WWE SmackDown Results November 24, 2023, Live Updates, Winners

Judgment Day vs Street Profits Tag team title bout November 24 SmackDown
Credits- WWE

Welcome to ITNWWE’s live results coverage for WWE SmackDown November 24, 2023 episode, which aired just a day before Survivor Series 2023 from the same location in Chicago.

Just one match was announced for the show where Judgment Day defended WWE Tag Team Championship against The Street Profits. Kevin Owens was set to be the special guest at Grayson Waller Effect talkshow segment.

What will be the next step for LA Knight against The Bloodline? Tune in below to find out as we cover complete updates and results.


  • Judgment Day(Finn Balor & Damian Priest)(c) defeated The Street Profits(Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.
  • LA Knight & Kevin Owens defeated Austin Theory & Grayson Waller in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince) defeated The Brawling Brutes(Ridge Holland & Butch) in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Damage CTRL(Asuka & Bayley) defeated Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair in a tag team match via pinfall.


The show opens with a recap of how women’s War Games challenge was thrown and Damage CTRL continued to target prospective members for Team Bianca before Becky Lynch finally joined them.

Is Team Bianca a Team?

Becky Lynch’s music hits and she is accompanied by her War Games teammates Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Shotzi. They get into the ring and Becky brings up how she is back on SmackDown after so long. She does not want to miss any chance to fight Damage CTRL. And what better place to do that than Chicago, and at War Games. Bianca says War Games is the perfect match for them because when Damage CTRL goes low in two rings and weapons, they will not go lower, but to war.

Shotzi goes unhinged and says Damage CTRL tried to humiliate her but they made her unbreakable instead. Flair has to throw in a couple of woos before she says it will be the end of Damage CTRL. Bayley’s music hits and she comes out to try to stir the pot between Becky and Flair saying how they used to bitch about each other. She tells Becky that her team called her as the last resort. Becky asks if Bayley thinks she and Flair can’t team up, then she challenges her for a tag team match for the main event tonight.

We get a recap of Cody Rhodes announcing Randy Orton as the fifth member of his team.

Bayley is backstage talking to the rest of Damage CTRL who are not happy with Bayley setting a match for tonight. Bayley tells them there’s no way Charlotte and Becky can co-exist. She asks about what team should face them. They end up deciding that it will be Bayley and Asuka teaming up.

Judgment Day(Finn Balor & Damian Priest)(c) vs The Street Profits(Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) – Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

Bobby Lashley is with B-Fab backstage to watch this match. Rhea Ripley is ringside in her team’s corner. A back-and-forth start before Ford takes over the offense against Balor. Priest tags in but Ford hits him with kicks and an enzuigiri. He clotheslines Priest to the floor. Balor tries to get involved but Ford sends him to the floor and hits a crossbody. He shows off and its costs him as Priest tackles him to send him flying over the announce table. Priest poses like Randy Orton to take us to a break.

Ford is fighting back against Priest with a series of punches. Priest hits a jumping kick to drop him. Priest misses a corner splash after this, but he quickly tags in Balor. Ford lands on his feet on a suplex and tags in Dawkins. Dawkins lands punches on Balor, knocks off Priest from the apron, hits a bulldog on Balor, hits spinning splash in the corner and then tackles Priest when he comes in. Ford tags in and hits a double team blockbuster on Balor. Balor manages to kick out.

Ford hits a kick on Priest from the apron and an enzuigiri on Balor. Balor comes back with a slingblade. Priest tags in to hit a leg drop, and Dawkins has to break the pin. The Profits hit revelation(spinebuster & cutter combo) on Priest but Balor breaks the pin. Dawkins is thrown into the ring post. Ford hits superkicks on both opponents. He gets to the top rope. Rhea runs a distraction before Balor trips Ford on the top rope. Priest hits a tombstone and Balor hits Coupe de Grace to get the pinfall.

Bobby Lashley is angry watching this from backstage.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair is complaining to Becky Lynch why she challenged Damage CTRL for a match tonight without discussing with her first. They argue for a while with Bianca Belair trying to cool them down. Becky asks Flair if she does not trust her, why did she call her in for War Games.

We get a video package for Dragon Lee, who says he grew up with a lineage and if he is not tough mentally, he is gonna perish. He is here to honor his family and he is the evolution of Lucha Libre.

Grayson Waller Effect with Kevin Owens

We know Kevin Owens is suspended from SmackDown, but Grayson Waller is out in the ring to welcome him to his talk show segment – Grayson Waller Effect. Owens’ music hits and Austin Theory makes his entrance dressed in KO’s shirt. Theory takes his seat but KO’s music hits once again. Owens makes his entrance this time and asks him what is going on. He informs them that their suspension was lifted today which he thought was due to this talkshow.

Waller says they were about to make jokes about him. KO says the joke is on them as he has never looked better. They bring up how he cost Theory a match against LA Knight two weeks ago and insulted them. KO says one should not take anyone’s name in WWE in vain. LA Knight’s music hits and he comes out to a great ovation.

Knight says Owens tried to warn them, but they got caught making fun of them. Knight says Waller can make excuses about losing to him. Waller says he can beat Knight. Waller and Theory say they should punch Knight and KO at the same time. But, it’s KO and Knight who punch them first. They clear the ring of Waller and Theory and all the props.

