Updates on AEW Battle of the Belts Show Lenght & Titles in Play

AEW Battle of the Belts 2022

AEW President Tony Khan has revealed that not every title will be defended at AEW Battle of the Belts TNT special.

Tony Khan appeared at the Culture State podcast to reveal that Battle of the Belts is going to be one hour show. This would be good news for wrestling fans. The show starts at 7 PM EST on January 8, 2022. As IMPACT Hard to Kill starts on the same day at 8 PM EST, the fans will be able to catch both shows without missing the other one.

AEW President also revealed that since the show is just an hour-long, not all the titles will be contested on the card. For now, AEW Women’s Championship match is announced between Britt Baker and Riho. Khan added that we can still expect big championship matches on the show.

“It’s a one hour event, so I can’t put every belt on the line. It’s a great chance on a Saturday night to expand the reach of AEW by giving the fans great championship matches on a Saturday night.”

AEW Battle of the Belts will be the first of the four TNT special shows that AEW will present during the year. It is not known whether all the special shows will be one hour long, but we can expect that it is going to be the precedent.

Keep tuned in for more news and updates from AEW.

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