UFC 264: Dustin Poirier Wins as Conor McGregor Breaks Ankle

Conor McGregor Broken Leg UFC 264

Dustin Poirier has won against Conor McGregor in their trilogy fight at UFC 264 with a doctor stoppage as Conor broke his ankle.

The high-profile Lightweight main event was stopped after the first round as Conor landed awkwardly while getting away from a punch.

Poirier was already dominating the first round after Conor came out of the blocks aggressively. Staying patient gave Poirier a chance to start blasting Conor with punches. As Conor got his back on the floor, Poirier also went on his knees to continue the attack.

Conor was unsuccessful as he went for the Guillotine choke, and Poirier escaped the choke and blasted the Irishman with punches and elbow on the floor. Conor threw some kicks in desperation from the floor which led to both men getting on their feet once again as the final minute of the round came about.

Both fighters threw punches at the same time, but both missed the mark. As Mcgregor stepped backward, his leg just completely gave out with his ankle twisting underneath him. Conor was once again on the mat but managed to avoid getting knocked out by Poirier.

As the round ended, the referee Herb Dean recognized that McGregor has broken his leg. The ringside doctor was called upon, who ended the contest to bring us to an anti-climatic finish. Check more results from UFC 264 here.

In his post-fight interview, Poirier said that he believed Conor broke his leg when he checked one of his kicks at the beginning of the fight.

“He fractured in one of the checks at the beginning of the fight. Then it broke on a punch for sure. When I pointed at him at the beginning of the fight, that’s when I checked a good kick. I bet that’s when it cracked. I felt something.”

McGregor was taken out in a stretcher. But not before he could take more verbal shots at Poirier. McGregor shouted that he was boxing his head off in their contest as the Medical personnel checked him.

He also denied that he broke the ankle at the start of the fight. “There was no check. There was not one of them I checked,” Conor said. “Your wife is in my DM’s. Hey baby, hit me back on my chat later on. F*ck him.”

Dustin Poirier is now expected to challenge UFC Lightweight Champion Charles Oliviera. McGregor, on the other end, will have to get on the road to recovery.

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