AEW Dynamite July 5, 2023 Results & Live Updates

Kenny Omega vs Wheeler Yuta AEW Dynamite July 5
Kenny Omega vs Wheeler Yuta on AEW Dynamite July 5, Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Dynamite July 5, 2023 episode which was live from Rogers Palace in Edmonton, Canada.

Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament started with this show where MJF and Adam Cole faced Matt Menard and The Butcher. The second match of the tournament saw former AEW Tag Team Champions Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland taking on Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin.

Britt Baker vs Ruby Soho match for Owen Hart Foundation tournament was postponed to this episode after Baker’s health issues last week. Kenny Omega was set to take on Wheeler Yuta in a singles match to take BCC vs The Elite rivalry forward.

BCC’s Jon Moxley featured in a pre-recorded promo. We also heard from Chris Jericho after his loss to Sting and Darby last week. Check below for results from AEW Dynamite July 5, 2023 episode, with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin defeated Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland in Round 1 Match of Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament via pinfall.
  • The Acclaimed(Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) & Billy Gunn defeated The Blade & Bollywood Boyz in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • MJF & Adam Cole defeated Matt Menard & the Butcher in Round 1 Match of Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament via pinfall.
  • Ruby Soho def. Britt Baker in Round 1 Match of 2023 Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament via pinfall.
  • Kenny Omega defeated Wheeler Yuta in a singles match via pinfall.


Renee Paquette is interviewing Darby Allin and Keith Lee to open the show. Darby tells Lee that he was the most dominant champion in AEW at one point, and he should do something about it as he is lost in the shuffle. Darby tells him that he should win tonight’s match two on one even if the real Swerve does not show up. Lee calls him stupid, but ballsy.

Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs Orange Cassidy & Darby Allin – Round 1 Match of Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament

Darby slaps Lee. Lee replies with a corner splash before viciously throwing Darby across the ring. Darby escapes Supernova and tags in Cassidy. Cassidy hits lazy overhead chops. Lee hits double overhead chop to drop Cassidy. Cassidy asks Lee to wait as he puts his hands in the pocket. Lee hits another overhead chop. Darby tags in when Lee was watching Swerve. Cassidy nails Orange punch & Darby hits a dropkick. Lee falls to his corner and knocks Swerve off the apron. Swerve comes in and jumps off Lee to hit Swerve kick on Cassidy. Swerve and Darby go back and forth before Swerve throws Darby to the floor to take us to a break.

Swerve goes for a superplex on Darby. Lee comes in and hits powerbomb on Swerve to drop him and Darby at the same time. Cassidy tags in but Lee puts him in a bear hug. Swerve is working on Darby on the floor and traps him under the steel steps. Cassidy fights off the bear hug and hits a suicide dive on Swerve. Cassidy goes for a sleeper choke on Lee. Lee walks over the steel steps where Darby is trapped under and gets into the ring. Darby is screaming in pain.

Cassidy goes for stun dog millionaire but Lee blocks it. Darby runs in and hits Code Red. Cassidy also hits stun dog millionaire. Swerve tries to break the pin but Cassidy moves aside and Swerve’s 450-splash lands on Cassidy. Swerve tags in. Darby is hit with a backbreaker. Swerve throws Cassidy to Lee for a double team but Cassidy ducks and Swerve catches Lee with a kick. Lee lands to the floor. Cassidy hits divigin DDT on Swerve. He hits a suicide dive DDT on Lee on the floor. Darby hits Last Supper on Swerve to get the pinfall.

Winner – Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy

We get a video package for Darby Allin telling us the story about Nick Wayne’s father and Darby’s coach losing his life with a heart attack. Allin reveals that he decided to watch over Nick after it. We see footage of Nick in action in the ring and how he was signed to AEW at the age of 16.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry arrives to the parking lot. Tony Schiavone is there to meet him and wants to talk to him about last week. Perry says he is not a roadside thug and tells Hook that they will do it properly. He is going to Tony Khan to ask for a match for FTW title. Hook attacks Perry. Perry gets into his SUV and runs away again.

Jungle Boy Jack Perry arrives to the parking lot. Tony Schiavone is there to meet him and wants to talk to him about last week. Perry says he is not a roadside thug and tells Hook that they will do it properly. He is going to Tony Khan to ask for a match for FTW title. Hook attacks Perry. Perry gets into his SUV and runs away again.

