AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming 2021 Results: Page vs Danielson

AEW Winter is Coming 2022 results
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming 2021 special which airs on December 15, 2021, from Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX.

The special episode will have a highly anticipated match between “Hangman” Adam Page and Bryan Danielson for AEW World Championship. AEW will also find out the new owner of the Dynamite Diamond Ring which will be given to the winner of the match between MJF and Dante Martin.

A grudge match is announced between Hikaru Shida and Serena Debb to end their rivalry once and for all. Wardlow will also be in action as he faces Matt Sydal in another singles match. As the special is a highly anticipated show due to the arrival of Sting last year, it is expected that AEW has been keeping something special up their sleeves for this event also.

What would that be? Find out as we bring you the live results, updates, and winners from AEW Dynamite Winter is Coming 2021 special episode.

AEW Winter is Coming 2021 Results

  • “Hangman” Adam Page(c) vs Bryan Danielson AEW World Championship Match ended in a time limit draw.
  • Wardlow defeated Matt Sydal in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Hikaru Shida defeated Serena Debb in a singles match via pinfall.
  • MJF defeated Dante Martin in Dynamite Diamond Ring Final via submission.

Live Updates

“Hangman” Adam Page(c) vs Bryan Danielson – AEW World Championship Match

The World Title match is opening the show. Bryan tries to intimidate Page before the bell. The crowd is electric. They lock up tightly in collar and elbow. Page backs Bryan into the corner. Bryan slaps at his chest as they break. Page takes him down as they lock up again. Bryan hits an underhook. Bryan gets on a waistlock. Page counters it into a headlock and then hits a shoulder tackle. Bryan ducks a chop and teases Page by doing jumping jacks in the corner. Page is getting frustrated by this.

Byran works on his arm. Page reverses the arm-twist. They start slapping at chests before being separated again. Page comes with a side headlock takedown. Page kicks at Bryan’s face to irritate him now. Bryan offers a handshake and pushes Page as he comes in. Page hits a powerslam and finally nails a chop. Bryan picks his ankle and puts on a leg lock. He also knees at Page’s ribs.

Bryan puts on Romero special submission. Page comes out of it and they trade chops. Page’s chop forces Bryan to take a breather. They trade chops in the corner now. Bryan starts working on the leg once again. He puts on a leg lock and starts punching at Page. A big uppercut from Bryan. Page hits back with a kick. He hits a big boot from the apron before Bryan cuts off Buckshot lariat. Page hits a boot again before hitting a clothesline on the apron and then hits a crossbody on the floor.

Page goes to the top and Bryan catches him mid air with a round house kick. Bryan drives his knees to the midsection. Big kicks from Bryan to the back. He catapults Page into the ropes next. Bryan hits uppercuts and the traps Page’s hands on the ropes to take free shots. Bryan hits a diving to the back of his head and gets a two-count as we cut to a break.

Page tries to fight back with a flurry of chops but Bryan cuts him off with a knee to midsection. Page hits a side suplex now. Page rocks Bryan with big shots in the corner. Bryan runs the ropes but Page catches him to hit fallaway slam. Page with more chops on the corner. He drops Bryan on the ropes and hits a clothesline. Byran jumps to the floor for a breather. A tope suicida from Page comes next. Page goes to the top again to hit a moonsault on the floor.

Bryan counters with an attempt for crossface. Page hits him with Death Valley driver. Page puts Bryan on the top. Byran slips out of superplex and slams Page’s face to the post. Page drops him with a back elbow. Page misses a moonsault. Bryan puts him in a mahi stroll to get a near fall. Bryan goes for the labell lock but Page rolls him up for a two-count. Bryan puts on an ankle lock.

Page rolls over to break it. Bryan hits a chop in the corner and hits two running dropkicks. Page cuts off the third one and hits a powerbomb. Bryan goes to the floor. Page goes to the top and Bryan pushes him. Page lands hard on the apron. Bryan drives Page’s face into the ringpost. Bryan gets back to the ring and the crowd is booing him hard. Page is down on the floor cut open on his head as the referee starts counting down. We cut a picture on picture break.

