AEW Dynamite May 10, 2023 Live Results, Updates, Highlights

AEW Dynamite May 10 2023

Tony Khan had promised a PPV level episode AEW Dynamite on May 10, 2023, and we were here to bring you live results from the show. The episode was expected to speed up the build-up for Double or Nothing 2023 PPV event.

It was promoted to be PPV quality due to the presence of a steel cage match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, who took forward the blood feud between The Elite and Blackpool Combat Club. The feud had seen BCC targetted The Elite members, Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita in the past month or so.

Two title matches were also on the card with Orange Cassidy’s 21st defense of AEW International Championship against Daniel Garcia. AEW Trios Championship was on the line in an Open House match with House of Black defending the title against Best Friends and Bandido. House of Black’s Julia Hart faced Anna Jay AS in No Holds Barred match.

A double jeopardy match saw ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli facing ROH Tag Team Champion Rey Fenix with the winner getting the title shot at the other’s title. We heard from Christian Cage who challenged TNT Champion Wardlow for a title match. We also heard from AEW Tag Team Champions FTR who were challenged by Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett for a title match at Double or Nothing.

Check below for AEW Dynamite May 10, 2023 episode with results along with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Claudio Castagnoli defeated Rey Fenix in Double Jeopardy match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy(c) defeated Daniel Garcia in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW International Championship.
  • Julia Hart defeated Anna Jay AS in No Holds Barred Match via submission.
  • House of Black(Malakai Black, Buddy Mathews & Brody King)(c) defeated Bandido & Best Friends(Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor) in Open House Match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios Championship.
  • Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega in a Steel Cage Match via pinfall.


Claudio Castagnoli vs Rey Fenix – Double Jeopardy match

Rey Fenix starts with quick moves. Claudio drops him on his knee several times. Rey fires back with some superkicks and then hits a diving hurricanrana to send Claudio out of the ring. Rey hits back-to-back suicide dives before Claudio catches him with an uppercut and sends him into the barricade. Rey hits back with knee strikes when Claudio gets him up on his shoulders. He follows up with a hurricanrana off the barricade.

More strikes follow until Claudio plants him down to the mat. Fenix counters with another hurricanrana off the second rope, but Castagnoli kicks out at two. Claudio avoids the splash from the top and then hits a big lariat to drop Fenix. He takes Fenix out on the floor and drops him on the barricade to take us to a break.

Claudio hits an European uppercut as we return. He misses the next one. Rey hits some forearm shots but Claudio hits a gutwrench superplex as soon as Rey gets to the top. Rey hits a chest slap after he gets back up. They trade shots before Rey misses a spin kick but nails a superkick. Rey hits a cutter next to get a two-count. Claudio moves to the floor and Rey hits a moonsault.

Back to the ring, Claudio hits an uppercut midair as Rey hits a springboard move. Claudio goes for a powerbomb but Fenix counters it with a Canadian Destroyer. Some back and forth shots before Rey hits a superkick for a near fall. Claudio hits waterslide to get a near fall. He quickly follows up with hammer elbows and then hits a powerbomb to get the pinfall.

Winner – Claudio Castagnoli

Miro is back on Dynamite after months. Renee Paquette tries to talk to him but he ignores her and gets into Tony Khan’s office.

MJF is gets a pre-tapedi interview. He claims that the pillars are like The Beatles, and he is Paul McCartney because he is the best and will have longevity. He then tells the other pillars to accomplish what he has.

Mark the Special Guest Referee!

FTR come out to the ring and they want Mark Briscoe to come out so that they can apologize to him. But, it is Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh come out instead. Sonjay Dutt asks them if they accept the challenge for title match at Double or Nothing. Dax asks the crowd if they want them to accept the challenge. Dax says if they accept using Mark Briscoe to get to them. Sonjay says Mark is their friend.

