AEW Dynamite Results December 6, 2023, Live Updates, Winners

Christian Cage vs Adam Copeland AEW Dynamite December 6
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results coverage for AEW Dynamite December 6, 2023 episode which will feature a big title match.

Christian Cage and Adam Copeland clash in a singles match after 13 years. Christian’s AEW TNT Championship will be on the line in this historic main event of the show. Additionally, 3 matches for Gold League of Continental Classic tournament also took place on the show.

Jon Moxley faced Rush, Jay White took on Jay Lethal and Swerve Strickland clashed with Mark Briscoe in Gold League matches. MJF and Samoa Joe were supposed to team up against two unknown opponents from The Devil’s Goons. Toni Storm defended Women’s Championship against Skye Blue.

The build-up for AEW World’s End PPV also continued futher. Tune in below for the results from AEW Dynamite.


  • Jon Moxley defeated Rush in Continental Classic Gold League Match via technical submission(referee’s stoppage).
  • Swerve Strickland defeated Mark Briscoe in Continental Classic Gold League Match via pinfall.
  • Toni Storm(c) defeated Skye Blue in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW Women’s Championship.
  • Jay White defeated Jay Lethal in Continental Classic Gold League Match via pinfall.
  • Christian Cage(c) defeated Adam Copeland in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TNT Championship.


Jon Moxley vs Rush – Continental Classic Gold League Match

They start with big chops. Rush hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Moxley rolls to the floor. Rush takes him into the crowd. Rush lands more big shots and kicks him on the chair before they walk back to the ring. Moxley hits chops. Rush puts him to the corner to hit more chops. He hits a double stomp. Mox gives him a finger. Rush poses in the middle of the ring. Mox gives him finger again. They trade foerarms now. Rush hits a snap powerslam to get a two-count. Moxley hits back with shots. He hits a superplex and follows up with quick kicks. Rush tries to hit a belly-to-belly suplex on the apron, but Mox blocks it. Rush still manages to send him into the barricade.

Moxley hits big shots as we return from the break. Rush hits a piledriver and follows up with a superplex to near a close two-count. Moxley throws him out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Both men are down on the floor. The referee starts a countdown and they make back to the ring at the last moment. They start to trade strikes again. Rush hits a headbutt to take Moxley to the corner. Moxley cuts off Bull’s Horn with a big lariat. Mox hits Deathrider, but Rush kicks out. Mox puts on a rear naked choke and puts Rush to sleep.

We get a video package of Jay White and Jay Lethal talking about their match later tonight.

Renee Paquette interviews Roderick Strong and The Kingdom on the stage. Strong says MJF is gonna stab a dagger in his best friend by proxy’s heart, Samoa Joe. And action have consequences. Just like his action had consequences and he is on a wheel chair. But, he will not be held back now. He gets up from the wheel chair and stands on his own. Taven throws the chair away. Strong poses while The Kingdom hype him up.

Renee Paquette is outside MJF’s locker room when Hangman Adam Page returns to Dynamite after recovering from his match at Full Gear. He talks about his loss against Swerve Strickland. However, he also took something from Swerve. He knows what Swerve wants in this life, but he will let him have it. MJF comes out finally and starts mocking Page. He brings up Double or Nothing 2019, but Page tells him how he ended up throwing MJF out of the ring. When MJF mocks him about losing the Dynamite Diamond ring match, Page says he went on to become AEW World Champion. MJF mocks him by saying that he has now become the longest reigning champion. Things continue to get heated and Samoa Joe ultimately comes in and takes MJF away, scolding him on losing his focus.

Mark Briscoe vs Swerve Strickland – Continental Classic Gold League Match

Mark hits an armdrag to start the match. Swerve goes for a lock up but Mark gets him to the floor with a trip. Swerve counters the front headlock with a hammerlock. Mark hits a shoulder tackle and puts on a side headlock. They get back up and Swerve goes for a sunset flip, only for Mark to roll over and put on a side headlock. Swerve breaks free and goes for some shots. Mark hits big chops before a suplex to get a two-count. Mark hits him with a Russian leg sweep.

Swerve hits an uppercut in the corner before a snap suplex. Mark throws Swerve to the floor. Swerve gets back up at the apron and trade chops. Swerve hits an enzuigiri to take Mark to the floor. He sends Mark over the barricade and into the crowd. Swerve hits a superplex from the barricade to the floor. We cut to a break.

Swerve is control. Mark hits back with a variety of chops. He hits an elbow to cut off Swerve’s charge from the corner. He hits a fisherman buster to get a two-count. Swerve blocks a German suplex and hits one of his own. He hits double stomp and a roundhouse kick to get a near fall. Swerve gets to the top. Mark hits an uppercut to drop Swerve to the floor. Mark hits a suicide dive. Back to the ring, Mark hits a lariat to get a two-count.

Mark looks for Jay driller but Swerve blocks it, rolls through a sunset flip and hits House Call. Swerve goes for a 450-splash but Mark gets his knees up. Mark puts on an inside cradle for a near fall. Mark sets up Swerve for Froggy Bow. Swerve gets his knees up and puts Mark in a crucifix for a near fall. Swerve hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron and then hits Swerve stomp in the ring to get the pinfall.

