AEW Rampage July 21, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners

AEW Royal Rampage

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Rampage July 21, 2023 episode which was pre-taped earlier this week in Boston, MA.(Spoilers available here).

Royal Rampage Battle Royal was set for the show where the winner would get a shot at TNT Championship. The likes of Darby Allin, Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Matt Hardy and others were in action. The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn were set to take on QTV’s Johnny TV, Aaron Solow & QT Marshall in trios match. Kris Statlander defended TBS Women’s title against Marina Shafir.

Tune in below as we post results from AEW Rampage July 21, 2023 episode with live updates, winners, and highlights.


  • Darby Allin won the Royal Rampage Battle Royal.
  • The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn defeated QTV(Johnny TV, Aaron Solow & QT Marshall) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Kris Statlander(c) defeated Marina Shafir in a singles match via pinfall.


Royal Rampage Battle Royal

Nick Wayne fights Swerve while Darby fights Lethal. Wayne hits hurricanranas on Swerve before an uppercut. Darby sends Lethal into the corner. Swerve hits an uppercut off the top rope. Minoru Suzuki comes out next. Darby is waiting for him to enter but Lethal attacks Darby from behind. Lethal tries to broker a deal with Suzuki and they start to stomp on Darby in the corner. Wayne blocks Swerve from eliminating him.

Brian Cage enters the match and goes after Wayne with quick tackles. Cage hits a knee strike before a clothesline and back suplex. Lethal ends up hitting Suzuki on chest as Darby gets out of his grip. Ethan Pages comes in and hits punches, tackles and a body slam on Lethal. Komander enters the match and walks the ropes. Cage tries to push him off the ropes but he jumps Cage’s shoulder and hits a diving DDT on Swerve. He hits a diving headbutt on Cage. Butcher enters the match and works on Page. Lethal fights Butcher now. Big Bill enters the match next.

Big Bill hits Komander and Wayne with quick moves. Page eliminates Lethal by throwing him over the ropes. Lethal tries to pull Page out of the ring and Suzuki puts him over the ropes to eliminate Page. Suzuki and Butch fight next. The Blade enters the match and helps Butcher eliminate Suzuki. We cut to a break.

Toa Liona enters the match in the red ring as we return. He joins The Butcher and The Blade into punishing Darby. Matt Sydal enters the match in the blue ring and hits enzuigiri on Big Bill. He hits a hurricanrana on Swerve to send him into a cutter from Brother Zay. Cage and Bill throw Zay out of the ring. Bishop Kaun enter the red ring. Bishop and Liona eliminate Butcher and Butch one by one. Matt Hardy slams Swerve’s face into the turnbuckle repeatedly after entering the match. He drops Big Bill also before dropping Swerve.

Matt Menard enters the match next but gets manhandled by Butcher and Blade. Jeff Jarrett enters the match for some quick move. Angelo Parker enters the match next. Jake Hager is the last member to enter the match and we cut to a break.

After the break, the ring is clear with more eliminations including Parker and Menard. Hardy sends Jarrett over the ropes to eliminate him. Nick Wayne manages to get Big Bill over the top and Swerve’s kick end up eliminating him. Cage and Swerve are alone in the blue ring as Wayne goes to help Darby in the red ring. Wayne and Darby eliminate Kaun. Wayne hits Cage with a stunner. He sends Cage to the apron.

Swerve stops before booting Cage after Wayne ducks. Cage falls to the floor as Swerve tries to save himself. Swerve eliminates Wayne and Darby eliminates Liona. Wayne and then Loa get tossed. Darby and Swerve are the final two. Swerve kicks Darby in the back of the head. Prince Nana puts the skateboard in the ring and Swerve drops Darby on it with a powerbomb. They battle on the apron and Darby spears Swerve out of the ring. Swerve went over the top rope, Darby did not, so Darby wins.

Winner – Darby Allin

The Acclaimed(Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & Billy Gunn vs QTV(Johnny TV, Aaron Solow & QT Marshall)

Johnny TV starts against Billy Gunn. QT tags in before the action begins. QT has a bandage on his back. Gunn hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes. QT leapfrogs before Gunn blocks a cutter. Gunn cuts of his show off with DX sign. Caster hits a body slam on QT. Johnny comes in to stop Scissor Me Timbers. Gunn stops Solow from interfering on the floor. Bowens hits Johnny with a crossbody. Gunn hits a fameasser on QT before clotheslining him to the floor. We cut to a break.

Gunn gets the hot tag as we return. He his clotheslines and shots on every opponent. Johnny blocks a choke but Bowens attacks him. Bowens hits elbow combos on QT. Johnny nails him with a roundhouse kick. Bowens hits back elbows and chops before a superkick. Johnny hits a double clothesline on Gunn and Caster. Solow sends Bowens into the barricade. QTV trio hit quick moves on Gunn. The Acclaimed save Gunn from Scissor Me Timbers. Bowens hits a body slam on Solow before Caster hits an elbow drop to get the pinfall.

Winner – The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Kris Statlander(c) vs Marina Shafir

Some grapplingn action to start the match. KT hits a shoulder tackle and shows off a bit. She gets a waistlock takedown. Shafir hits knees to midsection. She unloads with some punches before a Judo throw takedown and a side suplex. Shafir gets her arm trapped before getting up and stomping on her face. Shafir hits some side kicks. KT fires back with forearm shots and then slams Shafir face first into the mat. She hits running knees in corner and a delayed vertical suplex to get a two-count. Shafir rolls through a package piledriver and puts on a standing figure four. Statlander kicks her away and hits a discuss lariat. He hits inverted Friday Night Fever to get the pinfall.

Winner – Kris Statlander

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