The Acclaimed(Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) & Billy Gunn vs The Blade & Bollywood Boyz(Gurv Sihra & Samir Singh)

Gunn starts against Blade with a side headlock. He hits a shoulder tackle to drop Blade. Blade rolls him up for a two-count before Gunn nails him with a big punch. Caster comes in for a double back elbow with Gunn. Blade hits a kick to midsection. Bollywood Boyz tag in and Caster hits body slam on all 3 opponents one by one. Bowens hits Scissor Me Timbers leg drop on one of the Bollywood Boyz. The Acclaimed & Gunn scissor to take us to the break.

Bowens tags in and hits chops on Bollywood Boyz before a superkick on Blade. Gurv rolls up Bowens for a two-count. Bowens drops him before tagging in Gunn who slams him to the mat. Caster hits Mic Drop elbow drop to get the pinfall.

Winner – The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Harley Cameron interrupts the winners on the big screen. She says they deserve to get their ass beat after insulting her last week. Gunn tells her to s##k it.

We see Eddie Kingston winning NJPW Strong Openweight Championship at Independence Day 2023 night 2. We get a promo from Jon Moxley talking about his complicated history with Kingston. He asks Kingston to pick up his call.

Matt Hardy is with Renee Paquette and RJ City to know his tag team partner in blind eliminator tournament. It is going to be Jeff… Jarrett.

We get a pre-recorded promo from Wheeler Yuta who says he has already beaten Kenny Omega.

Chris Jericho Speaks

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring. He says the crowd is loud but it is a bittersweet night of him because he has a lot of big losses to his names in the last few months. So, it is time to re-evaluate and make changes and this is the best place to re-invigorate himself where he started his pro-wrestling career. He mentions his debut match taking place an hour away. Jericho reveals that he visited the venue and it reminded him of his passion when he started, and it reminded him to become the best version of Chris Jericho ever.

Don Callis comes out. Amid heavy boos, Callis says it was 6 years ago today that he called him from a hotel in Tokyo when he asked him to main event Tokyo Dome against Kenny Omega. Callis says without that match, AEW won’t exist and Jericho would not be here. Jericho says he helped Callis get into the pro-wrestling business and into AEW, and if it was not for him, Callis would not be in here. Callis says when they work together, they make history.

Callis says he was betrayed by Kenny Omega who destroyed his family. He wants to build a new family who he can trust. He is here to ask his best friend of 34 years to join Don Callis Family. Jericho says he does not join faction, he creates them. He has got one word answer for him, “maybe”.

We get a video package for CM Punk vs Samoa Joe match at AEW Collision this week, and then for Ricky Starks vs Powerhouse Hobbs match.

Roderick Strong is medical room backstage for an update. Strong says he feels great. Cole comes in and tells him to take his time. Strong asks him about his deal with MJF. Cole says he will take care of him. Strong gets miffed when Cole tells him about a text from MJF.

MJF comes out to the stage. He gets his music cut off and points for Adam Cole’s entrance.

MJF & Adam Cole vs Matt Menard & the Butcher – Round 1 Match of Blind Eliminator Tag Team Tournament

Menard and Butcher attack MJF and Cole before the bell. Menard rakes MJF’s face before MJF ducks a clothesline and drops Menard with a tackle. MJF puts on an abdominal stretch. Cole refuses to tag in to MJF but MJF turns it into an advantage with the ropes. Menard hits MJF with an armdrag. The Butcher takes shot at MJF in the corner while Menard knocks off Cole from the apron. Butcher tags in as we cut to a break.

The Butcher has MJF in abdominal stretch. MJF hits a low blow on Butcher to break free. Menard stops him from a tag out. Menard puts on the abdominal after tagging in. MJF hits a hip toss to drop Menard. Butcher picks up MJF to stop the tag. MJF flicks at Menard and tags in Cole. Cole knocks off Butcher from the apron. Cole hits quick moves ending the sequence with a pump kick. MJF calls him for a tag to hit a double clothesline which gives Butcher the chance to attack him. Cole sends Butcher to the floor. Coel hits Panama Sunrise in the ring. MJF screams for a tag for double clothesline but Cole hits Menard with The Boom to get the pinfall.

