Top 5 Stars who could become the Champions in 2019

It’s not necessary that a wrestler’s career will be considered as successful only if they manage to win loads of title belts. But more often than not, it becomes the case. All the pro wrestling promotions are basically just TV shows where fights are choreographed, promos are pre-written and the results are fixed irrespective of wrestlers’ abilities and performances. But winning a championship still plays a huge role in analyzing whether a wrestler is a success or not. So, here we are looking at 5 superstars who can become champions this year in WWE main roster.

5. Adam Cole

Adam Cole is a wrestler who has built his craft working with many different promotions in his career so far and with almost every promotion he has won the major championships. He has the longest reign as the World Junior Heavyweight Champion in Combat Zone Wrestling, longest reign as the Pro Wrestling Guerilla World Champion, apart from being the 3 time Ring of Honour World Champion and a part of Bullet Club in NJWP. While working in the NXT also he has made history when he became first Double Champions with winning the inaugural NXT North American Championship and then becoming the NXT Tag team champion with the Undisputed Era. Even if we leave all his championships aside, his promo work is too good while his in-ring work is always getting better and better. It’s hard to see him being kept off the main roster too long and when he gets there, sky is the limit for him literally.

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