What did CM Punk Say on WWE Backstage Full Appearance?

CM Punk Joins FS1's WWE Backstage as Contributor
CM Punk Joins FS1’s WWE Backstage as Contributor

CM Punk appeared on WWE Backstage for a full episode for the first time after the tease from last week. Here is the rundown for his appearance for the episode.

Renee Young had a one-on-one with CM Punk. She asks Punk what brought him back into wrestling. He says when the idea was pitched to him, he didn’t react negatively and felt like it could be interesting. Punk says he hasn’t talked to anyone in WWE. It’s a thing with FOX and not WWE, which makes it an interesting dynamic. Fans want someone who can tell it like it is, doesn’t have any ties to WWE and will be honest with his responses towards the product.

Talking about his appearance from last week, Punk says he has a very small circle now of around 10-12 people only who knew about his appearance. Punk says he thought about doing a Shockmaster entrance but didn’t go with it. Punk says he likes being able to pick and chose with people he can work with, and not work with jerks. Punk says Jim Ross texted him right after his appearance.

Young asks if Punk could potentially show up at a Royal Rumble. Punk says “never say never,” but there’s a lot of hurdles to clear and bridges to be built before he could do something like that. He says he sees some bright spots in wrestling, he likes where the women have gone. But he doesn’t feel like they need a label though and keep it more organic. Punk has a soft spot for NXT as he knows the struggle of working your way up. The roster there is less tainted.

CM Punk, Paige, Booker T, and Renee Young discuss King Corbin’s SmackDown “Big Dog” segment. Punk comments that a segment like that will make him reconsider doing WWE Backstage. He says he needs to learn more about Corbin, but that was a bad start. They also preview some of the upcoming Survivor Series matches. Paige hopes Bayley gets to showcase what she can do and she will pick up the win. Punk talks Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio and he feels like it “could be great” and the Chicago crowd could help elevate the match.

They discuss Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan, Booker T says he feels like Bryan is the perfect match-up for Wyatt. Punk comments that the new Universal Championship “blue title is stupid.” He keeps looking over to Paige when he’s being negative, trying to get her to agree with him. She’s laughing it off and says he’s trying to stir the pot.

Renee brings up who it was 7 years anniversary of the Shield and mentions how Seth Rollins wrote “Fight me CM Punk” on Twitter. Punk says he is not looking to shoot angles on the show and Rollins should tweet much. Just delete those tweet and they are not doing Rollins any favors. Punk also asks Renee who is her favorite in the Shield. Renee laughed and said she liked them all.

Tom Arnold sent an indecent tweet to CM Punk. Punk says “If I wanted s*** from you, I would have scrapped your tongue.” He calls Arnold a “fake Cubs fan.” and says it doesn’t matter if he is 150 pounds, Arnold couldn’t take him bowling.

The show also featured Ember Moon’s appearance and she announced that she had suffered a torn Achilles. She will be out of action for at least the next six months. Actor, Director, and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette came to WWE Backstage for this week’s “Promo School” segment with Booker T.

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