AEW Dynamite September 27, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners

AEW Dynamite September 27 2023
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Dynamite September 27, 2023 episode, live from 1stBankCenter in Broomfield, CO.

The show was completely around the build-up for WrestleDream 2023 PPV this Sunday as we noted in our preview. Jim Ross interviewed Christian Cage and Darby Allin before their clash at the PPV.

A fatal 4-way match worked as the preview for a tag match at WrestleDream. Hangman Page and Swerve Strickland will sign the contract for their impending clash. Julia Hart faced Willow Nightingale in a singles match as she looked to keep her streak going. We also heard from MJF and Adam Cole.

Tune in below as we post results from AEW Dynamite September 26, 2023 episode, with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Rey Fenix(c) defeated Jeff Jerrett in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW International Championship.
  • Nick Jackson defeated Claudio Castagnoli & Brian Cage in #1 Contender triple threat match for AEW International Championship via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy defeated Penta El Zero Meido, Austin Gunn & Matt Jackson in a Fatal 4-way Match via pinfall.
  • Julia Hart defeated Willow Nightingale in a singles match via pinfall.


Rey Fenix(c) vs Jeff Jerrett – AEW International Championship

Rey hits a crossbody on Jerrett and his cornermen during his entrance. They fight on the floor. Rey tackles Sonjay Dutt. Karen Jerrett rakes his back. Rey sends Sonjay into her. Rey hits superkicks on Sonjay and Jerrett. They get into the ring to start the match. Jerrett takes control inside the ring. He hits a hip attack on the ropes. Rey cuts him off with a kick, and follows up with some shots. Rey hits a clothesline to drop Jerrett to take us to a break.

Rey is trying to fight back as we return from the break. His knee in injured and he is limping. Jerrett sends him to the floor. The referee Audrey Edwards catches Karen, Sonjay and others into attacking Fenix and pushes away Karen. Rey fights back with shoulder tackles from the apron. He hits a springboard crossbody and a low superkick. Fenix hits a ropewalk kick on Jay Lethal when gets on the apron. Jerrett hits a low blow as Satnam Singh distracts the referee. Jerrett hits The Strobe but Rey gets his leg to the ring to break it. Rey kicks Satnam off the apron. Jerrett goes for figure four but Rey gets him in an inside cradle to get the pinfall.

Winner – Rey Fenix

Fenix will defend the title against either of Claudio Castagnoli, Nick Jackson or Brian Cage next week.

We see how Adam Cole got injured last week. MJF and Adam Cole are on MJF’s boat having beers and fishing. MJF asks Cole why he was out for so long on the phone call with Roderick Strong last week. Cole says Strong is also his friend. MJF is jealous and goes to pick up his Dynamite Diamond Ring, but changes his mind when Cole asks him about the same. Cole thinks he caught a big fish, but it turns out to be Captain Insano/Paul Wight. Wight joins them for beers.

Don Callis was in Japan with Konosuke Takeshita earlier during this week. Don Callis is out to the ring with Konosuke Takeshita for an interview with Renee Paquette. Callis says he has brought Sammy Guevara out of the toxic influence of Jericho. Sammy makes his entrance. Callis says he took Takeshita to Japan with his camera crew. We see a footage of Callis and Takeshita attacking Ibushi at his training centre. Sammy takes the mic now and says Jericho used to clip him wing whenever he became the champion. He has now slipped out of his shadow.

Ricky Starks cut a promo last Saturday last week. Wheeler Yuta interrupts him and Starks tells him that he will not walk on his own next time he interrupts. Yuta tells Starks that he was not able to get, but Yuta gets up every time BCC beat him up. Starks then challenges Yuta for a match at WrestleDream. Tony Khan has made the match official.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Nick Jackson vs Brian Cage – #1 Contender triple threat match for AEW International Championship

Nick hits a knee to Cage’s midsection. Cage throws him out of the ring. Claudio and Cage lock up. Cage hits a shot to midsection. Claudio counters a suplex. Cage also hits back with a suplex quickly. They trade shots. Nick hits chops and kicks before hitting a tijeras to send them both out to hit a crossbody. Nick hits an enzuigiri on Claudio and a knee strike on Cage. Claudio drops Nick off to take us to a break.

Nick hits some quick moves as we return. Claudio decks him to the floor. Claudio gets the giant swing on Cage. Nick breaks it up. Cage gets on the offensive and hits a superplex on Claudio. Nick hits several superkicks on both opponents. Cage hits a power bomb on Castagnoli. Nick hits a hurricanrana send Claudio to the floor. He gets Cage down with a hurricanrana to get the pinfall.

Winner – Nick Jackson

We see a video package from The Righteous talking about the match at WrestleDream.

MJF, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong & Jay White!

