AEW Dynamite November 8, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Info

Samoa Joe vs Keith Lee ROH World Television title match November 8 AEW Dynamite
Credits- AEW

Welcome to ITNWWE’s live results coverage for AEW Dynamite November 8, 2023 episode which was the second last episode of the series before Full Gear 2023 event.


  • Location: Moda Center, Portland, OR, US
  • Episode No.: 214
  • Start Time: 8 PM ET


  • MJF(c) defeated Daniel Garcia in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW World Championship.
  • Sting & Darby Allin defeated The Outrunners(Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Swerve Strickland defeated Penta El Zero Meido in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Samoa Joe(c) defeated Keith Lee in a singles match via pinfall to retain ROH World TV Championship.
  • The Gunns(Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) defeated The Bollywood Boys(Gurv Sihra & Hirv Sihra) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Julia Hart defeated Red Velvet in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Jay White defeated Mark Briscoe in a singles match via pinfall.


The show opens and MJF is interviewed backstage ahead of his title defense this week. He gets a video call from Adam Cole who says it kills him that he is not able to be by his side. Cole advises MJF to accept Samoa Joe’s help. MJF says he does not need Samoa Joe and will handle it . Garcia comes in and acts strong. MJF says he is confident of retaining the title. He asks Garcia if he will see Garcia the entertainer or the wrestler tonight. Garcia says it will be the wrestler. Garcia goes away. Roderick Strong comes in with the Kingdom and says he is a wrestling legend. MJF tells him that he was a wrestling legend. MJF goes away. Cole also cuts the call. Strong says it’s time to remind everyone who he is.

MJF(c) vs Daniel Garcia – AEW World Championship

MJF takes Garcia down to the mat and goes for an armbar but Garcia gets to the ropes. MJF mimics Garcia’s dance to mock him. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard get on the apron when MJF jabs at his eyes. They lock up again and Garcia backs the champ in the corner. The referee breaks them up. MJF asks for a handshake. Garcia teases a handshake but then slaps the hand away. MJF flicks at his eyes. MJF hit a body slam. Garcia tries to counter but MJF hits a clothesline. He keeps control for a while and takes us to a break.

Garcia counters a hard whip to the corner as we return. Garcia hits several chops and quick fire strikes. He hits double knee to the corner. MJF counters a piledriver. Garcia gets a two-count with a backslide. MJF hits a double stomp on his arm. He follows up with a superkick before hitting his signature hammerlock DDT to get a near fall. Garcia blocks a heatseeker but MJF quickly sends him to the corner. Garcia dodjes Panama Sunrise before he hits a clothesline. Garcia is control now and puts on sharpshooter. MJF manages to counter into an armbar and Garcia has to tap out.

After the match, MJF offers a handshake but Angelo Parker and Matt Menard stop Garcia from handshake.

Sting & Darby Allin vs The Outrunners(Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd)

Magnum starts against Darby. Darby puts on a side headlock. Darby knocks off Magnum out before he tags in his own parner. Floyd has Darby under pressure as keep control. Floyd goes for a suplex but Darby tags in Sting mid move. Sting comes in for tandem strikes on Floyd. Darby goes for a suicede dive but Magnum pulls him out and sends him into the timekeeper’s table. Sting hits quick clothesline to take over control. He hits a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby hits a Coffin Drop to get the pinfall.

Toni Schiavone is with AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm. Shida asks her what is her problem. Storm goes on a parabole on how she should be the AEW Women’s Champion. They sign the contract before Shida confidently says she will retain the title.

Swerve Strickland vs Penta El Zero Meido

Quick athleticism on display to start the match. Swerve hits a hurricanrana. He hits an uppercut after getting to the top. Swerve corners Penta to hit chops and work on Penta’s leg. Penta is on the ropes though. Penta trades chops with Swerve. Swerve drops him and stomps at his fingers. Penta hits a backstabber. Swerve rolls to the floor. Penta goes for a suicide dive but Swerve cuts him off on the ropes to hit an uppercut. Penta also moves out of the way when Swerve goes for a suicide dive. Penta creates momenturm and hits a top con hillo on outside to take us to a break.

Swerve hits some chops. Penta also answer backs with chops. They slug it out. Penta ducks a rolling elbow. Swerve blocks made in Japan. Arm drags from both side. Both men hit similar strikes before dropping each other with clotheslines at the same time. Penta blocks a JML driver and hits a Death Valley Driver to get a two-count. Swerve is sent to the floor with a back body drop. Penta hits a Canadian destroyer on the apron. He bring Swerve back to the ring to hit a diving foot stop.

Swerve counters tijeras with buckle bomb to get a two-count. Penta hits gamengiris from the apron. Swerve trips him on the apron and hits a kick to knock him off to the floor. Penta counters on the floor. Back to the ring, he hits Made in Japan in the ring. Swerve hits a Death Valley driver. He finishes off with the Swerve Stomp to get the pinfall.

