AEW Dynamite Results Sept 7, 2022- MJF Speaks, Yuta v Garcia

AEW Dynamite 7 September 2022

Welcome to AEW Dynamite Live Results blog for September 7, 2022 episode from Keybank Center in Buffalo, NY. The show will deal with the fallout from All Out 2022 PPV.

MJF will be addressing the crowd after his return at All Out and becoming the #1 contender for the World title. JAS’s Daniel Garcia will be getting another shot at ROH Pure Championship against BCC’s Wheeler Yuta. Death Triangle will take on Orange Cassidy and Best Friends in a Trios match.

We might hear from newly crowned Interim Women’s Champion Toni Storm. CM Punk and the Elites are not expected to be on the show after the backstage altercation and brawl. What will be next for Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson after their respective losses at All Out?

Check below for the complete results from AEW Dynamite September 7, 2022 with live updates, winners, highlights and videos.

AEW Dynamite September 7, 2022 Results

  • Death Triangle(PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) defeated Orange Cassidy & Best Friends(Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta) in a tag team match via pinfall to win AEW World Trios Championship.
  • Toni Storm defeated Penelope Ford in AEW Women’s Title Eliminator via pinfall.
  • Wardlow(c) defeated Tony Nese in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW TNT Championship.
  • Bryan Danielson defeated Adam Page in AEW Grand Slam Tournament of Champions Match via pinfall.
  • Daniel Garcia defeated Wheeler Yuta(c) in a Pure Rules match via submission to win ROH Pure Championship.

Live Updates

The show opens with a recap of MJF’s return and how he won the casino ladder match. We also see how Stokeley Hathaway assembled a stable for him.

Tony Khan cuts a pre-recorded promo. He says he is forced to vacate AEW World Championship and Trios Championship. New trios champions will be crowned tonight in Death Triangle vs Best Friends & Orange Cassidy match. He also announces a new tournament to crown AEW World Champion which will conclude at AEW Grand Slam two weeks later.

MJF & Moxley

MJF comes out in a Buffalo Bills Jersey. He gets a mixed response from the crowd. He says he loves AEW and will never leave this place. He says he did not mean when he called the fans AEW Marks. The cheers are getting louder. He brings up the tournament to crown new World Champion, and he is working smart by not taking part in the tournament, and he will get his shot anyday he want. MJF says there is a need for leadership and brings up Moses splitting the sea to get his people to promiseland. MJF says he is not Moses, but he is better than him, and we know that.

Jon Moxley’s music hits and he comes out through the crowd. Moxley says MJF is full of cr-p. MJF changes his tune and says he really does not care. He just wants AEW World Title to keep it as a bargaining chip for the bidding war for 2024. He wants to work for real Khan – Nick Khan, and real Game – Triple H. All this talk enrages Moxley and he tells MJF to leave the ring right away. Moxley removes his jacket. MJF also removes his shirt, but then leaves to the back.

Moxley takes the mic and tells MJF his theme music sucks. Mox says he is pi–ed off at a bunch of things. AEW World Championship represents the passion of AEW from the guys and girls in the locker room, fans’ passion and their dreams. World Championship means everything he loves about this business. But, on Sunday, he lost and it was his mistake. He then starts to list all the wrestlers in World title tournament and puts them over. He says he wants the ball in his court.

Death Triangle(PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) vs Orange Cassidy & Best Friends(Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta) – AEW World Trios Championship Match

Cassidy and Penta start with some posing. They go back and forth before everyone starts to get involved. Cassidy dives on his opponent on the floor to take us to a break.

Fenix tags in as we return from the break. He hits a low dropkick on Baretta. Death Triangle continue to work on Baretta in the corner. Baretta counters against PAC with some chops and hits a double stomp. Cassidy tags in and hits a double dropkick on Lucha Bros. PAC , still the legal man, drops him with a shot from behind. Danhausen comes to the apron and tries to curse PAC. PAC drops him on the floor. Cassidy hits PAC with a dive. He hits a DDT in the ring to get a two-count. Cassidy goes for Orange Punch but PAC cuts it off with a kick. Cassidy hits stundog millionaire.

Taylor and Penta tag in. Fenix also comes in but Taylor deals with them both. Penta hits a backstabber before dropping Fenix on Taylor. Fenix tags in. Taylor brings Baretta for a double team. Rey hits Baretta with DDT. The match breaks up as everyone starts to hit high-impact moves. PAC and Penta’s superkicks set up Fenix’s code red on Baretta, but he kicks out of the pin. Penta is the legal man now. Cassidy nails him with Orange Punch before Baretta hits him with a piledriver. PAC breaks the pin. All six men face off now. Death Triangle hit stereo Canadian Destroyers. Rey and Penta hit suicide dives on Cassidy and Baretta. PAC hits Black Arrow on Taylor to get the pin.

Winners – Death Triangle

Dark Order is interviewed backstage when Jose The Assistant comes in and offers #10 another contract from Andrade. Dark Order ridicules him and sends him away. Andrade comes in himself for some argument with Dark Order.

We see footage of Jamie Hayter after Women’s title match at All Out where she snaps at her friend Britt Baker.

Toni Storm vs Penelope Ford – AEW Women’s Title Eliminator

Ford starts with a headlock. Storm reverses it. Ford hits elbows to midsection. Storm hits her with a tackle. More tackles from Storm before she kicks her to the corner. Ford avoids a hip attack in the corner by leaving to the floor. Storm follows her and Ford manages to drop her to the floor. We cut to a break.

Ford gets a two-count as we return. Storm avoids a handspring tackle in the corner. Storm hits a tackle, a big boot, an uppercut and a hip attack. Storm counters a suplex to hit a DDT to get the pin.