MJF and Adam Cole come out to the ring. Cole says tonight’s story is a sad one as he has suffered an injury with torn ligament in his ankle. He had a surgery and will be out of action. So, they have to relinquish ROH Tag Team titles. MJF tells him that he did not fight twice in one night to relinquish the title. MJF says he will fight The Righteous in a 2-on-1 handicapped match. Roderick Strong comes out with The Kingdom screaming that he needs his help. MJF tells Cole that he should go with Strong. Cole leaves with Strong and the Kingdom.

Jay White makes his entrance. He tells MJF to shut up as everyone wants to listen to his sweet exotic accent. MJF tells a story of him thanking that he is the best until he heard that MJF is not better than Jay White. MJF concludes that White is just an imagination of what a guy thought of as a marketable guy in Japan. MJF says White’s name should come into the same sentence as him, as he is “Better Than You, Bay Bay”.

White says something is off about MJF these days. The crowd loves MJF’s tag team with Cole, and not MJF himself. White says he had finished the job on Cole earlier, MJF would not have to suffer with Cole. But, now he is here to ruin MJF. White says MJF says there is no one is on level with the Devil, but White will not rest until he gets the AEW World Championship. And he will be a truly Elite Champion. This is Jay White Era as MJF has gone soft.

MJF gets mad and starts to get ready for a fight but Jay White slips out. MJF hits the corner pose.

Christian Cage and Darby Allin are interviewed by Jim Ross. Christian says he knows in his heart that Darby is nowhere the man he is. Christian warns Darby that he will be exposed in front of his hometown. Christian brings up Darby’s dead uncle, and Darby snaps. Christian says if Darby is so confidence then he should bring his whole family, Nick Wayne’s mom… Darby says Christian wants to bring Nick Wayne to take advantage of him. Darby then dares Christian to leave Luchasaurus to the back. Christian agrees.

Orange Cassidy vs Penta El Zero Meido vs Austin Gunn vs Matt Jackson- Fatal 4-way Match

Gunn sends Cassidy into the barricade. Matt and Penta fight in the ring. Matt fakes a kick before hitting a DDT. Gunn rolls up Matt from behind. Cassidy comes in and fights Matt after sending Gunn out. Penta hits a dropkick to send Cassidy out of the ring. Gunn cuts off Penta’s attempt for a suicide dive. Penta shows off in the ring with Zero Meido pose. Gunn poses with finger guns. Penta drops him with an overhead chop. A superkick from Penta on Matt, and then on Cassidy. Gunn knocks him off from behind. He pushes Penta out of the ring. Gunn keeps control vs Cassidy for a while as we cut to a break.

Matt gets Gunn down from the top rope. Matt then hits a crossbody on Penta on the floor. Cassidy pushes Gunn off the top before hitting a crossbody on Matt. Cassidy counters a powerbomb with a back body drop. Penta hits a Canadian Destoryer on Cassidy. Matt hits a Destoryer on Nick. Cassidy hits a Destoryer on Nick. All 4 men are down. A triple superkick on Gunn from others. Penta and Matt hit a double superkick on Cassidy. Penta and Matt trade superkicks. Gunn pulls out Penta. Cassidy hits Matt with a Superman punch to get the pinfall.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

Willow Nightingale vs Julia Hart

Willow starts strong and works on Julia in the corner. Julia rakes her eyes and her eye cover is off, showing her blackened eye. Willow keeps control though. Julia hits a punch. Willow decks her back. Julia slips out of a body slam. She gets to the floor and slips under the ring. Willow gets into Brody’s face as he gets in between them. Julia crawls out the other side of the ring and hits a chop block on Willow’s knee from behind. We cut to a break.

Willow hits a body slam as we return. She hits a corner splash, a back body drop, a boot and spinebuster to get a two-count. Willow hits a short arm lariat. Julia brings her down with a trip. Julia goes for the heartless but Willow is too close to the ropes to catch them. Willow hits a big tackle as she charges. Willow slams Julia in the corner and sets her up in Tree of Woe. Julia gets up to avoid a Cannonball in the corner. Julia hits a moonsault to get the pinfall.

Winner – Julia Hart

Contract Signing

Swerve Strickland comes out first before the break. He is in the ring for the contract signing with Renee Paquette. Paquette introduces Hangman Page before he comes out. Swerve stops Page as he is finishing signing the contract. Swerve talks about the same opportunities tune and Page becoming shot. He says a buckshot is nothing as compared to a kill-shot.

Page answers by accepting Swerve’s points on him not having any new merchandise and playing second fiddle to The Elite. He says Swerve has lit a fire in him though, which led to him becoming ROH Trios Champion. Swerve takes a shot at Denver Broncos team before saying that he will take Hangman’s spot away on Sunday. Page says Swerve doesn’t have what it takes to fill his boots. Swerve slaps him and signs the contract. Hangman stabs Swerve’s hand and then signs it as well. The security quickly takes things under control.

The cameras cut to backstage where we see a group of masked men beating down Jay White. A man with MJF’s Devil Mask is leading them. The show goes off the air.

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