WWE RAW Results February 12, 2024, Winners, Live Updates

WWE RAW February 12 Elimination Chamber Qualifiers
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WWE RAW episode of February 12, 2024 featured build-up for Elimination Chamber Perth event with qualifying matches for Chamber matches.

Bobby Lashley came from SmackDown to face Bronson Reed for men’s Chamber match. Similarly, LA Knight also arrived from the blue brand to face Ivar in another qualifier. Liv Morgan returned to action to face Zoey Stark in the women’s qualifier.

New Day teamed up with Jey Uso to take on Imperium’s Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. R-Truth and JD McDonagh clashed in a rematch in Judgment Day Civil War match. Tune in below for complete results from WWE RAW February 12, 2024.


New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) & Jey Uso vs Imperium(Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci)

New Day and Jey start strong. Imperium used distraction tactics to attack Jey from behind going into the first commercial. Kofi ran hot after the commercial. Imperium ultimately took him down and cut him off in the corner for a long time. Gunther knocked Jey off the apron before putting Kofi in the Boston Crab. As Gunther was talking trash and mocking Jey, it prompted Jey to come in and slap Gunther. This took us to the second commercial. Jey got the hot tag after the second commercial. He kept up with the attack for a while. Gunther finally cut him off with a lariat and a powerbomb for a near fall. Jey caught Gunther with a spear only for Vinci to break the pin. Vinci tagged in and New Day took down other two men on the outside. New Day hit 1D on Vinci before Jey hit a Usos splash to get the pinfall. Jey Uso & New Day def. Imperium.

We cut to a recap of WrestleMania XL kick-off event.

Andrade featured in a video recapping his previous stint in WWE and becoming NXT Champion and United States Champion.

Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed – Men’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier

Reed started with big shots before Lashley slipped off a body slam. Reed blocked Hurt lock before some more offense from Lashley. He found himself on the end of a tackle on the floor to be sent into the timekeeper’s area. Lashley took control after the break before Reed hit a suplex. They both hit chokeslams before Reed hit a senton. Lashley avoided Tsunami before hitting a spear to get the pinfall. Lashley def. Reed.

Jackie Redmond sat down for another interview in the empty arena before the show. Sami once again started to talk about how he has to believe in himself to become WWE Champion. He was interrupted through big screen by Shinsuke Nakamura who said Sami just want to stay in the spotlight.

Cody Rhodes Speaks

Cody Rhodes came out to the ring and thanked the fans for getting behind him and trending him name for a week. He then recapped how The Rock termed “Cody Crybabies” at Pat McAfee show. He said The Rock’s voice is no longer The People’s Voice but he had malevolence. He cleared that he never disrespected The Rock’s family, but he still slapped him. He said Rock should not think that he would not slap him back.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins came out and told Cody that he understood why he chose to face Roman. He told Cody to finish his story. But then, he started to talk if Cody failed to win the title this time, Roman would make even less appearances and it would become impossible to take the title away from him. So, Rollins asked what is Cody’s plan because he now has to deal with The Rock also on top of Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman. Rollins said but Cody is not alone, and he is tired of pricks like The Rock and Roman Reigns who think they could do anything. Rollins pointed that Cody said he wanted to take everything from Roman, he felt that. Rollins added that he is responsible for Roman becoming what he has become today, so, he would like to be Cody’s Shield.

Backstage, New Day and Jey Uso were with Cathy Kelley where it was informed that Jey Uso would get his shot at Intercontinental Championship.

Liv Morgan vs Zoey Stark – Women’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier

Before the match, Stark got a promo saying that this was not the start of Morgan’s revenge tour. We also got comments from Morgan in inset before she started on a strong note. Quick action from both women before Stark hit a Death Valley Driver to take us to a break. The action continued after the break until Morgan dodged a moonsault and hit Oblivion to get the pinfall. Morgan def. Stark.

R-Truth vs JD McDonagh

Backstage, R-Truth and JD were arguing about whether JD was in Judgment Day. Damian Priest told R-Truth that they had enough of his jokes and that tonight would be his execution.

JD took control of the match after the initial burst from R-Truth and kept control heading into the break. R-Truth created momentum with John Cena’s 5 moves of doom. McDonagh rolled up R-Truth to cut off his momentum before hitting The Devil’s Inside to get the pinfall. JD McDonagh def. R-Truth.

Judgment Day hugged in the ring before they tried to attack R-Truth. R-Truth dealt with Finn Balor, Dominik and JD before Priest nailed him with a forearm. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa ran out to save R-Truth.

Becky Lynch, Nia Jax & Rhea Ripley

Becky Lynch came out to the ring and talked about the sacrifices in her personal life she had to made for her career, talking about her daughter and therefore, she had to win the title that she has not held for two years now. Nia Jax came out and fake cried for Becky before changing his tune to claim that she would beat Rhea Ripley at Elimination Chamber.

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley ran out and took down Nia with a double-leg takedown. Nia was able to trap both Rhea and Becky in the corner to hit a splash. Becky then hit a missile dropkick to send Nia out of the ring and stood tall in the ring with Rhea.

Cody Rhodes met Sami Zayn backstage to thank him for his help in dealing with Shinsuke Nakamura and Drew McIntyre last week. He also told Sami and he also believes in him becoming WWE Champion.

LA Knight vs Ivar – Men’s Elimination Chamber qualifier

Valhalla was in Ivar’s corner for the match and diverted Knight’s attention to allow Ivar to take control early. Knight came back with a DDT to start a back-and-forth sequence. Knight dodged a bronco buster before Valhalla distracted him once again to allow Ivar to hit a spinning heel kick. Knight then dodged Moonsault and hit BFT to get the pinfall. Knight def. Ivar.

A last chance Battle Royal is announced for the last spot in women’s chamber match. Chelsea Green came to Adam Pearce to be asked to be put in the Battle Royal when Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell were also doing so. Chelsea threw a tantrum when told that nothing was final.

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Sami used a low bridge to send Nakamura out of the ring heading into the first break. Nakamura beat up Sami after the break for a while. Sami send him to the floor and hit him with a splash. After the second break, Sami countered Kinshasa with a Blue Thunderbomb. Nakamura slipped to the floor to avoid Helluva kick and sent Sami into the ring post. Sami came back with an exploder. Drew McIntyre ran out to distract Sami and stop him from hitting Helluva kick. Nakamura hit Sami from behind and hit Kinshasa to get the pinfall. Nakamura def. Zayn.

After the match, Drew and Nakamura beat up Sami before Cody Rhodes ran out and hit them with Crossrhodes.

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