WWE RAW July 10, 2023 Preview & Match Card

Drew McIntyre & Matt Riddle vs Imperium WWE RAW July 10
Drew McIntyre & Matt Riddle vs Imperium WWE RAW July 10, Credits – WWE

WWE RAW episode of July 10, 2023, will continue the build-up towards SummerSlam 2023 PLE, featuring a face-off between Logan Paul and Ricochet as well as a No DQ match between Tommaso Ciampa and The Miz.

Cody Rhodes will deliver a message for Brock Lesnar. Becky Lynch takes on Zoey Starks while Drew McIntyre & Matt Riddle will take on Imperium in a tag team match. A graduation ceremony is also planned for Maxxine Durpi. Check below for the complete preview and match card for WWE RAW July 10, 2023 episode.

Cody Sends a Message to Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes won another round against Brock Lesnar last week when he hit him with Cody Cutter. He is now set to send Lesnar another message as he seeks another match against him. What more does the American Nightmare has to say to Lesnar? There is a rumor that there will be a new stipulation in their trilogy match. What will it be?

McIntyre & Riddle vs Imperium

Drew McIntyre made his WWE return at Money in the Bank and took out Intercontinental Champion Gunther as his first act. He followed it up by more interference in Imperium business as he saved Matt Riddle from them. Riddle then asked him to team up for a tag team match against Imperium. Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser will now team up to take on McIntyre and Riddle.

Ricochet Calls Out Logan Paul

Logan Paul and Ricochet were part of some iconic moments at Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank. Ricochet has now called out Logan for a match, but he wants to challenge him face-to-face. So, will Logan come to RAW this week to accept Ricochet’s challenge?

Judgment Day Infighting

Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest seemed to have laid a good trap for World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins for MITB cash-in. However, Finn Balor coming in allowed Rollins to get away. This was the first time that Balor and Priest were having issues with each other. Priest was mad when Balor came ringside during his title match against Rollins a few weeks. Priest teasing to cash-in MITB briefcase just hours after winning it led to more tension between Balor and Priest. Was last week’s act from Balor the tipping point for Judgment Day’s harmony?

Ciampa vs Miz – No Disqualification Match

Tommaso Ciampa returned to RAW three weeks back and beat Miz in a singles match after answering to his open challenge. Miz hit back two weeks back by attacking Ciampa on the floor before their match. Ciampa has now called for No Disqualification match to settle this rivalry. Who comes out triumphant here?

Becky vs Zoey

Now that Money in the Bank was over, Becky Lynch called out Trish Stratus for a rematch. But Trish revealed that she was not cleared medically. So, Becky called Zoey to face her instead. The match will go down this week on RAW. Will Becky take revenge from Zoey to cost her the match against Trish at Night of Champions?

Maxxine Dupri Graduation

Maxxine Dupri has proven in the last couple of weeks that Alpha Academy training is working and she can hold onto her own in the ring also. Coach Chad Gable and Otis have now planned a graduation ceremony for Maxxine now that Dupri is passing out of her class. Will The Viking Raiders try to ruin this celebration?

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