Orange Cassidy Retains AEW International Title at Forbidden Door 2023

Orange Cassidy Forbidden Door

Orange Cassidy was successful in defending AEW International Championship in a fatal 4-way match against Katsuyori Shibata, Daniel Garcia and Zack Sabre Jr. at AEW NJPW Forbidden Door 2023 event.


Zack Sabre Jr challenged Orange Cassidy for the AEW International Title on the June 14 episode of Dynamite. Daniel Garcia also appeared and challenged Cassidy for the title while inquiring about his buddy Katsuyori Shibata. 

Orange Cassidy then challenged them to a tag team match against him and Shibata. However, he unintentionally hit Shibata during that match, which made them coming on the losing side. After that, AEW confirmed that Orange Cassidy would defend his title in a 4-way match against Katsuyori Shibata, Zack Sabre Jr, and Daniel Garcia.

Live Updates

Orange Cassidy starts things off by slowly kicking all three wrestlers. Garcia catches his leg and then passes it on to Zack and Shibata. Cassidy sends Zack into Shibata as they send Garcia to the floor. Cassidy follows him with a suicide dive. 

Shibata puts Cassidy in a submission inside the ring. Zack comes in and breaks it. Garcia, Shibata and Zack start having back-and-forth of punches and chops. They drop Garcia before the latter returns with a drop kick.

All 4 men are down after hitting each other with kicks. NJPW guys put AEW guys in an abdominal stretch, but Shibata and Zack eventually start fighting each other. They suplex each other. Meanwhile, Cassidy hits Garcia with a stundog millionaire and Tornado DDT. 

Zack works on Cassidy’s arm before the latter sends him to the ring post. Garcia hits Shibata with the ROH title for two-count. Shibata no-sell punches from Garcia and then sends him to the corner. 

Shibata and Cassidy sit down in the ring and exchange chest slaps. Cassidy manages to hit the Orange Punch but hurt his injured arm. Cassidy also connects Beach Break for a near fall. 

Zack enters the ring and stomps Cassidy’s arm. Sabre then puts him in a crossface before Garcia breaks the lock but is sent to the floor. Shibata hits Garcia with the PK, and Cassidy sends Shibata out of the ring and gets the pinfall on Garcia via backslide. 

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