AEW Collision Sept 23, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Winners

AEW Collision
AEW Collision

Welcome to the live results page for AEW Collision episode on September 23, 2023, live from Grand Rapids, MI.

6 matches were set for the show. Bryan Danielson took on Ricky Starks in a Texas Deathmatch in their second one-on-one match. Jay White faced Andrade El Idolo in another marquee singles match. Willow Nightingale took on Julia Hart in the only women’s singles match.

FTR’s open challenge for AEW tag team title continued as they defended the title against The Workhorsemen. Luchasaurus defended AEW TNT Championship in a triple threat match against Christian Cage and Darby Allin. Rob Van Dam returned to AEW as he teamed up with Hook to face Angelo Parker and Matt Menard.

Tune in below as we post results from AEW Collision September 23, 2023 episode, with live updates, winners and more.


  • Christian Cage defeated Luchasaurus(c) & Darby Allin in a Triple Threat match via pinfall to win AEW TNT Championship.
  • Rob Van Dam & Hook defeated Angelo Parker & Matt Menard in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Julia Hart defeated Keira Hogan in a singles match via submission.
  • Jay White defeated Andrade El Idolo in a singles match via pinfall.
  • FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) defeated The Workhorsemen(Anthony Henry & JD Drake) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Tag Team Championship.
  • Bryan Danielson defeated Ricky Starks in Texas Deathmatch via countout.


Luchasaurus(c) vs Christian Cage vs Darby Allin – Triple Threat match for AEW TNT Championship

Christian moves to the floor to allow Luchasaurus do the work on Darby. Darby throws powder into Luchasaurus’ eyes. He hits a suicide dive on Christian on the floor. Luchasaurus runs him over Christian stands on top of Darby after putting him on the chair on the ropes. Darby slaps him back but Luchasaurus quickly hits him with a German suplex. Luchasaurus goes for the cover but Christian tells him not to go for it now and sends him to get something from the floor. Cage goes for the cover immediately and Darby kicks out. Luchasaurus is surprised. Christian takes Darby to the floor where he and Luchasaurus beat him around.

Darby is whipped across the ring as we return. Darby avoids Luchasaurus in the corner and sends him into the ring post. He also avoids a spear and hits Christian’s face into the turnbuckle. Darby hits a DDT next. Luchasaurus pulls him out of the ring. Darby hits them with coffin drop. Darby takes Luchasaurus to the ring and avoids a chokeslam. Darby hits coffin splash in the corner. Christian comes in with the title belt but Darby ducks him and hits a dropkick. Luchasaurus drops Darby with a chokeslam.

Luchasaurus picks up the TNT title and we are told this is the first time he is holding it. Christian tries to take it away from Luchasaurus and it took some convincing for him to let go off the belt. Darby drives Christian into Luchasaurus from behind. Darby hits Luchasaurus with the title for a near fall. He hits the Last Supper and the Coffin Drop. Christian throws Darby out of the ring and covers Luchasaurus to get the pinfall.

Winner – Christian Cage

Don Callis cuts a passionate promo backstage against the trio of Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi and Chris Jericho planning to take on The Don Callis Family.

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus are interviewed backstage. Christian says he wanted to dedicate this victory to Nick Wayne’s mom and his late dad who might be marvelling watching his performance tonight. Christian claims he has finished Darby Allin once and for all. Tony Schiavone tells him that Tony Khan has announced a 2-out-of-3 falls match between Christian and Darby.

Rob Van Dam & Hook vs Angelo Parker & Matt Menard

Menard starts with an armdrag on Hook. Hook takes him into a side headlock takeover. Menard drops him again and tags in Parker. Hook’s comeback is delayed as Hook’s leg was hooked by Anna Jay from outside. Parker and Menard double team on Hook but it is quickly countered by Hook. RVD tags in and gets a takedown. Menard hits back. RVD trips him before unleashing a series of kicks. Parker and Menard move to the floor. RVD pulls out of a suicide dive when they move away. We cut to a break.

Hook sends Parker and Menard to the floor as we return from the break. Hook goes to tag but Parker tackles him. Hook hits an exploder suplex on Parker. RVD gets the tag and hits clotheslines and superkicks on both men. He hits a senton on Parker. Menard kicks at him. RVD hits back quickly. Anna Jay distracts the referee and Hager gets into the ring with a chair. RVD hits him with a spinning heel kick. Hook puts on Redrum on Menard. RVD hits a frog splash on Parker to get the pinfall.