Swerve tries to pull off Penta’s mask but Hangman Adam Page comes out o make the save. He hits everyone with chair shots. He throws Swerve down from the ramp.

Jay White is with the rest of his stable. He cuts a long promo which all means that he is better than MJF.

We get a vignette from Don Callis for his rivalry with Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. This is amalgamated with an advertisement of a video game.

Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega are interviewed backstage about their match next week on Dynamite. The Young Bucks come in and vent their frustration on Omega for partnering with a former rival. Jericho steps in and reminds The Bucks that they are talking to two GOATs. The argument led to both teams agreeing to tag team match at Full Gear.

Samoa Joe vs Keith Lee

Lee pushes Joe back after the lock but Joe turns it around in the corner. They go for shoulder tackles, but neither of them go down. Joe flicks at Lee’s eyes and then hits him with a tackle. Lee quickly hits back with tackle. Lee hits somes punches before a double overhead chop. Joe hits back with punches to get Lee down to the mat. Lee leapfrogs over him and tackles him to the floor. We cut to a break.

Lee hits hitting body shots in the corner as we return from the break. Joe hits back with a kneebreaker. He hits a kick to the leg. Lee fires some punches. Joe brings him down with a dragon screw leg. They trade chops. Joe hits a manhattan drop and a high boot. Lee gets his knee up when Joe hits a senton. Lee hits a German suplex next. Lee blocks a lariat and ends up hitting a powerbomb. He is late in covering Joe, leading to Joe being able to kick out. Joe brings Lee down in Coquina clutch. Lee tries to fight out but he is put to sleep.

After the match, Joe takes the mic and says he is hungry and vacates the ROH TV title as the next title he will hold on his shoulders will be AEW World Championship.

Orange Cassidy is backstage and talks about how he lost the International title to Jon Moxley, won it back from Rey Fenix, but he feels incomplete as he has not beaten Moxley. He goes on to claim that he will beat Moxley at Full Gear.

The Gunns(Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn) vs The Bollywood Boys(Gurv Sihra & Hirv Sihra)

The Gunns give no quarter to The Bollywood Boys and knock Gurv down to the floor. They hit 3:10 of Yuma on Harv to get the pinfall.

After the match, The Gunns take the mic and cut a promo against MJF.

Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta are backstage and challenges Orange Cassidy and Hook for a tag team match next week.

Red Velvet vs Julia Hart

Back-and-forth action between them with tackles and armdrags. Velvet fires shots in the corner and boots Julia. Julia brings her down to take the control to take us to a break.

Velvet hits quick tackles as we return. She hits a bulldog next. She hits double knees to the back and a senton. Julia fights back but Velvet pulls her down from the top rope into a slam to the mat to get a two-count. Julia hits a roundhouse kick. She hits some stomps to set her up in the corner and hits a moonsault to get the pinfall.

Mark Briscoe vs Jay White

Jay locks up a side headlock. Briscoe breaks free and White hits a couple of tackles. Jay brings him down to the mat with side headlock takedown. Briscoe blocks more takedown and hits back with chops and a suplex. Briscoe sets up Jay on the top rope and hits a chop to knock him down to the floor. Briscoe hits dropkick through the ropes and a dive. The Gunns pull him off when he goes to the top. White ducks a dive from Briscoe and then hits a DDT. Jay fakes an injury which diverts the referee and allows Bullet Club Gold to beat up Briscoe. We cut to a break.

Jay is in control of the match as we return. Briscoe hits him with punches from the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. He invites Jay to hit his best shot. Briscoe matches him strike by strike before hitting continous chops and punches. He hits running elbow. Briscoe hits a neckbreaker. Jay blocks an Urinage and hits a fisherman’s buster to get a two-count. White hits back with a DDT. Briscoe hits a Death Valley Driver and Froggy bow but White kicks out of the pin. White hits an Urinage. He hits a Kiwi Crusher to get a near fall.

Briscoe blocks the sleeper suplex. White drops down to hit a chop block. Briscoe counters Blade Runner with an exploder suplex. White hits a back elbow. Briscoe hits a clothesline. Briscoe calls for the Jay-Driller but White hits him with a back body drop. Jay hits a sleeper suplex and a brainbuster to get a two-count. White hits several more chops. Briscoe also hits chops but White hits a sleeper suplex and brainbuster before hitting Blade Runner to get the pinfall.

MJF’s music hits after the match. He drops Juice Robinson and The Gunn with Diamond Ring loaded shots. White runs out of the ring. MJF takes the mic and says White has to kill him to beat him since for the first time he is fighting not just for himself but for every fan who has been in this journey with him, Adam Cole, and all the people watching from home.

The lights go out and we see masked assailants beating up The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Anthony Bowens is sent though a glass. The screen turns black and The Devil masked man appears for a couple of seconds. The light come back and MJF runs to the back to find The Acclaimed and Gunn down. Samoa Joe comes in and laughs at MJF’s misery. The show goes off the air.

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