WWE Survivor Series 2019 Live Results & Updates- Tri-Brand Battle

Survivor Series 2019
Survivor Series 2019 will see the tri-brand battle between RAW, SmackDown and NXT

Welcome to ITN’s Live Results and Updates Blog for WWE Survivor Series 2019 PPV show from Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL on 24 November 2019.

  • Date- 24 November 2019
  • Location- Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Chicago, IL, US
  • Start Time- 7 PM EST(11 PM GMT/25 November 2019 5:30 AM IST)
  • Pre-Show Start Time- 5 PM EST(9 PM GMT/25 November 2019 3:30 AM IST)

After the explosive NXT TakeOver: WarGames PPV, we will now head to WWE’s last big 4 PPV of the year, Survivor Series. We have the usual overbooked card generally attributed to the big 4 WWE PPV. Three triple threat matches, two 15 men tag team elimination matches and 3 World Championship matches. The match card for the show, storylines, preview, and predictions can be found in the below links.

Survivor Series 2019 Quick Results

  • Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode(SD) wins the tag team Battle Royal
  • Lio Rush(NXT) defeated Akira Tozawa & Kalisto to retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship
  • The Viking Raiders(RAW) defeated the Undisputed ERA and the New Day
  • Team NXT defeated Team RAW and Team SmackDown in Women’s Tag Team Elimination Match
  • Roderick Strong(NXT) defeated AJ Styles(RAW) vs Shinsuke Nakamura(SmackDown)
  • Adam Cole(c) defeated Pete Dunne to retain the NXT Championship Match
  • The Fiend Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the WWE Universal Championship
  • Team SmackDown defeated Team RAW and Team NXT in Men’s Tag Team Elimination Match
  • Shayna Baszler(NXT) defeated Bayley and Becky Lynch

Pre-Show Results & Updates for Survivor Series 2019

Three matches are now added to the pre-show.

  • NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush(NXT) vs Akira Tozawa(RAW) vs Kalisto(SmackDown)
  • Cross Branded Tag Team Battle Royal
  • The Viking Raiders(RAW) vs The New Day(SD) vs The Undisputed ERA(NXT)

The kick-off show starts with Jonathan Coachman welcoming us at the show alongside Charly Caruso, Booker T, and David Otunga. They talk about the significance of the Survivor Series before talking about the Allstate Arena for some time. We get a complete card rundown one by one. Paul Heyman talks with Sarah Schrieber. He shows her how to address a champion’s name, before starting his promo. He talks about tonight is whether about Mysterio pulling off a “miracle” or Lesnar being the “miracle-killer.”

We go back to the panel and Booker says Brock is going to make Rey suffer tonight. Coach reveals that there will also be a cross-brand Tag Team Battle Royal on the Kickoff apart from Akira Tozawa vs Kalisto vs NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush on the pre-show. RAW’s The Viking Raiders vs NXT’s The Undisputed Era vs SmackDown’s The New Day is also confirmed for the pre-show now.

A video package with highlights from WarGames last night. Sam and JBL talk about how the NXT Superstars will be beat up tonight after last night’s matches. Shawn Michaels joins the kick-off show and announces the NXT’s Men’s Team for 5-on-5 elimination match- WWE UK Champion WALTER, Damian Priest, Keith Lee, Matt Riddle and Tommaso Ciampa. Cathy Kelley is backstage with NXT Champion Adam Cole now. He talks about being ready for tonight and says even though Pete Dunne is a part of the NXT movement, he will beat Dunne like he’s a RAW or SmackDown star tonight. Cole goes on and walks off.

HBK continues to praise Cole and Dunne. Michaels goes on about how the current generation of NXT stars are hungry and passionate. Michaels leaves the panel and Coach hypes the 15-woman match at tonight’s pay-per-view. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley joins the panel from backstage. Bayley says this is her night and she’s not worried about RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch or NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

Tag Team Battle Royal

Participants- The OC(RAW), The Revival(SD), The Forgotten Sons(NXT), Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode(SD), The Street Profits(RAW), Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins(RAW), Breezango(NXT), Lucha House Party(SD), Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner(NXT) and Heavy Machinery(SD).