Winner – Toni Storm

Angelo Parker and Matt Menard cut a promo backstage talking about beating up Hook after his match and how Action Bronson saved him. Bronson says he will see them at Grand Slam.

The Acclaimed come out with Max Caster rapping. But his music is cut off with Swerve Strickland’s music. The fans chant “A–hole’ at Swerve as he jokes about Acclaimed. Billy Gunn takes the mic and says this is not Swerve’s house anymore. Anthony Bowens hypes their tag title rematch at Grand Slam.

Chris Jericho is backstage to celebrate his win over Bryan Danielson. He says he has found the fountain of youth, and that he is the best wrestler in the world. He claims that he will beat Bryan once again and will win the World title at Grand Slam. He talks about Sammy Guevara and then hypes Daniel Garcia’s title match later tonight. He also once again says they will leave Garcia alone tonight in his title match.

Wardlow(c) vs Tony Nese – AEW TNT Championship

Nese shows off his physique to tease Wardlow. Wardlow hits him with a headbutt and then hits a lariat. Wardlow starts the powerbomb symphony. He hits two more powerbombs before stepping on his chest to get the pin.

Winner – Wardlow

Mark Sterling tries to save Nese from further attack after the match. Wardlow goes to powerbomb him, but Josh Woods pulls him out of the ring. Wardlow says he is hearing that he has lost momentum, but he wants to remind everyone that he is still the TNT Champion.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs Bryan Danielson – AEW World Title Tournament Match

Bryan hits a shoulder tackle but Page no-sells it. Bryan wrenches his arms after show of strength. They counter each other’s moves. Bryan slaps at Page’s chest and leaves the ring. Bryan comes back and puts on a side headlock. Page no-sells another tackle and starts trading chops. Bryan picks his ankle and stomps his knees to the mat. They trade more chops. Bryan hits sidekicks to body. Page knocks him off from the top and hits a springboard lariat to knock him off the apron. Bryan drives Page into the ring post to take us to a break.

Bryan is in control as we return. He stomps on Page’s arm. Bryan hits body kicks. Page keeps countering with chops. Page hits a fallaway slam to send Bryan to the floor. He kips up and hits a crossbody on Bryan. Page screams in pain as he hits a clothesline. Page hits a Death Valley Driver to get a two-count. Bryan rolls through to counter Dead Eye. He sends Page to the turnbuckle with a drop toe-hold. Bryan hits dropkicks in the corner before countering a powerbomb with headscissors. Bryan hits It Kicks.

Bryan goes to the top now. Page nails him with punches. Bryan fights him off for a while before Page hits an exploder from the top to get a near fall. Page sets up for buckshot lariat but Bryan moves to the floor. We cut to another break.

Page hits more chops in the corner now. Bryan counters by putting him in a tree of woe and hits a sliding dropkick in the corner. Page lands on his feet on a superplex and hits a lariat to get a near fall. Bryan puts on the labell lock. Page breaks free but Bryan quickly comes in with an armbar. Bryan gauges Page’s nose as he prepares for another labell lock. Page hits knees to his face to break free. Bryan no-sells chops. They trade rolling elbows

Page counters running knee with Dead Eye to get a near fall. Nobody is home when Page goes for a moonsault. Bryan hits Busaiku knee but Page lands near the ropes and rolls to the floor. Page drops Bryan on the apron with a powerbomb and hits a moonsault. Bryan ducks Buckshot Lariat and rolls up Page with O’Connor Roll to get the pin.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

Jungle Boy gets a pre-recorded promo where he talks about betrayal from Luchasaurus.

Stokeley Hathaway is out on the stage with the rest of his stable. He tells us why he did what he did at All Out. A crew member comes in and tells him that he needs to wrap up quickly as they are short on time. Hathaway drops this man with a mic shot. Others from his stable beat up the crew member.

Wheeler Yuta(c) vs Daniel Garcia – Pure Rules match for ROH Pure Championship

Garcia hits a shoulder tackle to start. Yuta comes back with a single-leg takedown. They lock up again after a stalemate. They fall to the floor as they continue to tussle in the lock-up. They return to the ring quickly to take us to a break.

Yuta hits a Manhatten drop and a flying elbow to get a two-count. Yuta toys Garcia with some kicks. He hits a snap suplex now. Yuta kicks at Garcia to enrage him. Garcia hits a big slap and hits some suplexes. He hits a clothesline to get a two-count. Yuta counters the Dragontamer before hitting a series German suplexes. Garcia keeps trying to break the grip and reverses with a series of German suplexes of his own. Yuta switches the waistlock and hits more German suplexes. Garcia counters again for German suplexes again. More waistlock switches follow. Yuta catches Garcia with a back elbow. Garcia hits an avalanche German Suplex to take us to a break.

Both men are down after a superplex from Garcia as we return. They trade slaps now. Garcia drops Yuta with a big slap. The referee starts to count Yuta down. Yuta beats the count but Garcia puts on the Dragontamer. Yuta has to use second of his rope breaks in the match. Yuta hits a big fist to drop Garcia. Yuta gets the final warning for closed fist punch. Garcia counters with a body scissor and puts on Dragontamer again. Yuta counters by putting crossface. Yuta then goes for seat belt pinning combination for a two-count. Garcia puts on the Dragontamer again. He puts pressure on the lock. Yuta tries to use the neck crack to break it, but he ultimately taps out.

Winner – Daniel Garcia

Garcia gets the belt and poses in front of his hometown crowd. Bryan Danielson comes out to the ring. Yuta and Garcia observe the code of honor. Danielson puts the belt on Garcia’s waist and raises his hands. Chris Jericho comes out to the stage and is surprised watching all of this unfold. The show goes off the air as Jericho shouts at Danielson.

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