WWE RAW Results January 22, 2024- Rollins Speaks, Cody & Punk

CM Punk Cody Rhodes RAW January 22
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WWE RAW’s 1600th episode will air on January 22, 2024, as WWE heads towards Royal Rumble 2024 PLE.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is set to make an important announcement regarding his torn MCL and torn Meniscus injury. CM Punk and Cody Rhodes are set to come face-to-face to discuss their Royal Rumble aspirations.

Drew McIntyre faces Damian Priest in a big singles match. Ivar will face Chad Gable, and Ivy Nile will face Valhalla. The Miz and Dominik will clash in another singles match. Tune in below for the results and updates from the show.


World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins came out to open the show. He has a knee brace around his left knee. The crowd had a “Thank You, Seth” chant going. Seth informed that he heard his knee snapped during his match against Jinder Mahal last week and after MRI, he got to know that he had grade two torn ACL and a meniscus tear. He need surgery and 3 to 4 months of recovery time. He did not know what future holds and is taking it day by day.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther came out with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Kaiser and Vinci stood outside while Gunther got into the ring. Gunther assured Rollins that they were not out to attack him, but Rollins had been avoiding him. Gunther goes on to talk about Rollins being a workhorse before some threatning words. Rollins interrupted him and said he would still take the title into Wrestlemania and would walk out as the champion. Gunther told him that he would win Royal Rumble and would beat Rollins to win the title. Rollins told him to remember who he was coming after.

After the segment ended, New Day attacked Vinci and Kaiser heading into the break.

New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs Imperium(Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) ended in a double countout as the teams kept brawling outside while the referee counted down to 10. They continued to fight after the match and got into the crowd. As Imperium were looking to put Woods through a table, Kofi made the save and New Day tackled Imperium off the production crates and through the tables.

We got the trailer for WWE 2K24 and details on its various editions.

After the break, we got the hype package for Drew McIntyre vs Damian Priest. Rhea Ripley told Priest and Finn Balor backstage that they would defend the tag team titles against DIY next week. Priest argues with Rhea for a while before leaving. Balor tries to go after Priest, but Rhea stopped him and told him to be ringside with Dominik tonight and show his vicious side which has been missing for a while.

Ivy Nile defeated Valhalla after a short match by hitting a bulldog to get the pinfall.

New Day were recovering backstage and Jey Uso came in with icepacks for them. Jackie Redmond came in for an interview and Kofi ended up challenging Gunther for Intercontinental Championship.

Nia Jax came out to the ring and started talking about Royal Rumble and her plans to spoil Rhea vs Becky match as they teased last week. Becky Lynch came followed by Bayley. The segment turned into a brawl quickly. Becky hit Bayley with the Manhandle Slam before Nia threw him out of the ring.

We got a “By The Numbers” video for Royal Rumble.

Becky Lynch was walking backstage when Rhea Ripley walked past her making a remark.

Dominik Mysterio defeated The Miz in a singles match. Finn Balor took a cheap shot at Miz before Dominik took the advantage with a 619 and a frog splash to get the pinfall.

Finn Balor started beating up Miz after the match, but DIY ran out to save Miz.

Damian Priest was getting interviewed backstage about Drew McIntyre when R-Truth came in with a wad of cash for Tom & Nick Mysterio merchandise. Priest told him that it was not a good time. R-Truth left. Priest then vowed to beat Drew McIntyre tonight.

Ivar defeated Chad Gable in a singles match. Gable had countered Ivar on the top rope to hit an avalanche German suplex. As he was looking for a moonsault, Valhalla distracted her and Ivar pulled him off. Ivar hit the doomsault to get the pinfall.

Cody Rhodes and CM Punk met in the ring face-to-face for a war of words.

Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark defeated Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell in a tag team match.

After the match, Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance & Kayden Carter came into the ring to pose with their titles. Kabuki Warriors attacked the champions from behind.

Drew McIntyre defeated Damian Priest in the main event. Drew McIntyre had Priest set up for Claymore kick, but R-Truth came out to hand Priest the wad of cash once again. This distraction allowed Priest to hit Drew with chokeslam, but the referee was busy dealing with R-Truth and did not count for the pin. A frustrated Priest threw R-Truth out of the ring, but this allowed Drew to hit Claymore on Priest to get the pinfall.

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