The bell rings and everyone starts brawling. Roode and Ziggler try to eliminate Fandango but he hangs on. Ryker tries to interfere from ringside. Cutler gets tossed onto him and The Forgotten Sons have been eliminated. Ford throws Dorado to eliminate LHP. The OC double teams Breeze in the corner. The Revival works on Otis and Ziggler tries to help them but Tucker makes the save. Ryder gets tossed out onto Hawkins and they have been eliminated.

Ziggler and Aichner trade shots in the corner. Roode finally dumps Aichner and Imperium has been eliminated. Roode saves Ziggler from an elimination. Otis slams Ziggler and goes for the Caterpillar but The OC and The Revival team up to toss him. Heavy Machinery has been eliminated. NXT is gone from the match after Breezango gets eliminated. The Revival gets eliminated by The OC next.

It’s down to The OC, Roode and Ziggler, and The Profits. The OC double teams Roode. They go for a Magic Killer but Ziggler makes the save. Ziggler ends up hitting a superkick on Gallows from the apron. The OC has been eliminated. It’s down to Roode and Ziggler, and The Profits. Both teams go at it. Roode with a big Spinebuster to Dawkins. Ziggler accidentally superkicks Roode after Dawkins moves. The Profits almost get eliminated but Ford hangs on. They double team Ziggler now. Roode comes from behind and tosses Ford to the floor to get the elimination for the win.

Winners- Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler
RAW- 0, SD- 1, NXT- 0

Lio Rush(c)(NXT) vs Akira Tozawa(RAW) vs Kalisto(SmackDown)- NXT Cruiserweight Championship

All three stare at each other and Tozawa and Kalisto have decided to team up on Rush. They dump him out and start slugging with each other. Not for long as Rush comes back in. All three are working at an extreme pace. Kalisto with an arm drag on Tozawa. Tozawa catches him and slams on the mat. Rush and Kalisto battles at the apron. Rush springboards with double elbow strikes on both opponents. Kalisto is taken out and Tozawa gets control over Rush. Tozawa goes to the top and Rush fights him there. Kalisto joins thems and Rush hits the triple Spanish Fly. Everyone is down.

Rush gets up first and starts nailing both opponents with kicks and chops. they try to fight him but he still keeps going. Tozawa gets engaged with Rush for a while but Kalisto almost got the pin with a rolling pinning combination after Tozawa’s rolling German. Kalisto hits the neckbreaker to get two-count on Rush. Kalisto hits Salida del Sol on Rush and Tozawa throws him out. Tozawa hits a senton from the top on Rush and Kalisto makes the save. Kalisto and Tozawa trade punches in the ring. Kalisto hits Salida del Sol on Tozawa but Rush hits the frog splash on him and gets the pin.

Winner- Lio Rush(still the NXT Champion)
RAW- 0, SD- 1, NXT- 1

Christian joined the panel and they start to discuss the AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong vs Shinsuke Nakamura. And speaking of Nakamura, Sami Zayn comes out to interrupt the panel and gets into proving that Shinsuke Nakamura is an artist. He argues with the panel for a long time and says that Nakamura will win the match later tonight.

Interbrand Tag Team Champions Match – The Viking Raiders(RAW) vs The New Day(SmackDown) vs The Undisputed ERA(NXT)

The New Day cut a promo backstage before coming out. They are donning the “Get Well soon” armbands for Xavier Woods. Kofi says they want to see what the hype is about for the Viking Raiders and The Undisputed ERA. Big E does the announcement as they enter. The Undisputed ERA enters next before the Viking Raiders are the final entrants. The Viking Raiders are donning new masks.

