AEW Dynamite Results November 22, 2023, Live Updates, Winners

AEW Dynamite 2023
AEW Dynamite, Credits- AEW

Welcome to ITNWWE’s live results coverage for AEW Dynamite November 22, 2023 episode, which was live from Wintrust Arena in Chicago, IL, and was a Thanksgiving special.

The show dealt with the fallout from Full Gear PPV which saw MJF retaining AEW World title against all odds. Toni Storm became the new Women’s Champion. How did these champions continue their journey in AEW?

Christian Cage was set to rechristen Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne. How did Adam Copeland react to this? Continental Classic 2023 tournament also started tonight with 3 matches from Gold League. Tune in below for complete results with highlights and winners.


  • Swerve Strickland defeated Jay Lethal in Gold League Continental Classic Tournament Match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy, Katsuyari Shibata & Hook defeated Jake Hager, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Jay White defeated Rush in Gold League Continental Classic Tournament Match via pinfall.
  • Skye Blue defeated Anna Jay & Ruby Soho in a triple threat match via pinfall.
  • Jon Moxley defeated Mark Briscoe – Gold League Continental Classic Tournament Match


Jay Lethal vs Swerve Strickland – Gold League Continental Classic Tournament Match

First ever Continental Classic tournament starts with this match. Lethal starts with a shoulder tackle. Swerve hits a tijeras to send Lethal to the floor. Lethal lands a big punch on the apron. He lands more shots to send Swerve to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Swerve hits punches to midsection. Lethal runs him over with a clothesline. Swerve hits a basement dropkick to trip him. Swerve follows up with several shots. Lethal pulls him down to the mat with his arm.

They trade shots on each others’ injuries. Swerve kicks at Lethal’s knee while Lethal punches on Swerve’s shoulder. Swerve goes for a backbreaker but Lethal attempts to get to the mat. Swerve hits a German suplex. Lethal hits a shoulder breaker, but hurts his injured knee also.

Lethal is on the top rope. Swerve hits punches as he joins him. Swerve hits a superplex. He hits several punches before a flatliner and a brainbuster to get a two-count. Lethal hits back with an inverted suplex. He hits a frog splash next to get a near fall. Swerve blocks Lethal Injection but he ends up hitting a hip toss. Swerve puts him in a stretch muffler. Lethal counters and puts on a crossface. Swerve breaks free but Lethal hits a big boot. Swerve cuts off Lethal Injection with a dropkick to the knee. He hits House Call and Swerve stomp to get the pinfall.

Orange Cassidy is backstage with Hook and Katsuyari Shibata for an interview with Renee Paquette when Wheeler Yuta interrupts his announcement. Yuta goes on a rant about Cassidy while also bringing up his desire to come after Shibata’s ROH Pure title still. When he finishes up, Renee tells Cassidy that their time is up.

MJF, Cole & Joe

MJF and Adam Cole come out to the ring. Cole is on his crutches while MJF also has a cane for support. MJF brags about beating Jay White with one leg injured. He gives props to White for being one of the best professional wrestler, but nobody is on the level of Devil. He wants to tout his own horn, and claims that he is the greatest ever AEW World Champion. None of that would be possible without his Brochacho for Life. Adam Cole says it is great honor that he and MJF are still ROH Tag Team Champions. But, he has a long road to recovery after his surgery. He wants to comeback at 100%. He is worried about MJF as entire World is gunning around for him.

The Devil mask appears on the screen for a second, laughing at MJF. When lights come back, Samoa Joe makes his entrance. Joe congratulates MJF for retaining the title before bringing up his promise to give him a title shot. MJF tells him to blow off. Joe shoves MJF to the ropes. Cole requests Joe to let him talk to MJF. Cole tells MJF that this is a new MJF who is his friend, a fan favorite, and he should give Joe what he promised. MJF gets hyped up and says Joe will be not the first former ROH legend he would beat twice in Chicago. So, he is ready to take on him tonight.

Joe says he does not want MJF to cry that he is not 100%. So, he will like to face MJF at World’s End. MJF says that event is in his territory and he has no problem facing Joe at the event.

Orange Cassidy, Katsuyari Shibata & Hook vs Jake Hager, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker

Danhausen makes his comeback to be in Cassidy’s corner. Back-and-forth action took us to a break.

