WWE SmackVille Results (Network Special) 27 July 2019

WWE SmackVille Results Page 2

Kevin Owens defeated Elias

KO counters Elias to start the match and forces Elias out of the ring. Elias tries to hit Owens while he was still on the apron. KO punches him and Elias to fall off the apron. He goes outside to bring Elias back but Elias kicks Owens right in the face while Owens was heading back in. Elias does the Old School but KO counters it with a double knee takedown.

Both men go to the top rope. Elias tries to lift up Owens, Owens headbutts Elias and he falls to the mat. Elias gets up and goes back to the top rope. He jumps and hits the elbow drop. Owens counters and goes for a stunner to get the pin.

An interviewer discusses with Kingston about the match tonight backstage. He says that this does not bother him. He knows that he is going to walk to the ring as the champion and will leave Smackville as the champion.

Kofi Kingston (c) defeated Samoa Joe and Dolph Ziggler to retain the WWE Championship

Both Joe and Ziggler roll out of the ring to avoid Kofi’s attacks. Kingston is about to do a dive outside of the ring, but Ziggler grabs him from the outside. Ziggler and Joe start working together to wear down Kofi. Action gets back in the ring. Joe holds Kingston will Ziggler throws a hit. Kingston is able to get out of it with a headbutt to Joe. Kingston climbs to the top rope and lands a right on Ziggler and follows with a boom drop.

Joe makes it back to the ring to plant a Samoan Drop on Kingston. Joe then lifts Kingston up to the top turnbuckle. Kingston counters and Joe falls off. Ziggler now back in the ring plants a DDT on Joe. Kofi connects SOS on Ziggler and gets a 2-count. Joe and Kofi are battling outside the ring. Joe manages to take down Kofi and prepares the announce table. Both Joe and Kofi get back in the ring. Joe hits an elbow to get 2-count.

Joe tries to lock in the Coquina Clutch but Kofi counters it. Joe tries to go for it again, but Ziggler comes back into the ring and superkicks Joe. Ziggler goes for the pin but Kofi breaks the pin. Kingston and Ziggler start trading forearms until Ziggler hits the Zig Zags. Ziggler goes for the pin and but Kofi kicks out. Joe comes back in this and attacks Ziggler. Kingston lands a Trouble In Paradise on Joe and gets the pin.

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