Ivar, Big E, and O’ Rielly start the match. The UE has swept aside in the opening exchange. Big E and Ivar start going at it. All three teams’ members are in the ring at the same time. The Viking Raiders take charge after Big E is sent outside by the Undisputed ERA. They corner O’ Rielly and Erik slams Ivar on top of O’Reilly. Kofi tags in and goes at it with Erik. Kofi hits a dropkick and then unloads on O’Reilly in the corner. Now, the New Day is taking turns to have shots at the UE.

Kofi tosses O’Reilly out to the floor. Kofi kicks Fish on the apron. The New Day and The Vikings face off in the middle of the ring and start brawling. Erik sends Big E into the barrier and Fish & O’Reilly double team Kofi. O’Reilly with a knee drop on Kofi’s knee from the top. O’Reilly puts him in submission and Ivar breaks it up. Erik and Kofi go at it in the corner now. Then, Kofi and O’Reilly fight. Big E goes to spear O’Reilly off the apron but he moves and Big E lands hard on the outside.

Erik scoops Ivar on the apron and slams him out on the floor, on top of their other opponents. Erik clotheslines O’Reilly and scoops him but Fish chops the knee out. O’Reilly with big kicks to Erik now. Fish tags in as Erik knocks O’Reilly out of the ring. Fish continues to work Erik over now. O’Reilly tags back in as they keep him down. O’Reilly works on Erik’s knee as some fans chant for NXT. Fish launches Erik with a suplex, keeping him from the tag. Erik launches Fish over his head at O’Reilly on the apron, Ivar finally tags in and unloads on The Undisputed Era. Ivar with more big strikes. Ivar goes to the top and rolls through.

Erik tags in with double knees to Fish. Ivar misses the cannonball in the corner as Fish makes the save. More back and forth now. Big E tags in and launches O’Reilly, then Fish with big suplexes. Kofi with big kicks from the apron to opponents on the floor. Erik mounts Big E in the corner with punches but Kofi makes the save with a kick. The New Day hits a big double team stomp move on Erik but Ivar breaks the pin just in time. Big E ends up hitting a spear on Erik to the floor from the apron next to the other bodies. More chaos with all three teams.

Erik rocks Big E with a huge knee. Ivar tags back in for the springboard German suplex with Erik to Big E. Kofi goes for Trouble In Paradise on the floor but kicks the ring post. The Undisputed Era double teams Kofi with a High Low on the floor. The Vikings and The Undisputed Era see The New Day down now. Both teams go at it and unload. Ivar gets double teamed but he screams back at them and dodges a High Low. The Vikings go on and hit a Viking Experience, covering Fish for the pin after knocking O’Reilly away.

Winners: The Viking Raiders(RAW)
RAW- 1, SD- 1, NXT- 1

The panel discusses the rest of the matches. We get a video package for the WWE Universal Championship match between Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan now. After this, Charly Caruso informs us that the Women’s Elimination match will start the main show.

Results from Survivor Series 2019 Main Show

The main show starts with a video package. NXT’s rise to the Cable TV is highlighted before we see Triple H’s promo for “We Are NXT!”. The package contains highlights of the invasions from the last 4 weeks and rushes for the buildup of various matches. We go to the announcer and SmackDown’s Women team is coming out first as their theme song hits the speakers. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Beth Pheonix are at the commentary for the match. Team RAW comes out on the RAW theme song. Team NXT comes with the NXT Theme song.

Women’s 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination Match – RAW vs SmackDown vs NXT

  • Team RAW- Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Asuka, Kairi Sane, Sarah Logan
  • Team SmackDown- Sasha Banks, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans
  • Team NXT- Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae, Io Shirai, Bianca Belair, Toni Storm

Sarah Logan, Toni Storm and Lacey Evans start the match. Lacey decks both opponents and they both combine to send her out. Nikki Cross has gotten the blind tag though. She comes in and continues to dominate. Carmella, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane are all tagged in. Shirai and Sane are circling each other and Carmella is feeling left out. She tries to get involved but they deck her. Dana Brooke tags in and stands at the side while Sane and Shirai fight it out. Sane counters the piledriver to Alabama Slam. Brooke tries to roll up Sane but to no avail. Brooke comes into the game and hist both women with quick moves. She hits a frog splash on Shirai. Lacey and Brooke double team on Sane.

