WWE RAW Results January 8, 2024- CM Punk, Cody-Nakamura Updates

CM Punk segment WWE RAW
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WWE RAW episode of January 8, 2024, was episode #1598 of Monday Night RAW series. The show aired from Moda Center in Portland, OR.

CM Punk was advertised to return to the show. Cody Rhodes and Shinsuke Nakamura were set for a rematch after their last match ended in a disqualification. Women’s tag team title match saw Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defend against Chelsea Green & Piper Niven.

Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa clashed in a singles match. Kofi Kingston vs Ludwig Kaiser, and JD McDonagh vs The Miz were announced as “attraction” matches. The buid-up for Royal Rumble 2024 also continued. Tune in below for the results and important updates from the show.


Drew McIntyre was in the ring as the show started. He talked about losing World title match to Seth Rollins last week after coming too close and blamed Damian Priest trying to cash in MITB. He said he had done everything to try to win the title, but may be he needed to get away and return after 9 years like CM Punk. Punk came out hearing this. Drew brought up how he needed a leader during his first run, but Punk never helped him out and called him a demon. Punk replied that he is not a demon, but when pushed he is a Satan himself. They argued over Royal Rumble match before Punk said he would win Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania, and nobody could stop him.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Finn Balor in a singles match. As the match got into the final minute, Damian Priest tried to interfere. Gargano tried to block him. After a fight at the ringside, Balor caught Ciampa as he was returning to the ring. Gargano then pulled Balor’s leg from outside to allow Ciampa to roll up Balor to get the pinfall.

Becky Lynch was interviewed backstage where she said she went backstage last week on her own feet, so, may be Nia Jax is getting weaker, or she is getting stronger.

Kofi Kingston vs Ludwig Kaiser ended in a double countout as they continued to fight on the floor. They continued brawling after the match with Kaiser throwing a chair at Kofi’s face. Kaiser teased leaving to the back, but ran back to hit a dropkick on Kofi’s head against the steel steps.

Nia Jax was getting interviewed by Michael Cole in the ring. As Jax claimed that there was no man or woman that can stop her, Rhea Ripley made her way out. Rhea reminded how she eliminated Nia from Royal Rumble last year. Nia claimed that Rhea was scared of facing her in a singles match, but she would not have a choice when she would win Royal Rumble and chose her to face at WrestleMania.

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter defeated Chelsea Green & Piper Niven to retain WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Close pin break-ups from both sides during the match. Chelsea had hit a leg lariat on Cater, but the referee was to count the pin and it was kicked out. Piper and Chelsea set up Carter for a Vader bomb, but Chance pulled her out, putting Chelsea in her place. Piper hit Chelsea with the Vader bomb inadvertently. Carter hit Piper with Codebreaker to take her out. Chance and Carter hit assisted kickstand to get the pinfall on Chelsea.

Cody Rhodes was getting interviewed backstage when Shinsuke Nakamura attacked him to start a brawl. After the break, we were told that their match is turned into a street fight now.

A vignette aired for R-Truth where he talked about his time in Judgment Day. We saw R-Truth being edited into several of Judgment Day pic and videos, replacing JD McDonagh several times. JD McDonagh was livid with it, but Priest said he would take out R-Truth when he would like.

The Miz defeated JD McDonagh in a singles match. R-Truth and Dominin Mysterio were at ringside with R-Truth cheering JD during the match. Miz’s suicide dive took out JD and Dominik on the floor before Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale to get the pinfall.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins came out to the ring talking about going into WrestleMania as the World champion for the first time. Without taking CM Punk’s name, Rollins said he would never get the chance to face him with RAW roster being so stacked. Jinder Mahal interrupted Rollins and asked how did he dare to overlook a former champion like him. Rollins replied that they had been purposely ignoring Jinder. Jinder attacked Rollins to start a brawl, but Rollins fought back quickly.

Ivar defeated Otis in a singles match. Otis had more offense in the match. He caught Ivar’s crossbody to hit World’s Strongest Slam. Ivar hit a spinning heel kick and a moonsault to get the pinfall.

Jey Uso was interviewed backstage when Bronson Reed interrupted him.

Cody Rhodes defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in a Street Fight. Cody ducked when Nakamura spit the Red mist which caught the timekeeper instead. Nakamura put Cody through a table with a suplex, but Cody was able to kick out of the pin. Cody made a comeback in the match before Nakamura missed kinshasa to go through a table. Cody hit Crossrhodes to get the pinfall.

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