WWE Rumor Roundup- 19 June 2020: Vince on NXT, Ziggler, Beliar & More

WWE Rumors

Dolph Ziggler’s new brand, NXT updates for Vince McMahon, Bianca Beliar, Elias & The Undertaker in the latest WWE rumor roundup for 19 June 2020.

There are a few conflicting reports on Vince McMahon’s involvement with NXT. A few reports are saying that McMahon has taken some interest in the brand and we will see more main roster stars wrestling on the brand. Things like triple threat between Keith Lee, Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano for the North American Title and that match leading to Winner Takes All clash with Adam Cole is said to McMahon booking.

Some reports are saying that Vince has nothing to do with NXT at the moment and it remains to be Triple H’s show all and all.

Twitter Handle WrestleVotes is reporting that Dolph Ziggler is going to Raw as a trade for AJ Styles. AJ Styles was moved to SmackDown roster last month and has already become the Intercontinental Champion on the new brand. This will bring to an end of Ziggler’s angle with Mandy Rose and Otis.

FOX Network was not happy with Jeff Hardy’s urine angle last week on SmackDown which he threw on Sheamus. The report comes from Dave Meltzer On Wrestling Observer Radio who is giving this as the reason for the segment being edited off the west coast feed.

Dave Meltzer also said that Bianca Belair is not seen on RAW since WWE creative did not have anything for her. She was earlier shown with The Street Profits but she didn’t fit in with the recent segments between the Street Profits and Viking Raiders and had to be kept off.

Elias has posted on Instagram that there were plans for him to face The Undertaker at Super ShowDown 2019. That was until the Goldberg vs Undertaker match came along, which features in our worst matches list for all time.

Prior to that, The Undertaker interrupted Elias’ performance at WWE RAW on the post-WrestleMania episode of 2019. That segment would have served as the setup for their match in Saudi.


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