Candice LeRae and Asuka are tagged in. LeRae and Evans go at it until Asuka spoils the fun. Candice LeRae gets better of the other two. Rhea Ripley tags in but Asuka puts her in a submission move. Bianca Beliar makes the save and this starts a sequence where each woman hits their move on each other. Sasha Banks is the last woman standing. It seems Io Shirai and Candice LeRae are injured and are moved out of the match.


Ripley, Banks and Flair end up as the legal women once they get going again. Ripley tags in Belair, so Logan and Cross tag in for their teams. Cross goes wild on both women until Bianca rolls Cross up for the first elimination with some help from the ring ropes. Carmella comes in and hits Bianca Beliar with a hurricanrana. Beliar hits a backbreaker on Carmella and corners Sarah Logan. Logan fights out and sends Beliar out of the ring. She takes out the whole NXT team with a dive on the outside. Beliar runs the ropes which knocks Asuka off the apron. Logan and Beliar are fighting it out. Beliar eliminates Logan with a shooting star press.

Charlotte Flair gets in for the team RAW. Charlotte mocks Beliar and counters the waistlock. Carmella runs in and drops Charlotte. Rhea Ripley distracts Charlotte but she hits a big boot on Carmella. Flair takes down Beliar and was at the top where Carmella meets her. Charlotte tries to hit the powerbomb but Carmella counters it into a scissor takedown for a near fall. She gets her focus on Beliar now. She gets some kicks going and gets two-count. Flair hits Carmella with Natural Selection and eliminates her.

Sane, Storm and Banks trade strikes. Banks eliminates Sane with a Meteora. Asuka nails Brooke with a spin kick for the next elimination. Asuka and Charlotte get into an argument in their corner. Charlotte chops the hell out of Lacey Evans and hits an exploder suplex. Asuka gets back and sputs the green mist in Charlotte’s eyes. Lacey hits the Woman’s right and eliminates Flair. Natalya gets in the match and rolls up Lacey Evans for two-count. Natalya fights with Toni Storm before rolling up Evans to eliminate her.

Sasha, Banks and Natalya in the ring now. Sasha is dumped out of the ring. Natalya locks Toni Storm in the sharpshooter and Sasha locks her in the Banks statement. Toni Storm gives us and is eliminated from the match. Natalya and Sasha double team on Bianca Belair and eliminates her. Sasha Banks tells Natalya to double team on Ripley but turns on her and hits her with Meteora to eliminate Natalya. Asuka is still in the match I guess. Nope, she has walked out of the match.

Sasha and Ripley start fighting it out. Banks tries to lock in a guillotine choke but Ripley powers out of it. Ripley breaks out of a sleeper but Banks sends her in the middle turnbuckle face first. Sasha hits a series of knees to the face and a Meteora from the middle rope for a near fall. Ripley kicks Banks out of the air for a near fall. Rhea locks Sasha in her signature hold but Banks counters into her own finisher. Ripley almost gets to the rope but Banks switches sides.

Shirai and LeRae run back to the ring and pull Rhea out of the ring. Banks is sent into the barricade and the apron. Banks counters The Riptide and drills Rhea with a huge knee to the face. Shirai hits Banks with a missile dropkick while Candice LeRae was distracting the referee. Ripley hits her finisher on Sasha for the pin and the win.

Winner- Rhea Ripley for Team NXT
RAW- 1, SD- 1, NXT- 2

Rhea Ripley shows her NXT armband after the win as she celebrates with Io Shira and Candice LeRea. She also shoves that band on Sasha’s face for a bit. Storm and Belair also join the others on the stage as Team NXT celebrates the big win.