Winner – Rob Van Dam & Hook

Eddie Kingston cuts a promo talking about defending both his ROH World Championship and the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship against Katsuyori Shibata at Wrestle Dream.

We see a quick vignette from The Dark Order as they ask us to join Dark Order.

The Kingdom cuts a promo backstage ranting on the lack of “neck strength awareness”.

Julia Hart vs Keira Hogan

Hart starts strong to pary any attack from Hogan. Hart pulls her hair. She lands some shots and kicks at the face. Hart continues to keep beating her up for a while. Hogan hits back with some kicks. Hart trips her and hits a standing moonsault. Hart puts on a chinlock. Hogan hits shots to midsection. She hits running ax handles before she misses in the corner as Hart hits a drop toe hold. Hart hits a back elbow and a kick to the back. She hits a running forearm on the neck before putting her in the Heartless to get the submission.

Winner – Julia Hart

We see a promo from The Righteous talking about their title match at WrestleDream.

Jay White vs Andrade El Idolo

Andrade starts strong but White takes over control after a distraction from Bullet Club Gold. White keeps the momentum for a while. Andrade take over again with some shots. More distractions from BCG but Andrade takes us to break while still in control.

White has puts on a chinlock on Andrade as we return. Andrade tries to fight back. White uses a leg sweep to drop him. White hits big chops after the invite from Andrade. Andrade starts to hit back with his own chops. Andrade hits a couple of dragon screw legs. He sets up White in the corner but Bullet Club Gold pulls White out. Andrade hits a moonsault on them all on the floor. Back to the ring, Andrade hits a double moonsault on White

Andrade blocks sleeper suplex. He lands a big boot next. White manages to suplex him over the ropes to send him to the floor. White hits an Urinage back in the ring to get a near fall. Andrade hits spinning back elbow to get a near fall. Andrade hits double knees in the corner and underhook DDT. White gets his leg on the ropes to break the pinfall. Andrade puts on figure four into Figure Eight. The Gunns distract the referee and Juice Robinson hits Andrade with outside equipment. White hits the Bladerunner to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jay White

FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood)(c) vs The Workhorsemen(Anthony Henry & JD Drake) – AEW Tag Team Championship

Aussie Open are out on the commentary for the match. Cash starts against Henry as they trade headlocks. Drake and Dax tag in and trade chops. Drake ends the sequence with a suplex. Quick tags from WorkHorsemen before Drake jumps onto Harwood on the top rope. They trade more chops and kicks. Some quick tags betweem the WorkHorsemen again. Harwood kicks out of close two-count. Harwood counters and puts Drake in the sharpshooter to get a submission victory.

Winners – FTR

Post-match, FTR invites Aussie Open to the ring when they clap for them sarcastically. FTR asks them to be the baddest tag team possible for a great contest for them.

CJ Perry is being interviewed backstage and says her husband Miro has lost his way. Miro comes in and calls her a temptation. Miro accuses that CJ has changed for fame and needs to saved by him. CJ announces that she will be Miro’s manager going forward.

Ricky Starks vs Bryan Danielson – Texas Deathmatch

Starks unloads on Bryan in the corner with punches. Bryan sends Starks out from the ring after a dive in the middle. They brawl into the crowd and Bryan hits several hard kicks on the stairs. Bryan hits a headbutt as they are back at ringside. Starks throws Bryan in the crowd again and heads while he goes back into the ring. Starks hits suicide dives onto Bryan into the crowd. We cut to a break.

Bryan is bleeding after being hit by the ring bell. Starks hits him in the forehead with a mic. Next, he hits the leg with a chair. Bryan hits back after getting his leg out. Starks bites Bryan head. Bryan hits a dropkick followed by several kicks. Starks counters a running tackle with a chair. Starks stomps Bryan’s head with a chair underneath to take us to another break.

Starks is choking Bryan with a steel chain as we return. Bryan beats the countdown at 9. Starks uses a chain to hang him on the ropes for a while. Bryan counters a spear and puts on the crossface. He adds the chain into the lock. Starks manages to get out. Bryan counters with roll over and hits forearm shots.

They start to trade shots while on their knees. The referee starts a countdown on both when they drop. Bryan hits knees agianst a chair that is in Starks’ hands. Starks bleeds from his midsection. Bryan hits several stomps on Starks’ face. Bryan wraps the chain around his knee and hits Busaika knee to Starks. This gets him the 10 counts to get the win.

Winner – Bryan Danielson

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