Clash of Champions: Bludgeon Brother Reunite to Defeat Roman Reigns

Bludgeon Brother Reunite at WWE Clash Of Champions 2019
Bludgeon Brother Reunite at WWE Clash Of Champions 2019

Erick Rowan was able to defeat Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of Champions 2019 show as he was reunited with his former Bludgeon Brothers tag team partner Luke Harper.

Roman Reigns and Erick Rowan faced off in the no Disqualification match at Clash of Champions last night. Rowan was at his devastating best and used the stipulation to the best use. Three times during the match, he was able to send the Big Dog through the table with different moves. That was apart from various steel steps strikes, bombs on the apron and ring post.

However, late in the match, Reigns mounted a comeback as he used a rod and the Jimmy Job camera to his advantage. After the Superman Punch, he was getting ready for a spear at the ramp. But then, Rowan was able to pull off a Luke Harper named surprise to cut short Reigns. The Bludgeon Brothers combined and ran through Reigns with Rowan finishing off the match with a pin after an Iron Claw Slam.

After being part of the Wyatt Family since their NXT days, Rowan and Harper started their tag team run in 2017. They went on to win the SmackDown Tag Team Titles last year at WrestleMania 34. They kept the title with them for 135 days before losing them to the New Day. After that, it was announced that Rowan had suffered a torn right bicep while Luke Harper also underwent surgery for a wrist injury.

Rowan made a surprise return at Royal Rumble earlier this year and worked as Daniel Bryan’s sidekick. Getting a significant amount of TV time, he also went on to get another tag title run with Daniel Bryan which lasted for around 2 months. Earlier this month, he split with Bryan after it was revealed that he was the mystery man who was attacking Roman Reigns.

On the other hand, even after recovering after the surgery, Harper was not used by WWE. His last appearance came during the Worlds Collide tournament. He had also released a statement back in April announcing that he has asked WWE for his release from the company. WWE, however, refused to release him and seemingly added the time on his contract. With his return, it looks like the two parties have resolved their differences.

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