Mark Briscoe comes out and says both teams are having hard time controlling their emotions. So, he has talked to Tony Khan and he will be the special guest referee. Mark has some alcohol and wants both team to toast on this. Sonjay Dutt takes a sip and spits it on Dax’s face, making him unable to see. A brawl follows but Mark separates Cash from the others. Mark goes towards Dax who is still not able to see anything properly. Dax hits Mark with a piledriver. Cash tells him what he has done and FTR are on top of Mark to check him. They get a medical team out.

Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage and once again claims that the attack from Adam Cole last week was unprovoked. So, he has got a court order for Cole to not be in the building whenever he is. Roderick Strong interrupts him and challenges him for a match. Jericho accepts the challenge for next week’s Dynamite. Strong also has legal order which says JAS will be banned from the building next week.

Renee Paquette is backstage trying to get updates on Miro. Former AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa is back now and she also enters Tony’s office.

Sammy Guevara gets a pre-recorded promo with Chris Jericho and Tay Melo also chiming in between. Guevara says he is out here to prove that dreams do come true.

Tony Khan is backstage with a mic. He hypes tonight’s show and then says there are even more wrestlers looking for fights. So, he will have a big announcement on Dynamite next week which is one of the most important announcement in the history of AEW.

Orange Cassidy(c) vs Daniel Garcia – AEW International Championship

OC starts with a waistlock takedown. Garcia counters and takes him down with a waistlock takedown himself. Garcia dances for a bit in celebration. OC gets him in a side headlock and then into a side arm bar. Garcia counters the arm bar into an arm wrench. He goes for a drop toe hold but OC keeps his ground and escapes the toe hold in style. Cassidy hits some dropkicks with his hands in his pocket. Cassidy goes to slam Garcia’s into the turnbuckle but Garcia sends his hand into the barricade instead. Cassidy hits a suicide dive on the floor. Back to the ring, Garcia ducks a move from the top and hits a lariat. He drops Cassidy on the apron and then onto the barricade. We cut to a break.

Garcia hits a curbstomp as we return. Some more celebration dancing from Garcia but this gives Cassidy time to recover. He hits back with a boot before Garcia fires back with punches. He goes for a superplex but Cassidy hits elbows to his back. Garcia chops at his right hand and then hits a superplex. He tries to follow up quickly but Cassidy hits a stunner. Garcia recovers and goes for a sharpshooter. Cassidy blocks it and they start to trade punches. Cassidy hits elbow shots until Garcia hits him on his knees.

Garcia puts Cassidy’s hands in his pocket and goes for the piledriver but Cassidy counters with a Beach Break. Garcia hits a kick to his knees to drop him back. Garcia mocks Cassidy with lazy kicks. Cassidy signals him to stop but Garcia nails him with a knee. Garcia hits a piledriver and gets him in an inside cradle for a two-count. Garcia puts on the sharpshooter. Cassidy counters him after a while but Garcia puts him in a crossface. Cassidy counters it with a crucifix before Garcia counters with an inside cradle. Cassidy counters with another crucifix to get the pinfall.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

We get a video package for promos from The Outcasts and Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter.

Christian Cage comes out with Luchasaurus to be interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Tony asks him how come he has become the #1 contender for TNT Championship. Cage takes some shots at the crowd first before saying that he gets some luxury because of all he has done in the past. He asks why does everyone in AEW has daddy issues. First, it was Jungle Boy and now Wardlow. The crowd keeps telling him to shut up. He takes shots at Arn Anderson and says Anderson is just trying to take credit for his success. He says unlike Arn Anderson, he is multiple times World Champion, so gets the struggle Wardlow must be going through to keep the title on.

Daniel Garcia is back at his home on his skateboard track and dirt biking track and says its training for him.

Julia Hart vs Anna Jay AS – No Holds Barred Match

Anna attacks Julia with a chair shot on the stage before she can complete her entrance. They get into the ring and Julia starts to hit back. She sends Anna into the barricade. She hits some kendo stick shots before Anna hits back with the stick when they get into the ring. Anna hits a snap suplex on the floor. Julia hits punches to midsection before slamming Anna into the ring post. Then, she slams Anna’s face into the timekeeper’s table. We cut to a break.

