WWE SmackDown Results February 9, 2024, Live Updates, Winners

Logan Paul WWE Smackdown February 9
Credits- WWE

WWE SmackDown episode of February 9, 2024 came just a day after WrestleMania XL kickoff event and the announcement of Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes 2.

The show featured Nick Aldis revealing Logan Paul’s challenger for United States Championship. Bianca Belair and Michin clashed in Elimination Chamber qualifier. Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate clashed with DIY(Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) in the match for #1 contender for tag team titles.

More buildup for Elimination Chamber 2024 event continued. Tune in below for the complete results from WWE SmackDown February 9, 2024.


The show opened with a recap of the WrestleMania XL Kick-off event featuring Cody choosing to face Roman, The Rock slapping Cody and then telling Triple H to “fix it”.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Chief Content Officer, came out to the ring to join SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis and RAW General Manager Adam Pearce. Triple H said it doesn’t matter where anyone sits at the head of the table, the decision comes from one place only and it’s him. He clarified that the main event of WrestleMania XL is Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns for WWE Championship. Then, he let Aldis and Pearce to announce that World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins would face the winner of Elimination Chamber. They introduced the 12 participants who would fight in qualifiers starting with Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles. Others are Logan Paul, Randy Orton, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, LA Knight, Bobby Lashley, Bronson Reed, Dominik Mysterio, Ivar and The Miz.

Drew McIntyre came out and said that everyone should thank him for putting some sense in Cody after a Claymore kick on RAW. He would now save World Heavyweight title by winning it from Seth Rollins.

Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles in the qualifier for Elimination Chamber match. LA Knight joined the commentary team. Drew hurt his knee before the break after missing a move. AJ worked on his leg and put him in a calf crusher after dodging a Claymore kick. Drew got to the ropes for the break before sending AJ in front of Knight on the commentary table. AJ ended up hitting Knight when he was dealing with Drew. Back in the ring, AJ put Drew in an inside cradle but the referee was dealing with Knight trying to get into the ring. AJ then decked Knight off the apron. Drew hit AJ with Claymore as he turned around to get the pinfall.

Sami Zayn got interviewed backstage and talked about how he was in the main event last year, but his Road to WrestleMania starts tonight against Randy Orton.

Pretty Deadly got a video where Wilson showed his injured hand. They vowed to show SmackDown what Pretty Deadly are.

We got a recap of Bayley choosing WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky to face at WrestleMania.

Bianca Belair defeated Michin in Elimination Chamber qualifier. Both women got a lot of offense. Michin hit Eat Defeat but Bianca bounced out to the floor after it. After Michin brought her back, Bianca countered Styles Clash with a back body drop and then hit KOD to get the pinfall.

Triple H was backstage with Bron Breakker, telling him that he was so proud of him for all the work he has been doing. Breakker asked for advice on offers from RAW and SmackDown. “The Wiseman” Paul Heyman came in. Triple H told Breakker to give them a minute before he asked Heyman what he wanted. Sensing Triple H is not in good mood, Heyman said he would come to talk to him next week, but he would also have The Tribal Cheif Roman Reigns with him and also The Rock.

Bayley came out to the ring and discussed how she put Damage CTRL above herself. But, for the past few months, she always found them laughing at her. Now, Iyo had to find consequences hard way at WrestleMania. Dakota Kai came out complaining about Bayley ghosting her. Bayley said Dakota was always with Iyo, Asuka and Kairi. Dakota said she thought that this situation would just blow over as Bayley’s plan of winning every title was working. Bayley then asked her to choose between Damage CTRL & her. Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane and Asuka came out. Dakota left the ring as Damage CTRL surrounded the ring. Dakota came back with a steel chair and scared them off the apron and forced them to retreat. Bayley and Dakota stood across in the ring to close the segment.

Randy Orton was interviewed backstage where he said the road to WrestleMania may be uncertain, but 3 letters are always constant – RKO.

Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate defeated DIY(Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) in a tag team match to become #1 contender for WWE Tag Team Championship. Both team got chance to showcase their talent. In the final moments, Bate took out Ciampa with a suicide dive before Dunne hit Bitter End on Gargano to get the pinfall.

Dominik Mysterio was interviewed backstage and said he would win World title at WrestleMania and would have matching titles with Rhea Ripley. Kevin Owens came in to inform him that he would be facing Owens in the Elimination Chamber qualifier. Dominik left. R-Truth came in calling KO “The Miz”. He warned KO to be vary of Nick. KO asked if Nick is Nick Mysterio. R-Truth said it is Nick Aldis.

Logan Paul came in complaining to Nick Aldis that they have put him in qualifying match instead of finding him a new challenger. Paul said he should be getting The Rock treatment where he comes in, smack people in the face and leaves in his private jet. After the rant, he agreed to be in the qualifier and asked who his opponent would be. Nick Aldis told him that it would be The Miz.

Randy Orton defeated Sami Zayn in Elimination Chamber qualifier. A back-and-forth match which ended with Orton countering Helluva Kick with RKO to get the pinfall.

Sami Zayn walked to the back dejected. Drew McIntyre came into the ring to stand opposite Randy Orton to close the show.

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