Extreme Rules 2019: Kofi Kingston Defeats Samoa Joe

Kofi Kingston has defeated Samoa Joe to retain the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules 2019.

Kofi comes out of the block with a dropkick but gets a vicious clothesline as the reply. Joe corners him and unloads with punches and kicks. Kofi tries to fight back but gets his legs swept. Joe uses the ropes to good effect and once again corners Kofi. Kofi once again tries to mount some offense with some punches and kicks but gets tackled off the ropes.

Joe twists his head and Kofi replies with some punches. Joe corners him and hits an overhead kick. Kofi unloads with punches in the corner but Joe sidesteps from a moonsault. Kofi’s dropkick forces Joe to move out for a breather. Kofi looks for the suicide dive but Joe catches him with a forearm at the ropes. Back in the ring, Joe twists Kofi’s fingers and then uses the steel steps to crush them.

Kofi is almost thrown out of the ring but he comes back in and hits a Crossbody on Joe. Joe hits a power slam for a near fall. Kofi move is countered by Joe and he locks in the STF on Kofi. Kofi manages to reach the ropes to force the break. He lines up Samoa Joe for the Trouble in Paradise but Samoa Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch. Kofi reverses, but Joe adjusts and hits the Urinagi for the near fall. Kofi manages to hit the Trouble in Paradise and get the pin to retain the title.

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