WWE RAW Results July 8, 2024, Live Updates, Highlights

WWE RAW July 8 2024
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WWE RAW July 8, 2024 episode will be live from the Canadian Capital of Ottawa to start the build-up for SummerSlam 2024 PLE. Jey Uso will take on Chad Gable in a singles match.

Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio will face LWO’s Rey Mysterio and Zelina Vega. Two trios matches have been announced for the show. Damage CTRL will face Lyra Valkyrie, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter. JD McDonagh, Finn Balor & Carlito will face Braun Strowman, R-Truth & The Miz.

We also expect to hear from CM Punk, while the build-up for Damian Priest vs Gunther might also start. Tune in below for the results from WWE RAW July 8, 2024 with live updates and highlights.


Punk & Rollins

CM Punk opens the show in the ring. He thanks John Cena for everything he did in WWE and wishes him well for his retirement. He talks about costing Drew McIntyre at Money in the Bank and how he is fined $25,000 but is glad that Drew is fined $50,000. He then says that Drew suffered the consequences of his own action as Punk had vowed to not let him walk out as the World Champion. He asked Adam Pearce to lift McIntyre’s suspension so that he can get his hands on him.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance. Rollins tells Punk, who moved to the commentary table, to get into the ring. Rollins says Punk also cost him the title. Punk replies that Rollins must understand what he did as Rollins is also a husband and a father. Rollins says Punk always has excuses, but he won’t let it slide. He promises that Punk would be back to shelf as soon as he gets cleared and says “Drew McIntyre”.

Backstage, Dominik Mysterio is talking to Adam Pearce to remove him from the mixed tag team match tonight. Pearce refuses to do so. Liv comes in after Pearce leaves. Dominik asks her why she is doing all this. Liv replies that she wants the real Daddy of The Mysterio Family.

Jey Uso vs Chad Gable

Gable gets quick takedown to start the match. Jey fires punches but Gable gets another takedown. They block hip tosses from each other before Jey finally throws Gable to the floor with it. Gable catches Jey’s suicide dive and hits a belly to belly suplex on the floor.

Jey fires punches as we return. He hits a Samoan drop to get a two-count. More punches before Jey hit an enzuigiri and a hip attack in the corner. Gable trips him on the top rope. Gable puts on the ankle lock when the lights starting to go down. Gable freaks out and lets go of the lock. Jey hits him with a spear to get the pinfall.

Jey exits the ring quickly after the match. Wyatt’s music starts to play as some fog takes over the ring. Sister Abigail appears in front of the commentary table. Gable runs to the back. Abigail puts another box on the commentary table before we cut to black.

Sheamus is getting interviewed backstage for completing 15 years in WWE. Bronson Reed comes in to interrupt him and says they should be talking about him rather than Sheamus. They argue for a while.

Pete Dunne vs Bronson Reed

Reed drops Pete with a big blow to the neck. Pete hits a boot from the corner before kicking him to the floor. He hits back-to-back moonsaults on the floor to take us to a break.

Reed is in control as we return. Pete starts to fight back and drops Reed with a running knee to get a two-count. Pete goes for some joint manipulation but Reed hits him with powerbomb for a near fall. Reed gets to the top rope. Pete joins him to put on Kimura lock, but Reed fights him off and drops him on the ropes. Reed hits Tsunami to get the pinfall.

Reed sells an arm injury as he sets up Pete for another Tsunami. Sheamus comes out and attacks Reed to force him to move out. Sheamus goes to celebrate with Pete, but Pete moves to the floor in anger. The commentator teases that there is a reason for animosity between the former stablemates.

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn meets Braun Strowman, The Miz and R-Truth backstage, warming up for their match.

Damian Priest is giving Judgment Day some pep talk when Seth Rollins comes in to have a word with him. Priest tells the stable to go ahead. Rollins says Priest got lucky on Saturday, but he kept his word for not letting anyone from Judgment Day getting involved. Rollins says he will also keep his word and not come after his title. Rollins then says he will need to do better at Summerslam if he wants to beat Gunther. Priest stops Rollins from leaving and tells him that Rollins can have another title shot once he deals with Gunther. After Rollins leave, Priest gets a phone call which answers with a smile.

Breakker Meets Sami

Sami Zayn comes out to the ring. He soaks in the ovation from the crowd. He says he is proud of standing in Canadian Capital city, representing his country as a champion. He says he is no longer an underdog after his win over Bron Breakker. He claims that he has earned respect for all his work in WWE so far. Bron Breakker makes his way out. He stares down Sami for a while before Sami asks him he is going to say anything.

