Mick Foley comments Q&A session on the Undertaker

Tells from Hell Poster, Mick Foley Undertaker Q&A

The Rise of Taker Tour, from 29 April to 1 May, will now only host meet and greet session with the Undertaker. The Q&A session will now be taken up by Mick Foley instead. Mick Foley posted over Facebook how he came in to replace the Undertaker for the Q&A session.

As reported earlier, the Undertaker signed a new contract with WWE which restricts him to do outside-WWE appearances. As Undertaker’s UK tour with Inside the Ropes was already announced, WWE agreed to let Taker do the show but he was barred from doing the Q&A sessions on the tour. Instead of Taker, WWE Hardcore Legend Mick Foley will instead take the Q&A session named “Tells from Hell.” Inside the Ropes posted the information over their Youtube channel regarding more details for options for tickets already purchased.


Mick Foley also announced his appearance for the show and said that WWE and the Undertaker had to do what they had to do to maintain the Mystique around the most single greatest character in company history alive. He also mentioned that Undertaker flew to Connecticut to convince WWE to let him do the tour in some way, shape or form while also mentioning that all these developments happened in over a month ago on 1st March. For him, the Tells from Hell is really about to keep hundreds of die-hard UK fans from missing out on a rare chance to meet The Undertaker and to talk about some of my favorite moments.