We get the replay of Kevin Owens entering the WarGames match last night. Seth Rollins approaches Owens backstage and Rollins is worried about Owens’ loyalty with Team RAW. Owens tells him that NXT does not need him but RAW does. And that Rollins should be the last one to talk about loyalty as he was the one to break the Shield the first time.

Interbrand Champions Match- AJ Styles(RAW) vs Shinsuke Nakamura(SmackDown) vs Roderick Strong(NXT)

Nakamura stomps on Strong to start the match. He nails Styles with a few kicks and once again starts working on Strong. Styles comes on top as three of them tangle. Strong with a dropkick on Nakamura which sends him to outside. He hits Nakamura with a basement slide dropkick. Styles avoids a backbreaker from the apron. Nakamura and Styles work on Strong outside the ring. Nakamura gets better of Styles by unloading on him in the corner. Strong hits a backbreaker on Nakamura before locking him in backstretch submission.

Strong lets go of the hold and AJ comes back to put him in a sleeper hold. AJ then sends Strong into Nakamura as he charges. Styles then puts Strong in the sleeper and Strong takes him down. He starts fighting with both of them at the same time. A backbreaker on Nakamura and running forearms on Styles gets him two-counts. Styles now starts to rock both opponents with chops, kicks and forearm strikes. Strong whips him into Nakamura’s tackle. Nakamura hits Strong with a running knee but Styles breaks the pin.

Styles hits an inverted neckbreaker for two-count. AJ hits a fireman’s carry neckbreaker for two-count on Nakamura. Styles was going for the Styles clash but Roderick hits a dropkick from behind. Strong hits AJ with a backbreaker and a double underhook powerbomb for a two count. Strong hits a few chops on Styles and takes him to the top. He was going for the superplex but Styles slides out to get him in the electric chair position. Nakamura comes up and hits a dropkick on Strong from there. Nakamura was going for the Kinshasa on Strong when AJ grabbed his leg. Sami Zayn sends Styles into the ring post and Strong hits him with the running knee.

Styles stops Nakamura from hitting the Kinshasa with a flying forearm. AJ turns Roddy inside out with a spinning backfist. Nakamura suplexes Strong onto Styles. He hits the Kinshasa but AJ jumps on him to break up the pin. Nakamura and Styles have a standoff before they start brawling. AJ hits the Pele kick and Nakamura responds with a flying knee and a falcon arrow for a near fall. Nakamura avoids a Styles Clash but he can’t avoid the Phenomenal Forearm. Strong runs in and throws AJ out of the ring so he can cover Nakamura for the pin and the win.

Winner- Roderick Strong(NXT)
RAW- 1, SD- 1, NXT- 3

Daniel Bryan is warming up backstage when The Miz walks in. Miz admits they don’t like each other but he can’t stop thinking about the feeling The Fiend brought to the ring the other night. Miz goes on and says for their sake, for everyone’s sake, Bryan needs to take out The Fiend tonight. Bryan tells Miz to shut up and get out of his face.

Adam Cole(c) vs Pete Dunne – NXT Championship Match

Pete Dunne starts the match with the joint manipulation on Cole’s arms. They run the ropes a few times but Dunne still gets Cole down and once against start to use joint manipulation. He stomps on Cole’s wrist, which, according to the commentary team was broken last month against Matt Riddle. Dunne stomps on his elbow on the steel steps now. Cole hits a kick as Dunne returns to the ring. He stomps on Dunne’s taped knee and then hits the backbreaker. Dunne explodes out with a chop but Cole kicks on his knee again.

Dunne hits a suplex but is unable to capitalize. Both men get up and Dunne hits some open palm chops before a release German suplex and a sit-out powerbomb to get two-count. Cole moves out and Dunne hits a moonsault from the middle rope. Back in the ring, Cole kicks on the knee again. He goes for the suplex but Dunne lands on his feet and kicks on his head. Dunne hits the senton but Cole gets his knees up and hits the last shot. But it a near fall only. Cole jumps for the Panama Sunrise but Dunne moves away. They trade moves and Cole ends up hitting a running knee and a brainbuster for another two-count.