Austin Theory & Grayson Waller vs LA Knight & Kevin Owens

Owens starts with punches and chops on Waller. Waller tries to leapfrog but Owens stays back before catching him with another chops. Knight tags in continue the offense. He hits a suplex before Waller rolls to the floor. Knight slams Theory and Waller’s face on the announce table. Theory is sent into the ring post. Waller attacks Knight from behind. Waller and Theory are in control as we cut to a break.

Theory’s knee are on Knight’s neck against the turnbuckle as we return from the break. Knight fights back with punches when Waller tags in. He tags in Owens. KO knocks Theory off the apron before unloading on Waller. He runs over both opponents on the floor. He hits a cannonball on Theory on the floor. He hits a Swanton bomb on Waller in the ring for a close two-count.

Theory gets a blind tag. Waller blocks a stunner from KO and slips to the floor to trip Knight off the apron. Theory hits a beautiful drop kick on KO. They double team on KO for a near fall. KO is kept grounded now as Knight and Waller make quick tags. KO hits a kick to break free but Knight is kicked off the apron. Theory hits a blockbuster on KO to get a near fall. KO is cornered again. Theory hits a backbreaker. Waller goes for an elbow drop, but showboating costs him as KO moves away.

Knight gets the tag as Theory comes in from the other side. He hits punches and an atomic drop. He follows up with a DDT on Theory before an inverted power slam on Waller. He sets up both men in the corner to hit some stomps and a running knee. He hits a powerslam on Waller before an elbow drop. Theory breaks the pin attempt. KO comes in to help Knight and hits a stunner on Theory. Knight hits BFT on Waller to get the pinfall.

Carlito Or Escobar – Who is Rey Mysterio’s Family?

Carlito makes his entrance for a promo before the break. We see a video package of Santos Escobar turning on Rey Mysterio and how the storyline progressed last week. Carlito takes the mic and
He brings up how Escobar said terrible things about Mysterio last week and he had a message for Carlito as well. So, he will also reply Escobar in Spanish as he wants the message to be very clear.

Santos Escobar’s music hits and he comes out. Escobar says Carlito is not even representing LWO as he does not have a tattoo and asks how Mysterio is now his family. Carlito says Mysterio is always his family. Escobar says Mysterio was his family and his family is broken up because of Carlito. They continue to trade barbs until Carlito finally attacks him. They brawl for a while before WWE crew breaks them up. Escobar leaves. Carlito is held back by the crew. Escobar actually comes behind him from the crowd and jumps on him from the apron. We cut to a break with the crew members taking Escobar back.

After the break, Escobar is helped by a referee. Santos Escobar attacks him once again and beats him up for a while.

The Brawling Brutes(Ridge Holland & Butch) vs Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Elton Prince)

Before the match, we see how Butch hitting Holland with a Brogue kick accidentally left him them a defeat last week. Butch starts the match in anger and hits beats up Prince. Pretty Deadly try to double up but Holland drops them with a double shoulder tackle. The Brutes hit 10 Beats of Bothran simultaneously. Prince drops Butch on the ropes to stop the sequence. Holland continues with the blows but Pretty Deadly knock him off the apron.

Prince unloads on Butch in the ring. Butch hits an enzuigiri. He goes for a tag but Holland is on the floor. Holland leaves ringside and goes back. Pretty Deadly hit Butch with a double team move but he kicks out of the pin. Butch hits overhead chops on both opponents, kicks, suplexes, stomps and what not. He hits a running knee on Prince but he kicks out of the pin. Wilson gets a blind tag before Butch hits Prince with The Bitter End. Wilson comes in and gets the pin with a crucifix.

SmackDown GM Nick Aldis is backstage for an update on Carlito. He informs us that Carlito is hurt and can’t compete at Survivor Series. So, he is postponing his match against Escobar. Dragon Lee comes in asking for a chance to teach Escobar a lesson. Aldis agrees to it, and books Lee vs Escobar for Survivor Series.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs Damage CTRL(Asuka & Bayley)


Asuka has Becky under control as we return from the break. Becky tries tries to break free but Asuka corners her. Shots to midsection from Asuka to get her back to ground. Asuka toys with her with kicks to the face. Becky fires up with punches. She hits Bayley with a back elbow before fighting past Asuka to tag in Charlotte. Charlotte hits a double missile dropkick and big chops. Bayley is hit with a fallaway slam. Flair hits a handspring clothesline to get a two-count.

Asuka is booted off the apron. Flair hits a big boot when Bayley charges at her. She hits an enzuigiri in the corner before hitting another big boot. Asuka gets a blind tag and hits Flair with codebreaker when Flair is busy going for figure four on Bayley. Bayley hits an elbow drop as Asuka holds Flair. Becky breaks the pin. Flair kicks Bayley away to tag in Becky. She hits quick clotheslines, kicks in the corner and a double DDT to get a two-count on Bayley.

Becky hits a missile dropkick on Bayley to get a two-count. She puts on a disarmher. Asuka kicks at her to break the submission. Becky hits a belly to back suplex to block Roseplant. Becky hits the Manhandle Slam on Bayley. Asuka comes in to break the pin but Flair hits a spear on her. The spear eventually ends up knocking off the pin attempt. Becky and Flair get into an argument. Bayley attacks them from behind and rolls up Becky to get the pinfall.

Damage CTRL leave the ringside laughing at the opposite team. Becky and Flair continue to stare each other as Bianca and Shotzi come in. Becky leaves the ring.

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