During the break, we see medical team checking on Page and offering him water. Page is bleeding a bit more. Bryan hits a basement slide as we return from the break. Bryan hits a diving knee next. He rakes Page’s arm on the ring post next. We are past 30 minutes in this match already. Bryan hits punches on his head, drawing more blood. Bryan works on Page’s arm again. Page goes for the fallaway but Bryan hits a German suplex and bridges it for a two-count. Bryan puts on the cattle mutilation. Page turns over and reaches the ropes.

Bryan hits kicks at the body. He misses the last against the ring post and goes down to the floor. Page drives his leg into the ring post now. He exposes the barricade and kicks at Bryan’s leg against it. Back to the ring, Page puts on a figure four leg lock. Byran rolls to the ropes as we cut to another break.

“Fight Forever” chants as the match crosses 40 minutes mark. Bryan hits an enziguiri. Both men are on their knees. They start trading strikes. Bryan counters a pop-up powerbomb with headscissors and gets a two-count. Bryan goes for an armbar and then trasitions into death triangle sleeper. Page hits a powerbomb but Byran hands onto the lock. Page gets his leg to the ropes. Bryan hits kicks at the chest. Page hits a shoulder tackle and then hits tombstone piledriver for a near fall.

Page hits chops after putting Bryan on the top. Bryan sends him down and then hits another diving knee. Bryan hits a German suplex into a bridge for another near fall. Bryan puts him on the top and hits avalanche side suplex. Bryan could not cover immediately and Page kicks out at two. Bryan hits elbow strikes to the face. He grabs the arm for submission but Page gets to the ropes quickly.

Bryan goes for the gotch piledriver on the apron but Page counters with Dead eye. Page tries to take Bryna to the ring but Bryan gets away. Page goes for dive from the top but misses it and lands on a table. We cut to another picture in picture break.

Bryan hits a DDT on the floor during the break. He hits a diving headbutt after that for a near fall. Bryan has Page in a choke as we return from the break. Page switches the waistlock to hit a German suplex. Bryan hits “It Kicks.” Page hits a lariat. Both men’s strikes are not mostly powerless now. Bryan counters a lariat with a big boot to the arm. Bryan puts Page on the top again. Page lands on his feet from a side suplex and hits a buckshot lariat.

The referee starts counting as both men are down. They get back to their feet and start trading strikes. Bryan hits headbutt and then counters a lariat before they trade pin attempts. Page hits a rolling elbow. Byran cuts him off with a roundhouse kick to the face. Bryan gets another two-count.

The commentators announce that only 5 minutes are left in the match now. Bryan hits stomps on the face. Bryan gets ready for running knee but Page hits a dead eye for another near fall. Page stomps at Bryan’s face now in Bryan’s signature style. Page goes for the buckshot lariat now. Bryan puts him in the labell lock(crossface). Page tries to slide to the ropes. Bryan punches at his face and puts on the lock again. One minute remaining. Page takes shots at the knee. Page catapults Bryan to the ropes and then hits a lariat. He hits buckshot lariat but the time limit ends before he could roll over for a cover.

Result – Time Limit Draw

Adam Cole is with The Young Bucks and Bobby Fish backstage. Cole recalls how they took out Best Friends last week on Rampage. Fish adds that they end up dividing and conquering Best Friends everytime. The Young Bucks suggest an eight-man tag team match for Rampage. Cole then teases a surprise for next week at Rampage.

Wardlow vs Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal rocks Wardlow with sidekicks and roundhouse kicks. Wardlow catches the leg lariat and drops Sydal with a powerbomb. He hits more powerbombs. Shawn Spears had to ask Wardlow to pin Sydal. Wardlow hits one more powerbomb and gets the pin.

Winner – Wardlow

After the match, Spears gets into the ring and takes a chair shot at Sydal. Spears calls MJF from the ring. MJF has work for Wardlow. Wardlow has to pick up some champagne for post match celebration for MJF’s win later tonight.