Cole runs for the last shot when Dunne ducks and locks his arm. Dunne hits the Bitter End but only gets a near fall. They start trading strikes. Dunne with chops, Cole hits a roundhouse kick, Dunne’s running moonsault is countered by a superkick for a near fall. Cole goes to the top for Panama Sunrise but Dunne moves out and hits the Bitter End once again for another near fall.

Dunne recovers and powerbombs Cole for another near fall. Both men try to hit a suplex on the apron but Cole’s back and Dunne’s knee, both give out. Cole hits the Panama Sunrise on the apron and both men crash to the floor. Dunne barely beats the 10-count and Cole hits him with a superkick as he returns for a near fall. He tries to grab his mouthguard but Cole steps on his hand. Dunne grabs Cole’s hand and snaps his fingers. Cole counters The Bitter End and hits The Last Shot for the pin and the win.

Winner- Adam Cole(retains NXT Championship)

The Fiend Bray Wyatt(c) vs Daniel Bryan- WWE Universal Championship Match

Daniel Bryan comes out to the ring for the match. The crowd is getting excited for the entrance of the Fiend. The Fiend enters with his severed head lantern in his hand and the Universal Title belt wrapped around his neck.

Daniel Bryan hits the running knee to start. He hits some kicks in the corner and was going for the running knee when the Fiend explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Wyatt removes his jacket now and gets to work on Bryan. He hits a running headbutt after a few punches. Wyatt throws Bryan out of the ring and sends him into the ring post. He hits a senton on the floor and brings Bryan back to the ring.

The Fiend slows the pace down after throwing Bryan into the ring post. He plants Bryan with an Urinagi. The action moves out of the ring once again. Wyatt hits a few punches. He charges but Bryan sends him into the steel steps. Bryan hits a suicide dive but the Fiend catches him. Bryan pushes him into the ring post and jumps on him from the top. Back in the ring, Bryan hits a couple of missile dropkicks from the top. But the Fiend is getting back up every time. Bryan hits him with the Yes! kicks.

The Fiend gets up. Bryan hits more kicks, but the Fiend gets up once again. Bryan finally gets Fiend down on this back. He hits the running knee but only gets two-count. Bryan goes to the top where the Fiend tries to get him into the Mandible claw. Bryan locks him in the armbar and hangs from the rope in that position. The referee forces him to lose the hold. Back in the ring, Bray grabs him for Sister Abigail but Bryan rolls him up for two. Bryan charges for the running knee. The Fiend catches him in the Mandible Claw and pushes him to his back for the pin.

Winner- The Fiend Bray Wyatt(retains WWE Universal Championship)

Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Rey Mysterio, asking about the WWE Title match tonight. Rey talks about his history with Brock Lesnar. He says Lesnar never changed but he did and he will do things to Lesnar tonight that the old Rey would never have done. Rey goes on and says he hopes his son Dominick is watching closely from home tonight as he uses his pipe to beat Lesnar and destroy him.

Men’s 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination Match

  • Team RAW- Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Ricochet, Randy Orton & Drew McIntyre
  • Team SmackDown- Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Mustafa Ali, Shorty G, Baron Corbin
  • Team NXT- WWE UK Champion WALTER, Damian Priest, Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, Tommaso Ciampa

Rollins, Ciampa, and Strowman start the match. Ciampa and Rollins had to team up on Strowman but still, he gets better of them with a running tackle. WALTER and Drew McIntyre come in and start teaming up on Strowman. They corner Strowman and keeps him under control. Walter decks McIntyre with a forearm and takes him out with a boot to the face. Strowman bulldozes over him and counters a German suplex from WALTER. WALTER dropkicks Strowman into the corner and hits a leg drop on McIntyre.

