Kane returned to WWE ring at Knoxville Live Event

Kane returned to WWE ring for the live event in Knoxville. Glenn Jacobs, who perfromed as Kane in WWE, is the current mayor of Knoxville County. This was the first time that Kane has actually appeared in his original persona in the WWE ring. Last year, he announced that if he would become the Mayor of Knoxvile, he would retire from WWE and would give full attention to his county. And following his win in the elections, he has only appeared a few times on WWE.

At the WWE live event, Seth Rollins introduced Kane (Glenn Jacobs) along with other local officials and their family. Kane received a $100,000 check from WWE to the Knoxville Public Safety Foundation. Later, Kane took to microblogging platform Twitter to call the incident as his ‘proudest in a WWE ring.’

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