A vignette featuring Malakai Black. He is in a house somewhere and talks about the lessons he has learnt in this house. Black sprays the black mist on someone and then spits some black blood.

Hikaru Shida vs Serena Debb

Debb cuts off Shida at the ropes. The bell rings as Shida enters the ring. Both women get each other in ground and pound. Shida puts Debb in the corner and unloads. She htis a dropkick next. Shida hits a crossbody but Debb rolls through and goes for a leg lock. Shida does well to avoid it. Debb hits uppercuts now. Shida hits a single leg dropkick. Debb works on Shida’s leg and puts on a figure four against the ring post.

Shida fights back as we return from the match. She rocks Debb with a step up enziguiri and then follows with a suplex. Shida goes to the top. Debb puts her in the tree of woe and works on her leg using the ropes. Debb hits a neckbreaker on the exposed turnbuckle rope. Debb hits a powerbomb in the middle of the ring for a two-count. Debb puts on submission move and Shida gets to the ropes.

Debb hits a swinging neckbreaker. Shida hits back with a falcon arrow. A lot of reversal before Debb puts on a single leg Boston Crab. Shida goes for the ropes but Debb brings her back to the center. Shida rolls over and hits back at her with kicks. Debb exposes a turnbuckle. Shida stops getting slammed into it. Back and forth in the corner before Shida sends Debb into the exposed turnbuckle. She gets the win with a jackknife cover.

Winner – Hikaru Shida

The Varsity Blondes are with Tony Schiavone for an interview. Griff Garrison reminds Malakai Black attacked Julia Hart last week and he wants to fight him. Brian Pillman Jr. tries to calm him down. Griff starts to argue with Pillman and is adamant on facing Black next week.

MJF vs Dante Martin – Dynamite Diamond Ring Final

MJF gets his music cut off during his entrance and starts to cut a promo against CM Punk. He says Punk’s undefeated streak against underwhelming talent does not make him a threat. He goes on to call CM Punk the new Ryback. MJF adds that he does not care about any new talent refering to his opponent Dante Martin. Dante makes his entrance for the match.

MJF puts on a side headlock takeover to get a two-count. MJF with another takedown before he does Ric Flair’s strut. Dante hits back with punches and puts on the headlock. MJF reverses it and hits a shoulder block. Dante hits a drop kick and a standing senton, landing his knee to MJF’s face. MJF rolls out of the ring to avoid a move. MJF gets back but misses an elbow drop. But he manages to push Dante off the ropes and onto the barricade. We cut to a break.

MJF goes for the powerbomb but Dante reverses it in a victory roll. MJF hits a powerbomb and tries to use ropes to an advantage for the pin. The referee catches him and stops the pin. Dante rocks him with a drop kick. Dante goes to avoid MJF’s attacks and then lands a suicide dive on him on the floor. He hits another dive from the turnbuckles and then a moonsault over the top rope.

MJF keeps getting out of the ring again and again. Dante hits a springboard shooting star press. Back to the ring, Dante drops MJF with a forearm. Dante goes for the nose dive but MJF moves out of the way. Dante unloads on him with punches who continues to be in control for the next minute. MJF gets him down with a side headlock takeover to get a two-count. They trade pin attempts. Dante goes for a pin with side headlock takeover this time to get a two-count. More pin attempts and reversals.

MJF hits a liger bomb for a near fall. Martin hits a springboard moonsault but Ricky Stark comes down and puts MJF’s leg on the ropes. MJF takes advantage of the distraction from Stark and puts on the fujiwara armbar(salt of the earth) to get the submission win.

Winner – MJF(wins Dynamite Diamond Ring)

After the match, FTR comes into the ring to celebrate with MJF. The lights go off and Sting and MJF are in the ring when they come back. Sting and Darby attack FTR. MJF hits a low blow on Sting and FTR beats up Darby. CM Punk comes out with a baseball bat as his music hits. MJF and FTR run away. CM Punk takes the mic and challenges MJF for a trios match.

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