Mariah May is interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette. She tells us about her meeting with Tony Khan and how they have finalized her AEW debut. When asked about her opponent, May tells Renee that it is none of her business. May says tonight is about Toni Storm as she defends her title, and she will just watch and learn.

Samoa Joe came out to the ring for his tag team match. The lights go off and The Devil’s masked men have surrounded the ring. He gets ready to fight them when the lights go out once again. On the screen, we see MJF down after being hit on his head with a glass bottle. Masked men are also gone. Joe runs to the back to check on MJF.

Jon Moxley is backstage when Swerve Strickland comes in for a brief argument before it is announced that they will clash next week.

Toni Storm(c) vs Skye Blue – AEW Women’s Championship

We get a video package featuring Ben Mankiewicz who introduces “Timeless” Toni Storm. Toni makes her entrance. Her butler and Mariah May are with her. Skye Blue comes out after her. They lock up and Blue gets her down to the mat into headscissors. She puts on an arm wringer. Toni gets down to the mat and kicks her away. Toni gets enraged and hits some stomps. Blue hits back with tijeras. They get to the apron. Toni’s Butler gets her on his shoulder to help her throw Blue off the apron. She hits a big chop before slamming Blue’s face on the announce table. Toni sets up and hits a hip attack against the barricade. We cut to a break.

Blue starts to create momentum as we return. She hits some kicks, a rising knee strike against the ropes and an enzuigiri to get a two-count. She hits another knee in the corner before a diving crossbody. Toni blocks Skye Fall and hits a German suplex. Blue avoids a hip attack in the corner and then hits a superkick and a running boot. She hits Code Blue but Toni kicks out. Toni hits headbutts after putting Blue to the top rope and hits a superplex. She hits a hip attack against the turnbuckle. Blue counters the pin attempt, but Toni reverses it to get the pinfall.

After the match, Riho makes her return. Toni tries to attack her for raining on her party, but Riho ducks and kicks her out of the ring. Toni’s butler catches her and takes her away.

We get a video package for the match between Christian and Copeland.

Jay White vs Jay Lethal – Continental Classic Gold League Match

They lock up to start the match, but have to come to a stalemate. They trade side headlocks. White catches Lethal with a kick from behind. He hits a couple of chops. Quick counters from Lethal, but he is not able to hurt White much. White takes him down and works on his leg for a while. Lethal catches his leg and slam it to the mat. He blocks a couple of more attacks. White comes back with a DDT to take us to a break.

They are fighting on the top rope. White drops Lethal to the mat. Lethal hits Lethal Combination. Lethal hits a suicide dive when White rolls to the floor. Back to the ring, Lethal hits a rolling senton and an elbow drop to get a close two-count. Lethal hits pump kicks and a rising knee. White catches his leg and drops him to the mat. He hits a dragon screw leg and a sheer drop brainbuster to get a two-count.

They trade chops after this. White hits a sleeper suplex. Lethal counters with a pin attempt. White blocks Lethal Injection with a chop block. Lethal goes for a roll up, but White takes advantage of over committing from Lethal and rolls him up to get the pinfall.

Christian Cage(c) vs Adam Copeland – AEW TNT Championship

Adam trips Christian to the floor and puts on a choke. Christian scrambles and manages to roll to the floor after getting a break. Adam slams Christian’s head into the announce table several times and then a few more times before bringing him back into the ring. Christian asks for mercy only to attempt a low blow. Adam blocks it and slams the hand on the mat. He wrenches the arm to hurt it some more. Adam throws Christian into the barricade several times when he rolls to the floor. Adam sends him into the ring post. Christian pulls Adam into the ring post by pulling his arm.

Christian is in control as we return. He hits a back elbow to cut off a charge. Adam tries to make a comeback but Christian blocks it. Adam works on him on the ropes before jumping to take him to the floor. Christian hits a drop toe hold to send Adam into the steel steps. Back to the ring, Christian hits a frog splash to get a two-count. Adam counters the spear and hits Impaler to get a two-count. Christian trips him on the top rope and hits shots to the midsection. Christian hits punches from the second rope. Adam slips down and hits a Liger bomb to get a near fall. Quick back and forth before Adam counters the Killswitch with one of his own for another near fall.

Adam hits more punches before getting ready for a spear. Christian jumps over and quickly hits Killswitch to get a near fall. Adam avoids a spear but ends up knocking off the referee when he is getting away. Christian hits a low blow on the referee from behind. Christian brings in TNT title but Adam ducks the shot. They collide with each other as they both go for a spear. Shayna Wayne, Nick Wayne’s mother, comes out and picks up the TNT title. After contemplating for a while, Shayna hits Adam with the title belt. Christian hits Adam with Killswitch before stomping on his neck with the title belt underneath. Christian wakes up the referee before covering Adam to get the pinfall.

Christian stands tall to close the show.

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