9 Major Points As WWE RAW Moves to Netflix from January 2025

WWE RAW Netflix

WWE Monday Night RAW’s new home is now revealed as it is announced that the show will air on Netflix from January 2025 onwards. But, the deal does not include only the telecast for RAW, but the rest of WWE shows are also set to be part of this deal with Netflix. Keep reading for the complete story.

1- WWE announced on Tuesday, January 23, that Netflix will become the new home of WWE Raw at the beginning of 2025. The deal will bring weekly live sports entertainment to Netflix.

2- WWE RAW will be leaving linear television for the first time in its 31 years olds(32 by the time the show goes to Netflix) and marks a big shift in its programming. The show complete 1600 episodes with the January 22, 2024 episode.

3- The deal will give Netflix the rights to air Monday Night RAW not only in United States, but also in United Kingdom, Canada and Latin America. New regions and territories will be added to this deal over time.

4- Also, Netflix will basically turn into a WWE network outside of United States as SmackDown, NXT, Premium Live Events like WrestleMania, documentaries, original series and forthcoming projects will also be available on Netflix internationally beginning in 2025.

5- This would mean that WWE will get an exposure of Netflix’s 250 million global users with their PLE and other programmes. Also, this will be Netflix’s first big foray into live sports programming.

6- RAW is currently airing on USA Network and will continue to broadcast on the same until September 2024. As per the current deal, USA Network pays WWE around $250 million per year for RAW per year. USA Network will start airing SmackDown from October 2024 instead in a deal worth around $270 million per year.

7- CNBC added in their report that the deal between WWE and Netlfix is $5 billion over 10 years period as per the company’s filing. However, the deal also includes several territories and many more shows than just RAW which USA Network was airing until now.

8- As per Variety, it currently remains unknown where RAW will air from October 2024 to December 2024.

9- TKO Group(UFC & WWE merged company) share price jumped about 21% pre-market on NYSE on Tuesday. The share price was trading at $94 now. TKO also announced the addition of Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson as their new board member on Tuesday.

We will keep adding additional details and information as they come out. Keep tuned in for more updates.

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