WWE RAW Live Results & Updates- 24 February 2020

Garza trips Carrillo at the top turnbuckle. He rips off his pants and hits a back suplex & superkick for two-count. Carrillo turns an arm-twist into an elevated arm drag. Another arm drag sends Garza out but he catches Carrillo with a superkick when he dives. Garza works on Carrillo’s arm for a bit. They end up on the apron and both hit each other with superkicks and big boots. Carrillo stomps on Garza for a while. Garza hits a moonsault as we go to another break now.

Garza hits an elbow but Humberto hits Spanish fly out of nowhere for a close count. They go to the top and Garza hits the Spanish fly from there for a near fall for him. A roundhouse kick from Carrillo gets him two-count now. They trade a few pin attempts until Garza gets the pin.

Winner- Angel Garza

The commentary team hypes the contract signing for the Elimination Chamber match for WWE RAW Women’s Championship. We get the replay of Becky Lynch being bitten by Baszler. She is now shown backstage.

Ricochet vs Luke Gallows

Ricochet is making his entrance for his match. After the break, we see AJ Styles making an entrance with The OC. Luke Gallows asks Styles and Anderson to go back from the ramp and wants to take care of Ricochet himself.

Ricochet starts quick and a dropkick sends Gallows out of the ring. The suicide dive follows but Gallows runs him over with a big boot when they return to the ring. Gallows is in control now. He hits an elbow drop and a backbreaker in between the blows. The blows continue for a minute or so and Gallows finally puts him in a chin lock. Paul Heyman is watching the match from backstage.

Ricochet hits a jawbreaker and then blocks the suplex with some innovation. Gallows drops to his knees after a few kicks. Ricochet batters him with quick moves and a few chops. He hits the springboard crossbody to get two-count. He tries to pick Gallows in the fireman’s carry but Gallows is too big for him. Ricochet hits the recoil and follows with the 630 splash to get the pin.

Winner- Ricochet

AJ Styles stops Gallows and Anderson from arguing backstage. He talks it being the WrestleMania season and them being on the top of the food chain. Aleister Black passes by and Styles gets him into an argument. The OC start beating Black and go on for some time. They leave him on the ground as we go to a break.

Brock Lesnar comes out with Paul Heyman. Heyman starts hyping up Lesnar. He says Lesnar has become a champion whenever he wanted to reign over us. He also says that suplex city does not take place every night and that’s why it becomes an event. One such event will take place on Thursday with Ricochet. As the crowd boos, Heyman goes on the rampant for the possibilities of Ricochet winning the WWE Championship from Lesnar. But that will never happen and “Then, Now and Forever,” Brock Lesnar is going to be the champion. They leave the ring after the match and Lesnar gets over the announce table to pose with the title.

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