WWE TLC 2019: New Day Retains SD Title Against Revival

The New Day retained SD Tag Team Titles against The Revival at WWE TLC 2019
The New Day retained SD Tag Team Titles against The Revival at WWE TLC 2019

The New Day- Kofi Kingston & Big E were able to retain their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship title against the Revival at WWE TLC 2019 PPV.

The Ladder match for SmackDown tag team titles started the main show for WWE TLC last night in Minneapolis. The New Day strongly with Kingston delivering a springboard crossbody from the middle rope onto his opponents against a ladder. Many times, The Revival’s attempt to gain an upper-hand was cut-off by the New Day.

But once Wilder and Dawson brought Big E down off, the heels were able to get an extended period of control. Kofi tried to swing the match in their favor by seesawing the ladder into Wilder and Dawson’s faces and even dropped Wilder with Trouble in Paradise. But The Revival recovered and brought Kingston off the ladder with a Shatter Machine.

Big E re-entered the match and delivered a spear through the ropes to send Wilder crashing to the floor. Then he dropped Dawson face-first on a ladder before Dawson fought back with a suplex on the ladder. Wilder followed up with a splash that drove Big E through the ladder.

The Revival attempted to retrieve the tag titles but Kingston springboarded onto one of the ladders and swept away his opponents. Big E and delivered a Big Ending off the ladder to Wilder and Kingston used the tag titles to send Dawson crashing before retrieving the titles to secure the win.

This match was another one in a series of title matches between the two teams. The Revival earlier defeated Xavier Woods and Big E for the titles at WWE Clash of Champions PPV in September. Then, Kofi and Big E won the titles back from the Revival on 8 November 2019 episode of SmackDown.

They also faced off in a rematch at 15 November SmackDown episode where the match ended in a DQ due to invasion from NXT superstars. The Revival got this title shot after winning the fatal 4-way number #1 contender match two weeks back. The match was later changed to a ladder match at the TLC go-home edition of SmackDown.

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