Breakker says he wanted to look in the eyes of the man who defeated him. He distracts Sami with more talk before hitting a spear out of nowhere. Referees and crew members run out to the ring quickly. They take Breakker to the floor. Breakker then runs back and hits Sami with another spear on the floor. Ilja Dragunov runs out and shouts at Breakker while being kept apart by the crew. Dragunov goes to check on Sami on the floor while Breakker leaves to the back.

After the break, the medical team is checking on Sami backstage. Ilja Dragunov asks Adam Pearce to give him Bron Breakker. Pearce says he can have him tonight.

We cut to a recap of John Cena announcing his retirement.

JD McDonagh, Finn Balor & Carlito vs Braun Strowman, R-Truth & The Miz

Judgment Day comes out for the match. Awesome Truth follows them out. Judgment Day attacks them from behind and beat them up. Braun Strowman runs out and chases them around the ring. He ends up tackling Carlito into the barricade. The match starts in the ring. Awesome Truth pairing hit tBalor and McDonagh with Attitude Adjustments. Carlito is tossed into the ring by Strowman. R-Truth creates momentum against Carlito with Cena’s 5 moves of Doom. Balor breaks the pin to take us to a break.

Strowman gets the tag and tosses McDonagh around. Carlito also gets tossed to the corner when he comes in. McDonagh dodges a corner splash and tags in Balor. Strowman hits Balor with a chokeslam but McDonagh and Carlito break the pin. Strowman tackle them all. R-Truth and Strowman hit them all on the floor with double tackles. McDonagh throws a chair towards Strowman. Strowman chases him into the crowd. Balor hits R-Truth with a missile dropkick and follows it up with Coupe De Grace to get the pinfall.

Adam Pearce is talking to CM Punk backstage. He says while Punk did not start the fight against McIntyre, he did not stop it, and also make things worse. Pearce said he will try to talk to Drew McIntyre next week to find out he is in right frame of mind to do business. But, he wants Punk to be home next week so that things could go smoothly.

Liv Morgan is stretching Dominik backstage. Dominik resists but then starts to like it. The Rest of the Judgment Day comes in. Carlito gives him pops as Liv leaves. Damian Priest says Dominik should have ended it after all this time, and he should be ready for the consequences. Dominik fumbles as he tries to justify his stance and leaves. Finn Balor asks Priest about the news he was about to tell us. Priest says he will keep it to himself as it might get spoiled for Dominik.

Back from the break, we see the footage from the VHS tape. Bo Dallas talks to Uncle Howdy about setting the rest of the Wyatt Sicks free. He asks Uncle Howdy if he thinks that him and the rest of the Wyatt Sicks are sick. He replies that he does think so. Dallas replies, “then sick they will be.”

Chad Gable then goes to Adam Pearce and says Bo Dallas was referring to him in his videos. Pearce asks him to wonder why it is him. Gable goes away. Adam Pearce opens his office door and we see Bo Dallas sitting inside. We cut to a break.

We hear from Damage CTRL in a pre-recorded video. Iyo says Damage CTRL has to chance. Dakota says they were pushed aside by the like of Lyra, Kayden and Katana. Kairi says they will clips Lyra’s wings and dance over Katana and Kayden.

Bron Breakker vs Ilja Dragunov

Breakker counters Dragunov with a German suplex to start the match. He hits some knee strikes. Dragunov answers with a German suplex. Breakker comes back with a clothesline. Dragunov replies with a couple of chops. Breakker hits a powerslam to take us to a break.

After the break, Breakker hits a spinebuster and fires some forearms. Dragunov hits a kick to the back of his head and follows it up with a running knee. Dragunov gets to the top rope. Breakker meets him up there. Dragunov slips down and picks him up to hit a powerbomb. Dragunov hits a senton from the top rope to get a two-count. Breakker counters The H-Bomb with a jumping knee. He drops Dragunov on his knees from the Gorilla Press. Dragunov counters but misses a missile dropkick. Breakker clotheslines him to the floor. He runs around the ring to get caught by Dragunov’s boot. Breakker tosses a chair at Dragunov to cause a disqualification.

After the match, Breakker continues to beat up Dragunov. Sami Zayn runs out to attack Breakker and forces him out of the ring. He goes to check on Dragunov when Breakker pulls him out and sends him into the ring post and then over the announce table. Dragunov recovers and fights Breakker. Breakker throws him over the announce table also. He stands on top of the table and screams as the segment comes to an end.

Damian Priest cuts a pre-recorded promo where he says that he did not ask for any interruptions in his match, but they happened. He claims that every champion in WWE has had some controversy in the last few months. He claims that he will walk in and out of Summerslam as the champion, and he has no problem saying this to Gunther’s face if he shows up to RAW.

