AEW Rampage June 9, 2023 Results & Live Updates

AEW Rampage June 9 2023
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Rampage June 9, 2023 episode which was pre-taped earlier this week in Colorado Spring, CO(spoilers available here).

A fatal 4-way match identifed the challenge for AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm to defend her title at the next Dynamite episode. Britt Baker, Skye Blue, Mercedes Martinez and Nyla Rose were part of this match. Powerhouse Action was in action in a singles match.

Two trios matches were also announced. The Acclaimed and Daddy A## Billy Gunn took on Spanish Announce Project. The Firm was in action with Ethan Page to take on Lucha Brothers and Bandido. Check below for live results from AEW Rampage June 9, 2023 episode with live updates, winners, and complete action.


  • Lucha Brothers(Penta El Zero Meido & Rey Fenix) & Bandido defeated Ethan Page, Big Bill & Lee Moriarty in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Caleb Crush in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn defeated Spanish Announce Project(Angelico, Septentico & Luther) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Skye Blue defeated Britt Baker, Nyla Rose & Mercedes Martinez in a Fatal 4-way #1 Contender match for AEW Women’s Championship via pinfall.


Ethan Page, Big Bill & Lee Moriarty vs Lucha Brothers(Penta El Zero Meido & Rey Fenix) & Bandido

Page and Rey trade hurricanranas on each other to start. Page has to escape an attack and get to his corner for a tag to Moriarty. Bandido tags in and trades chest slaps with Moriarty. Bandido uses a handspring to avoid a lariat. He hits hurricanrana on Moriarty to send him to his corner. Penta and Bill get the tags. Penta signals for Zero Meido(zero fear) as he stands toe to toe with Big Bill.

Penta blocks a chokeslam and hits some kicks before dropkick. Bandido and Fenix also come in to deal with Bill and knocks Page and Moriarty off the apron. Penta goes for Fear Factor but Bandido and Fenix are pulled off the apron. Bill is dropped to the floor but he hits an uppercut to stop Penta’s suicide dive. Bill drives him into the apron. Bill is in control as we cut to a break.

Bill is in control against Bandido and throws him into the corner. Moriarty and Page get into the tag and knocks off Lucha Bros off the apron. Some frentic back and forth action follows and The Firm get the upper hand. Page is about to hit Ego’s Edge on Bandido when The Hardys come out to the stage. Matt Hardy says he is trying for Page to do the right thing. This gives Bandido an opportunity to hit 21-plex to get the pinfall.

Winners – Lucha Bros & Bandido

We cut to an episode of QTV. The QTV crew say they want to do something edgy for the Collision debut. They will go out on Rampage and give the fans an idea of what they can expect to see on Collision from Powerhouse Hobbs.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Caleb Crush

Crush tries to get on Hobbs’ waist but Hobbs hits a back elbow. Hobbs hits a lariat to drop Crush before picking him up in suplex, only to drop him on the ropes. Crush hits an enzuigiri but Hobbs hits a spinebuster to get the pinfall.

Winner – Powerhouse Hobbs

Arn Anderson and TNT Champion Wardlow are backstage for an interview. Arn says Luchasaurus should have finished the job when he attacked his son Brock on Dynamite. Wardlow says there will be consequences for Luchasaurus and Christian Cage.

The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn vs Spanish Announce Project(Angelico, Septentico & Luther)

Caster insults SAP in his promo. Bowens starts against Angelico and offers him scissoring handshake but ducks it twice. Angelico catches him with a jab when Bowens attempts it third time. Bowens hits dropkick before Serpentico and Caster tag in. Caster hits Serpentico with an atomic drop and a manhattan drop. Luther comes in and lands some shots on Caster. The Acclaimed get the upper hand back but Luther stops their scissor party. Billy Gunn nails him with punches to take us to a break.

Caster kicks away Serpentico as we return. Luther and Gunn tag in. Gunn fight against all 3 opponents alone. Angelico catches him with an enzuigiri and Luther gets a two-count. Bowens gets the tag and Caster helps him to clear Serpentico and Angelico from the ring. Bowens hits suplex on Luther before Caster hits Mic drop to get the pinfall.

Winners – Billy Gunn & The Acclaimed

Renee Paquette is on the stage and calls out Jeff Jarrett, Karen, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh. Karen says Audrey Edwards is in the building and calls her out so that she can show her what happens when she tries to lay hands on her. Audrey Edwards and Mark Briscoe come out. Audrey says AEW is not sanctioning a match between they despite her best efforts, but Karen should not run into her in catering or hotel afterward, or interfering in any of the matches, she will not hold back. Mark Briscoe informs Audrey that AEW has actually agreed to book a mixed trios match. He announces that Papa Briscoe, who warned him against them, will partner with him and Audrey for a trios match.

Britt Baker vs Nyla Rose vs Skye Blue vs Mercedes Martinez – Fatal 4-way #1 Contender

Mercedes and Baker fight to outside. Rose corners Blue in the rinng. Mercedes comes back after kicking Baker on the floor. Blue fights back against Rose and Mercedes with boots and kicks. Baker tries to catch Blue with her finisher but Blue blocks it. Rose and Mercedes return to the ring and Blue is sent to the floor while Baker is cornered by Rose. Mercedes hits shots to take Rose to one corner. Marina Shafir puts Mercedes in a choke, which brings leads to Hikaru Shida into attacking Shafir with kendo sticks. She runs Shafir to the back. Rose hits a clothesline on Blue to take us to a break.

Rose is knocked off the top and drops on the apron and then to the floor. Mercedes hits a big boot on Blue when she is on the top. Baker drops Mercedes before Blue hits her with some innovative kicks. Mercedes breaks the pinfall. Baker rolls up Mercedes after blocking her move. Baker goes for lockjaw on Mercedes but Blue quickly gets a leg lock on Mercedes. Nyla breaks that submission before she fights back against Blue and Baker. Rose hits a powerbomb on Baker but Mercedes breaks the pin. Mercedes gets Rose on her knees. Baker hits a stomp on Rose. Baker and Mercedes fight to the floor. Blue hits a sunset flip on Rose to get the pinfall.

Winner – Skye Blue

Toni Storm, who was watching this match from backstage, paints an “L” on Blue’s video on TV screen.

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