Julia counters a chair shot to send Anna into it. Julia sets up a pile of chair on the floor. Anna blocks a suplex and drops Julia into the chair face first. She brings Julia back to the ring to get a near fall. Anna slams a trash can to her face. She sets up Julia Hart into the corner with a trash can over her head. Anna hits a splash in the corner with the trash can on. She brings in the pile of chairs into the ring. She goes for a suplex but Julia blocks it and hits back with elbows and forearms. Hart hits a superplex and then puts on the Hartness lock on to get the submission.

Winner – Julia Hart

House of Black(Malakai Black, Buddy Mathews & Brody King) vs Bandido & Best Friends(Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor) – Open House Match for AEW Trios Championship

The lights are off and there is a spotlight on the ring. Bandido starts with two hurricanranas before Black blocks the third one. He takes down Bandido quickly. He puts on a knee bar. Bandido gets to the ropes but there are no rope breaks in this match. Bandido uses the ropes to break free. Bandido tags in Best Friends who double team on Black to get a two-count. Brody gets a blind tag. He comes in and hits an elbow drop on Trent before knocking off Bandido and Taylor off the apron. We cut to a break.

Trent hits a tornado DDT on Mathews as we return. Mathews comes back with a suplex before Trent breaks free to tag in Bandido. Bandido hits a crossbody on Mathews before knocking off Black. He hits a crucifix bomb before suicide dive on Black and Mathews on the floor. Mathews is brought back to the ring for a two-count. Taylor tags in and hits a clothesline on Mathews. Mathews tags in Black who double teams with Brody. Brody hits Dante’s Inferno to get the pinfall.

Winners – House of Black

Backstage, Orange Cassidy is down after an attack. It’s Aussie Open’s Kyle Fletcher who brings out Cassidy’s International Championship out of Cassidy’s bagpack.

Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley – Steel Cage Match

Jon Moxley attacks Kenny Omega during his entrance. They brawl for a while on the ramp until Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta come out to beat up Kenny. The Young Bucks come out to attack Yuta and Claudio. They throw Yuta from the stage. Claudio hits back with an uppercut on Matt before throwing him down. Nick fights Claudio and sends him to the down the ramo. Nick hits all 3 of them with a suicide dive.

Kenny gets into the cage and calls for Moxley to get in. Moxley gets in to start the match. They trade chops before Moxley takes Omega down. Kenny hits a rolling driver and a moonsault to get at two-count. Kenny brings out a barbed wired steel chair and slams it on Moxley’s head. He hits more shots with it on Moxley’s back before hitting a diving stomp on it. Moxley hits back and slams Omega into the ring post. Omega tries to springboard when Moxley trips him on the ropes. Omega hits fameasser on the chair. Omega sets up chair in the middle of the ring but it is Moxley who hits a superplex on Omega on top of the chair to take us to a break.

Omega hits back by dropping Moxley on the shattered glass in the middle of the ring. Omega goes for the One Winged Angel but Moxley gets on his backa and puts on a sleeper to block it. Omega drops on his back to drop Moxley into the shattered glass. Moxley counters and gets Omega in a choke on the floor. Omega gets free and hits a ripcord knee. Moxley hypes himself up and they trade open hand shots. Omega hits a couple of ripcord knee.

Moxley is on the ropes. Omega hits V-Trigger which breaks the steel cage wall. Moxley gets back up first and gets the screwdriver. Don Callis comes in and stops Moxley from using the screwdriver. Omega hits a V-Trigger and One Winged Angel. Omega goes for the cover but Callis hits Omega with the screwdriver. Moxley covers Omega to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jon Moxley

After the match, Callis gets into Kenny’s face and says something to him while Kenny is recovering. Moxley celebrates to close the show.

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