Pat McAfee and Micheal Cole review the stretching segment between Liv and Dominik in slow motion.

After the break, Pat McAfee got the crowd to sing happy birthday to a cameraman who has been working in WWE for 25 years.

We get a recap of Xavier Woods defeating Karrion Kross last week and how The Final Testament attacked Kofi after the match, which has led to an injury. Kross cuts a promo talking about injuring Kofi and says everyone’s time comes to an end, just as it is coming to an end for John Cena. He gives Woods props for beating him last week.

Damage CTRL(Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai & Kairi Sane) vs Lyra Valkyrie, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

All 6 women start to brawl as the bell rings. Kairi and Kayden are the ones left in the ring. Kayden hits her with a hip toss. Kai comes in and Kayden hits another hip toss. Katana and Kayden double team on Kai. Kai hits Katana with a chest slap. Lyra, Katana and Kayden work in triple team against Kai. Lyra hits a leg sweep and a dropkick to get a two-count. Iyo and Kairi try to save Kai but gets sent to the floor to hit with dives.

Katana is trying to tag out as Damage CTRL are in control. She skips past Iyo to tag in Lyra. Lyra hits punches and a step-up enzuigiri on Iyo before hitting a gutwrench powerbomb for a close two-count. Everyone starts to come into the ring and the faces hit a triple suplex. Lyra hits Kai with a suplex before Kayden and Katana hit a double team dive. Damage CTRL work their way into the match. Kairi is launched into Lyra and Katana on the floor. Kai stomps on Kayden before Iyo hit Over the Moonsault to get the pinfall.

Just as Damage CTRL were celebrating, Sonya Deville, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark attacked them. They beat up Damage CTRL. Zoey hit Iyo with a superkick. Shayna hits her with a ripcord knee and Sonya hits Devile’s advocate.

Zelina Vega and Rey Mysterio are getting interviewed. Zelina said Dominik cost her the title last week. Rey says it is a pleasure to team up with Zelina. They claim to shut Dom and Liv up.

Sonya Deville, Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler are interviewed backstage. They say they have sent a message to the entire locker room that they run the division. Sonya says Damage CTRL is an example of people who think they run the division. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn come in and says it is their division as long as they are champions.

We hear from Gunther in another recorded video. Gunther says his name strikes fear in everyone’s hearts. He claims to become the World Heavyweight Champion soon. He says he was not a fanboy and always knew that winning was everything. He restored honor and prestige to this great sport which will be line at Summerslam.

Liv Morgan & Dominik Mysterio vs Rey Mysterio & Zelina Vega – Mixed Tag Team Match

Rey and Dominik start the match. Dominik hits a kick and some punches. He whips Rey across the ring but Rey avoids a corner splash. Rey hits punches from the second rope. Dominik trips him. Rey counters and tags in Zelina. Zelina sends Dominik to the floor before Liv beats her up. Zelina turns it around and hits several punches and a bulldog. Dominik gets into the ring. Rey hits him with a dropkick to trip him into Liv’s groin. Dominik gets out of the ring quickly. Liv saves him from meteora from Zelina which lands on Liv herself. Rey dives on Dominik to take him down as we cut to a break.

Dominik is in control against Rey as we return. Dominik tries to unmask Rey but has to resort back to punches. He unloads with more punches on the mat. Dominik puts on a side headlock. Rey hits elbows to break free. Dominik hits a Michinoku Driver to get a two-count. Rey hits a back body drop and tags in Zelina. Zelina hits several clotheslines on Liv. She hits a running knee and a hurricanrana. Zelina hits a Meteora for a two-count. Liv blocks the Code Red and hits a kick to midsection. Liv hits three amigos and shimmies likes Eddie to mock Rey. Zelina blocks the Oblivion. Liv hits a clothesline.

Tags to Rey and Dominik. Rey hits a hurricanrana and a seated senton. He rolls through the sunset flip to hit a big kick. Dominik hits a suplex before Rey sets up 619. Dominik catches him but Zelina hits him with 619. Rey hits a frog splash but Liv breaks the pin. Zelina hits 619 on Liv. Liv throws Zelina into the ring post on the floor. Rey sets up Dominik on the top rope. Liv slides in a chair to distract the referee. Liv trips Rey on the ropes. Dominik hits a frog splash to get the pinfall.

Dominik is so happy for beating his father. He hugs Liv who then takes him to the mat. They were about to kiss when Rhea Ripley’s music hit and she makes her entrance. Liv Morgan runs into the crowd. Rhea chases her until the timekeeper’s area. Rhea then confronts Dominik in the ring. Dominik wants to hug Rhea who gets out of the ring. Dominik follows him to backstage.

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