WALTER hits a tackle on Strowman. Drew nails him with the Claymore Kick to get the first elimination. The crowd has started booing as WALTER gets eliminated. Damian Priest comes in and takes it to McIntyre. Priest hits an enziguiri to McIntyre and sidesteps Strowman. Chad Gable tags in from Strowman while Ricochet comes in for Raw. Gable and Ricochet have a nice exchange. Gable locks in the ankle lock and ends up hitting a German suplex after some counters. Riddle gets the tag and trade mat wrestling maneuvers with Gable.

Ciampa tags in and kicks Gable in the face. Ricochet takes down both men before he tags Kevin Owens. Owens hits Gable with a Frog Splash for the pin. Reigns and Corbin argue until Owens superkicks Roman out of the ring. Owens and Riddle stare each other down while Reigns and Corbin have words over who comes in. Owens drops Reigns with a superkick while he argues with Corbin. Corbin eats a superkick from Owens on the floor.

Owens with a cannonball on Reigns into the barrier. Owens drops Corbin on the floor with a Stunner. He brings it in but Ciampa hits the second rope draping DDT on Ciampa for the pin. Owens has been eliminated. Ciampa and Randy Orton circle each other a bit before Randy goes for the RKO. Tommaso counters and almost hits the draping DDT. The Viper pulls him out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. Priest tags in and Orton hits both Ciampa and Priest with an RKO. Damian Priest gets eliminated.

Riddle comes in and rolls up Orton for the next elimination. The Viper makes him pay with an RKO. Corbin capitalizes with the cover for another quick elimination. Lee and Strowman come face to face but McIntyre hits Lee with a flying knee before anything else can happen. Braun runs around the ring and knocks over everyone with shoulder tackles. He takes a second lap and Lee runs into him to create a collision felt three states away. Strowman ends up being counted out.

Ricochet goes on a rampage against Corbin before he takes out Reigns with a dive over the top rope. The One and Only jumps right into End of Days from Corbin to give SmackDown another elimination. Ciampa, Ali, and Rollins are the legal men and they have a furious exchange. Corbin yells at Ali and the distraction allows Rollins to hit him with The Stomp to get another elimination. This causes an argument between Baron and Roman.

We are down to two men on each team. Ciampa kicks out after McIntyre hits the reverse Alabama Slam. Reigns Spears Drew out of his boots to get the pin. Rollins rolls up Roman for a two count. The Big Dog blocks a suicide dive and hits the drive-by dropkick. Ciampa spikes Reigns with the draping DDT. Corbin gets in the ring and takes Lee off the apron with a cheap shot to prevent a tag. He drags Reigns to the corner so he can tag himself in. The Big Dog hits him with a Superman Punch and Spear. Ciampa takes the opportunity to eliminate Corbin.

NXT has a 2-1-1 advantage now. Lee saves Ciampa from being power bombed through the announce table. After a lot of mayhem, Rollins eliminates Ciampa from the match. Lee comes into the ring and takes out both former members of The Shield. Seth makes a comeback and hits a superkick followed by a frog splash for a close two count. Lee counters The Stomp and hits the Jackhammer to get the pin and eliminate Rollins from the match. It’s down to Roman and Lee.

Roman connects with two Superman Punches but Lee kicks at the last possible second. The Big Dog sets up for The Spear. Lee pops him up for a huge powerbomb to get another close two count. Lee climbs to the middle turnbuckle for a moonsault. Reigns avoid it and hits a Spear for the pin and the win.

Winner- Roman Reigns for Team SmackDown
RAW-1, SD-2, NXT-3

After the match, Reigns stands tall as the SmackDown music hits. Reigns nods at Lee in a show of respect as he gets up to his feet. They show respect with a fist bump.

We get a pre-recorded promo with Becky Lynch where she sends warnings to Shayna Baszler and Bayley.

