WWE SmackVille Results (Network Special) 27 July 2019

Welcome to the results and updates blog of WWE Network Special ‘Smackville’ on 27 July 2019 from Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

SmackVille WWE Network Special 27 July 2019
Kofi Kingston will defend the WWE Championship against Samoa Joe and Dolph Ziggler at WWE Network Special SmackVille

Tom Phillips and David Otunga welcome us to SmackVille. They announce that WWE put out a Tweet earlier today, informing that Finn Balor has been battling an injury and he won’t be cleared tonight to compete. It’s unclear whether Shinsuke Nakamura will compete tonight or not.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura enters, takes a microphone and says “No Finn. I win by forfeit.” He asks for the referee to begin the 10-count. As the referee gets halfway into the count, Ali’s music plays. He challenges to take Balor’s place instead.

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) defeated Ali to retain WWE Intercontinental Championship

Nakamura starts by putting Ali in a side headlock. He then pushes Ali and yells at him to “come on.” Ali fights back and then mimics Nakamura’ “come on”. Nakamura kicks Ali while he is on the apron, go outside to hit him with a knee in the face. Back in the ring, he hits the bad vibrations in the corner, lifts him up and lands him down face first. He gets a 1-count after a few knee strikes on Ali. Next, Nakamura puts Ali in a headlock who fights back. Both men are down.

As they get up, Ali goes for a few right hands and plants Nakamura face first. After getting hit with double knees to the chest, Nakamura gets back up and hangs Ali in the corner of the ring. He hits his signature sliding German Suplex. Ali goes for a satellite DDT and gets a two-count. After a few counters, Nakamura hits a Kinshasa and gets the pin.

Samoa Joe gets a backstage segment where he claims to put down Kingston and Ziggler tonight, and become the new WWE Champion.

Elias’ Performance

Elias is in the center of the ring. The production team messed up with his microphone and he gets an opportunity to yell at them. He starts playing some improv on his electric guitar. His usual promo follows where he mocks Tennessee Titans, saying they will never reach Superbowl. He wants to dedicate his first song to Shane McMahon which gets a loud boo from the crowd. He threatens to leave if the boos continue, which gets a loud cheer.

Then for a few minutes, he goes back and forth between the ropes and back to his seat to toy with the crowd. The crowd takes turns cheering and booing. He then gives in and starts playing the song which focuses on all the good qualities that Shane has. He stops midway and says that Shane is calling him. He answers it and says that the fans are not booing Shane.

He continues with his song and says that Shane will beat Kevin Owens at SummerSlam. It was the que for Kevin Owens to come out. KO starts playing one of his guitars. Elias runs to attack Owens but Owens counters. Owens grabs a microphone and asks Elias to “just shut his stupid face.” KO issues a match against Elias and the referee comes out to make it official.

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