AEW Rampage June 2, 2023, Results & Live Updates

AEW Rampage June 2 2023
Credits – AEW

Welcome to live results page for AEW Ramapge June 2, 2023, which was taped earlier this week in San Deigo, CA(spoilers available here).

4 title matches were on the card with not much storyline behind them. The show opened with a triple-threat match between luchadors El Hijo Del Vikingo, Komander & Dralistico over Vikingo’s AAA Mega Championship.

Willow Nightingale defended NJPW Strong Women’s Championship for the first time as she took on Emi Sakura. Katsuyori Shibata defended ROH Pure Championship against Lee Moriarty while Zack Sabre Jr. faced Action Andretti to defend NJPW Television Championship.

Tune in below for results from AEW Rampage June 2, 2023, with live updates, winners, and complete action.


  • El Hijo Del Vikingo(c) defeated Komander & Dralistico in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall to retain AAA Mega Championship.
  • Zack Sabre Jr.(c) defeated Action Andretti in a singles match via pinfall to retain NJPW Television Championship.
  • Willow Nightingale(c) defeated Emi Sakura in a singles match to retain NJPW Strong Women’s Championship.
  • Katsuyori Shibata(c) defeated Lee Moriarty in Pure Rules Match via pinfall to retain ROH Pure Championship.


El Hijo Del Vikingo(c) vs Komander vs Dralistico – Triple Threat Match for AAA Mega Championship

Vikingo starts by fighting off both challengers. They jump over each other in quick succession. Dralistico hits a double dropkick to send both opponents to the floor before a tope suicida. He sends Komander into the steel steps and Vikingo into the barricade. He takes Dralistico back into the ring to hit another dropkick to get a two-count. Dralistico starts to leave after boos from the crowd. He returns and hits chest slaps and chops on Komander. Komander fights back from the apron with an overhead chop. Dralistico sets him up on the second rope and hits a double stomp from the top.

Vikingo hits a senton dive on Dralistico on the floor. He takes both competitors to the ring, hits a gamengiri on Dralistico before a hurricanrana and a phoenix splash from the outside side of the ropes. Komander breaks the pin. An enzuigiri from Vikingo on Dralistico. Dralistico sends Komander to the floor with a back body drop. They trade hard chops. Dralistico hits a spinning backheel kick before a tackle from Vikingo. We cut to a break.

Dralistico takes Komander back into the ring as we return. A table is set up outside the ring. Komander avoids a big boot and hits a springboard hurricanrana. He ducks Vikingo’s clothesline before hitting a couple of armdrags and a dropkick to send Vikingo to the floor. Komander takes both men down with a ropewalk dive on the floor. He takes Dralistico back into the ring and hits a 450 splash after another ropewalk. Vikingo breaks the pin. He hits corkscrew reverse hurricanrana on Komander. Vikingo hits a 630 senton from the middle rope and takes Komander through the table with it. Dralistico takes Vikingo back to the ring. Vikingo counters with roll up to get the pinfall.

Winner – El Hijo Del Vikingo

We get a recap of Karen Jarrett slamming Audrey Edwards with a guitar on her head at Double or Nothing. Jay Lethal and company are backstage and livid when told about their suspension. Mark Briscoe comes in and says they are not suspended because he talked to Tony Khan who has agreed to a match for them to take on Jeff Jarrett and Karen. Audrey Edwards comes in and is revealed as Briscoe’s partner. Karen and Audrey lock up before they are separated.

Zack Sabre Jr.(c) vs Action Andretti – NJPW Television Championship

Sabre shows off his technical acumen as he counters Andretti multiple times and manipulates Andretti’s wrist. Andretti hits a monkey flip but Sabre hangs onto his wrist. Sabre shows off as he still controls the wrist. Andretti hits an arm drag to break the control before a dropkick. He hits arm drag and dropkick once more. Andretti follows up with a springboard splash before a diving hurricanrana to send Sabre to the floor and hit a suicide dive.

Sabre pushes him off the ropes before putting on the body scissors, transitioning into a shoulder lock on the ropes quickly. Sabre slams Andretti into the mat quickly after the referee calls for the break. Sabre works on the arm with some twisting and a stomp. Sabre hits some uppercuts before returning to the work the arm. He hits a calf kick in between. Andretti tries to fire back with some shot before Sabre stretches his arm. Andretti breaks it up with a suplex. He hits a springboard single-leg dropkick to get a two-count.

Sabre hits a Pele kick on his arm before a drop-toe hold and a stomp to the arm. Andretti blocks the Pele kick and nails an enzuigiri. Sabre blocks a hurricanrana off the top and nails a big shot to drop Andretti to the floor. Andretti springs up and hits an overhead kick to set up and hit an avalanche hurricanrana to get a two-count. Sabre counters a fireman’s carry with a choke. Andretti drops down to break free and gets a two-count with a quick manuever. Sabre hits more kicks to the arm.

Andretti hits a reverse hurricanrana and a shotgun dropkick. He hits one legged moonsault for another near fall. Sabre counters a springboard move into an armbar. He transitions into the Ring of Saturn and puts too much pressure to force Andretti to submit.

Winner – Zack Sabre Jr.

Willow Nightingale(c) vs Emi Sakura – NJPW Strong Women’s Championship

Sakura starts with shoulder tackles which gets no-selled by Willow. Sakura also no-sells before Willow hits a running tackle. Willow nails an elbow from the apron before she attempts a suplex. They block each other before Sakura rakes Willow’s face. Sakura hits a running crossbody to knock Willow off the apron. She whips Willow into the corner and hits a crossbody. We cut to a break.

Willow hits a back splash as we return, followed by a shotgun dropkick. Sakura kicks out of the pin but also rakes the eyes in process. Sakura hits a DDT and then hits a crossbody in the corner. She hits a twisting Vader bomb to get a two-count. Willow fights out of a double under hook and hits a low crossbody. Willow blocks the Mahi Stroll before they collide in the middle. Sakura hits a backhand shot to drop Willow. She hits a double under hook DDT to get a two-count.

Sakura hits more chops before Willow tackles her and hits a cannonball to get a two-count. Willow removes her straps but Sakura blocks her move and slaps her. Willow hits a lariat before hitting The Doctor bomb to get the pinfall.

Winner – Willow Nightingale

Katsuyori Shibata(c) vs Lee Moriarty – Pure Rules Match for ROH Pure Championship

Shibata goes for a waistlock and transitions into a headlock. He goes for juji-gatami but Moriarty blocks it and gets to the ropes quickly. Moriarty goes for standing switch but Shibata gets him down quickly. Moriarty hits a back elbow to send Shibata to the corner for some stomps in the corner. Moriarty hits another elbow before a dropkick takes us to a break.

Shibata has Moriarty in a figure four and Moriarty has to use his second rope break of the match. Shibata nails some forearms in the corner. Moriarty tackles him in the other corner and bridges him for a two-count. Moriarty hits open fist strikes before Shibata comes back with a kick to midsection. Shibata hits more forearm strikes in the corner before a shotgun dropkick against the turnbuckle. Shibata hits a suplex to get a two-count. Moriarty has to use her third rope break to come out of a waistlock.

Moriarty counters and puts on border city stretch submission. Shibata breaks free of it after a while and puts Moriarty in a sleeper choke. Moriarty drops down as he fades out. Shibata hits a running penalty kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Katsuyari Shibata

After the match, Daniel Garcia comes out to the ring and has a face-off with Shibata. Shibata raises his title as the show goes off the air.

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