Winner – MJF & Adam Cole

MJF takes the mic after the match. He asks the crowd if there are any devil worshippers in the crowd tonight. He then asks Cole to pose before bringing up a double clothesline. He asks the crowd if they want to do another session this weekend. MJF then wishes Cole Happy Birthday. Streamers goes off before some crew members bring out a cake and some birthday hats. MJF sings Happy Birthday song. Cole tells him to stop as he has done enough. MJF asks him to make a wish. Cole blows off the candle but then slams MJF’s face into the cake. Cole thanks MJF to do all this for his birthday before leaving.

Britt Baker is interviewed backstage. Baker says Ruby Soho made many lies last week, but there are two things she can’t take away from here. One is her pride because she will always be the face of this women’s division always. Second is the belt from Owen Hart Foundation tournament from last year.

Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevara are backstage talking to Chris Jericho. Garcia tells Jericho that they are his family and why did he reply maybe to Callis’ question. Jericho says they need to branch out on themselves sometime. Renee Paquette tells them that Garcia and Guevara are teaming up in Blind Eliminator Tournament.

Britt Baker vs Ruby Soho – Round 1 Match of 2023 Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament

Ruby starts with an arm wringer but Baker reverse easily. Ruby rolls to the floor. Ruby puts on a headlock. Baker hits her with a tackle. She htis a slingblade. She botches a suplex and Ruby rolls to the floor. Ruby pulls Baker out where she is outnumbered. Ruby hits a Russian Leg Sweep to take us to a break.

Baker is nailing Ruby with punches before some clotheslines and a neckbreaker. Ruby stomps on her feet. Baker hits swinging neckbreaker to get a two-count. Baker gets her glove out for lockjaw. Baker blocks No Future but Ruby rolls her up for a two-count. Saraya pulls Baker’s leg near the ropes and Ruby hits her with a Saito suplex for a two-count. More back and forth action and Baker puts on Lockjaw. Saraya distracts the referee.

Ruby breaks free and slams Baker’s face into the title belt set up by Toni Storm on the turnbuckle. Ruby hits No Future kick but Baker kicks out of the pin. Ruby puts on Lockjaw now. Baker reverses it. Storm pulls Ruby out to break it. Ruby hits a victory roll and Toni assists her to get the pinfall.

Winner – Ruby Soho

Ruby rolls out of the ring quickly and runs back in hurry. Skye Blue meets her on the stage.

Kenny Omega vs Wheeler Yuta

Yuta rushes Omega before the bell and attacks him in the corner with punches and chops. Omega turns it around and hits big chops himself. They trade more chops before Omega wears Yuta out with stomps. Omega hits a back body drop to get a two-count. Omega hits a bulldog to drop Yuta face first. He hits a rolling senton but also hurts his head. Yuta gets knees up on his neck. Yuta hits a suicide dive on the floor. Yuta whips Omega into the barricade a couple of times before hitting a neckbreaker on the floor.

Omega fights him from the apron. He hits a roundhouse kick but is unable to hit a suplex. Yuta hits an elbow to his neck before dropping it on the ropes. Yuta stands on his neck on the turnbuckle until the referee’s warning. We cut to a break.

Yuta is in control as we return. Omega gets his knees up on a standing senton. He hits punches to midsection before some jabs to the face, an armdrag and an inverted blockbuster. He hits double ax handles to drop Yuta before a rolling elbow and a fisherman buster to get a two-count. Yuta avoids V-Trigger and hits an Olympic slam to get a two-count. Omega hits him with a punch as he goes to the top.

Omega hits chops and headbutts on the top. He hits a superplex to get another two-count. They trade punches back and forth. Yuta flicks at his face but Omega hits a chop to cut Yuta off. Yuta ducks and hits a German suplex. He follows with another one. Omega stops the third one by backing Yuta into the corner. Yuta fires punches and chops. Omega kicks him to send him to the corner again. Omega hits a knee strike to his spine before hitting a couple of snap dragon suplex. Omega hits V-Trigger but Yuta escapes One Winged Angel.

Yuta gets a near fall with seat belt. Omega hits a powerbomb and a knee strike to get a near fall. Don Callis has come out but the security holds him. Konosuke Takeshita hits Omega with Blue Thunderbomb as the referee tries to deal with Callis. Yuta hits a splash off the top but Omega kicks out of the pin. Yuta goes to the top again. Omega trips him and picks him up to hit One Winged Angel to get the pinfall.

Winner – Kenny Omega

Claudio Castagnoli and Takeshita attack Omega after the match. Adam Page and The Young Bucks run out to make the save. Page was about to hit Claudio with a steel chair but Dark Order run out and stop him. The show goes off the air.

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