Hook hits a T-Bone suplex and tags in Cassidy. Cassidy hits a DDT on Menard as he comes in. Hager intercepts Orange punch with a chokeslam. Cassidy hits stundog millionaire. Shibata tags in and hits some shots. A bit of back and forth with Hager before Shibata drops him with a pump kick. Shibata keeps control for a while until Menard and Parker join in the attack. Danhausen gets on the apron and has Hager’s purple hat. Hager chases him, but Danhausen curses him. Cassidy hits him with a suicide dive. Shibata and Hook put RedRum on Menard and Parker. Cassidy keeps Hager out of the ring with an Orange Punch on the apron. They get a tap out at the same time.

Renee Paquette interviews Adam Cole backstage who says he is proud of MJF for being a man of his word with Samoa Joe. Roderick Strong comes in yelling “ADAM!” Cole snaps at him saying he can hear him. Strong asks him where he was when Action Andretti dropped him on his head on Collision last week. Cole yells at him to says he is not his best friend anymore. Cole walks off.


Christian Cage comes out to the ring with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne. He says he did not lose the match at Full Gear, and neither did Nick Wayne, but it was Luchasaurus who lost. He thought all weekend about how to lose the stench of failure, and came to conclusion that he needs to rechristen them in his image.

He tells Luchasaurus to bend the knee. When Luchasaurus protests, Christian tells him again and again until he does. Christian says the name Luchasaurus will always remind him of a loser. So, Luchasaurus will now be known as “Killswitch”. Wayne drops to his knees for his rechristening, but Christian tells him that he does not need to do that for anyone as he is different. Wayne gets up while Luchasaurus is still on his knees. Christian says Nick Wayne will be forever known as The Prodigy Nick Wayne. Christian hugs Wayne.

Wayne’s mother comes out to the ring. Christian insults her for being a waitress and not raising Wayne right. Wayne goes and bring in a chair, but Luchasaurus stands in between Christian and Wayne’s mother to protect her. Christian threatens him to get back on his knees and then hands him the chair.

Before Luchasaurus can hit her, Adam Copeland’s music hits and he runs out. Christian leaves the ring. Copeland ducks Luchasaurus and hits a spear on Wayne. He hits a big boot on Luchasaurus to knock him out. Copeland then sets up con-chair-to and hits it on Wayne while her mother is still in the ring. Christian and Luchasaurus are watching this from the ramp as Copeland stares them down hard.

Renee Paquette is with Anna Jay, but they get cut off with Matt Menard’s and Jake Hager’s bickering. Anna shouts at them to shut up. She asks Angelo Parker, who is getting a call from Ruby Soho, if he is in her corner or Ruby’s. Parker says he will be with Anna.

Rush vs Jay White – Gold League Continental Classic Tournament Match

They circle each other with the crowd behind Rush. White pulls out of the lockup and immediately rolls out to the floor. Rush keeps control for a while. White tries to fight back but Rush sends him down in the corner of the ring and then drops down on him We cut to a break.

After the break, Rush tries to come back with some serious offense. White hits him with a big low-blow behind the referee’s back and finishes the match with The Bladerunner to get the pinfall.

We see a recap of Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega beating The Young Bucks at Full Gear, and how Ricky Starks and Big Bill attacked Jericho’s injured arm.

RJ City and Renee Paquette are on the stage and “announce” Timeless Toni Storm as the winner of AEW Women’s Championship. Toni appears shocked as she gets up from the front row. Mariah May comes at the stage to hand him the title belt. Storm starts her acceptance speech, and thanks Antony Khan, Jack Warner from Warner Bros Discovery and others. The ceremony is interrupted by Skye Blue’s entrance for her match.

Skye Blue vs Anna Jay vs Ruby Soho

The match starts with a typical three-way action. Parker pulls Skye’s leg to assist Jay who decks her out of the ring. Jay takes over control against Ruby to take us to a break.

We return to see a tree of woe super-plex plus power-bomb spot. Jay goes for a pin on both opponents but they both kick out. They get to the floor where Parker flirts with Soho again. Menard and Saraya freak out over this. Jay knocks Soho with a big kick. Jay drops Skye but Soho breaks up the pin. Some confusion on the mat between Menard, Parker, Ruby and Saraya. Blue hits a pump kick on Soho to knock her off the apron. Ruby falls into Parker’s arms for some eye gazin. Blue then hits Code Blue on Jay to get the pinfall.

Jon Moxley vs Mark Briscoe – Gold League Continental Classic Tournament Match

After another back and forth match, Moxley hit Paradigm shift to get the pinfall.

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