action moves to the outside where Riddle sends Strong to the barricade and hits a flying forearm. Strong wins their exchange at the apron and drops Riddle on the apron with a side suplex. Back in the ring, Strong hits a chop and some forearms before dropping Riddle on the ropes. A flurry of punches by Riddle but Strong hits a double knee backbreaker. 

Strong starts working on Riddle and keeps control for some time. Riddle rolls up to get two count but Strong soon hits a Samoan drop kind of slam to hurt Riddle’s back. Another move is countered as Riddle hits a snap suplex. A suplex, broton and penalty kick gets a nearfall for Riddle. Riddle is selling his back a bit here before hitting a flurry of kicks. Strong dodges another kick but Riddle drops him for a GTS and then a German suplex into the pin to get another nearfall. Strong hits an enziguri on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex to get a nearfall.

They start trading strikes until Strong gets the upper hand and hits a long sequence with running forearms of strikes leading to a big slam for another close count.  Riddle hits a kick, V-Trigger, and a powerbomb before the Final Flash knee for two. Strong blocks the Floating Bro with his knees and nails Riddle with a knee. Strong hits another series of moves leading to a Boston crab. Riddle counters into his own submission. Riddle lifts him and hits the Bro Derek for the pin and the win.

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