Brock Lesnar(c) vs Rey Mysterio – No Holds Barred Match, WWE Championship

As soon as the bell rings, Mysterio rolls out of the ring and grabs a lead pipe from under the ring. Brock gets out of the ring but smiles. Rey chases him back into the ring and Lesnar catches him with a clothesline. The pipe is thrown away after a couple of clotheslines. Lesnar also throws Rey out of the ring and over the announce table. He throws over Rey with a suplex. Rey is sent onto the table once again and then sent onto the ring post.

Lesnar takes his time to do his shoelaces and then goes for the F5. Rey counters and sends him into the ring post. Rey gets into the ring and tries to grab the pipe once again. Lesnar drops him on the pipe with a suplex. He continues to hit him with suplex after suplex. Rey’s son Dominic gets into the ring with a white towel. Brock refuses to let him throw in the towel for his dad. Mysterio hits Brock with a low blow from behind. Dom hits one, too.

Rey tees off with the pipe while Dominic grabs a chair and hits Lesnar with it. They hit the 619 together on Lesnar. Dominic hits a splash and Rey follows up. They both try to pin Lesnar but he kicks out at two. They want to try again and both climbs the turnbuckle again. But Brock grabs Dominic and hits a German suplex. He catches a flying Rey and hits the F5 for the pin and the win.

Winner- Brock Lesnar(retains WWE Championship)

Interbrand Women’s Champions match – Becky Lynch(RAW) vs Shayna Baszler(NXT) vs Bayley(SmackDown)

They stare at each other before starting. Shayna moves towards Becky and gets decked by Bayley from behind. Three of them continue to deck each other until Shayna throws away Becky. Shayna tackles down Bayley but Becky dropkicks both of them as they move outside the ring. Back in the ring, Becky hits a series of moves and kicks to Bayley. She misses a big leg drop. Bayley comes back and covers but Becky slides out.

Lynch knocks Baszler back down. Lynch goes to the top but Bayley cuts her off and sends her to the mat. The Man hits a flying forearm for a quick one count. Bayley misjudges a sunset flip into the corner. Shayna breaks up the pin and throws Bayley into the middle turnbuckle. She tries to stomp on Becky’s arm but Bayley pushes her away. Bayley stops her and suckers Baszler to trip him to the turnbuckle.

Becky returns to the ring and gets both of them to the corner. Baszler elbows her and Bayley throws her out of the ring. Bayley slams Becky’s head into the mat several times. She knocks Baszler off the apron as The Man gets back to her feet. Bayley hits a draping neckbreaker but Shayna is there to break up the pin. Lynch hits both women with Bexploders and DDTs both of them at the same time for a two count on Bayley. The Irish Lass Kicker locks in the DisArmHer but Baszler kicks her to break it up. Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly for a close two count.

Shayna attempts a gut-wrench suplex but Bayley counters and hits a running knee. Baszler picks up Bayley but Becky takes them both down with a dropkick from the top rope. Becky and Shayna trade punches until Bayley knocks them down with a crossbody. Shayna catches Bayley in her signature submission on the apron but Becky breaks it up and powerbombs Shayna for two.

Becky locks her in the DisArmHer but Baszler counters into her own hold. Bayley steps in but she lands hard on the apron and starts favoring her leg. Lynch hits a flying knee from the apron to Bayley before Shayna sends her into the barricade and the ring steps. The NXT champ powerbombs Lynch onto the announce table. Bayley comes out of nowhere to hit a clothesline. She brings Shayna back in but she ends up in the Kirifuda Clutch. After a long struggle, Bayley is forced to tap out. Shayna Baszler wins.

Winner- Shayna Baszler for NXT

After the match, Baszler exits the ring and stands on top of the announce table, posing and looking down at Lynch, who is still laid out. Baszler turns to leave the announce table but Lynch jumps up and knocks her down. Lynch drives Baszler onto the German announce table. Becky jumps off the top of the barrier and puts Baszler through the table now. Becky stands tall as her music hits. WWE Survivor Series 2019 goes off the air with Lynch raising her title and talking trash from the top of the announce table.

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