WWE Officially announced Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose For Intercontinental Championship At Tlc 2018

Seth Rollings vs Dean Ambrose TLC 2018
Seth Rollings vs Dean Ambrose TLC 2018

Following the statement of Roman Reigns that, he would be leaving WWE for a while to battle against leukemia. Dean attacked Seth Rollins, and break the Shield.
WWE Fans were very shocked, and Seth Rollins was also shocked, and Seth Rollins wants the reason, Why Dean Ambrose attacked.
Next week Monday Night Raw Dean Ambrose reveals the reason, Why he attacked Seth Rollins.
Ambrose said that he used to think that The Shield made me stronger but the truth is The Shield made me weaker, Roman and Rollings made me weaker. The burden of being there for the brothers made me weaker. After explaining his action, he burned his Shield jacket in the fire.

After all the action WWE officially fixed the match at TLC 2018 for the Intercontinental championship.

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