Becky Lynch Retains RAW Women’s Title at Stomping Grounds

Becky Lynch Retains RAW Women’s Championship Title as she defeated Lacey Evans at the opening match of Stomping Grounds 2019

Becky Lynch at Stomping Grounds 2019


The storyline started when Becky had just become ‘Becky Two Belts’ at WrestleMania. Lacey Evans became the no. 1 contender for the RAW Women Championship after beating Natalya in a match. After multiple brawls, they faced off at Money in the Banks where Becky retained the title. But Lacey assisted Charlotte Flair to clinch the SmackDown title from Becky on the same night. Lacey has since made the point that she is responsible for Becky losing the SmackDown Women’s Championship and will also take the RAW title off Becky.

Match Description:

Becky takes Lacey to the corner and warns her. Lacey explodes out of the corner, only to be locked in an ankle lock briefly. They lockdown once more and Becky plants her face first. Becky continues her work after Lacey goes outside and bring her back to the ring. Lacey is slammed on each turnbuckle one by one and eats a big boot from a springboard. She moves out for a breather which helps her to kick Becky and Becky’s midsection is hit into the announce table.

Lacey starts to mount some offense now. She plants Becky face first on the mat and goes for some kind of leg lock. Lacey continues with ramming Becky into the ring post and starts working on Becky’s ribs. She keeps her down with various submission moves. Becky tries to come back but Evans hits a shoulder tackle. Becky hits a kick from the springboard and then a superkick before locking in the Dis-Arm-Her. Lacey breaks the hold and takes back the control.

She wipes her armpits sweat with a hankie and throws it on Becky’s face. Becky picks it up and shoves it in her mouth. Becky starts to mount some offense with some forearms. clotheslines, flying shoulder tackle and the bexploder. But Evans punches her in the ribs again. Evans avoids a flying leg drop but Becky is able to block her slingshot elbow with a pair of knees. Evans hits a modified stunner and a kick for a close two-count. Becky pulls her down into the DisArmHer and gets the win to retain her title. 

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