WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Results Live, Breakker vs Waller

NXT Vengeance Day 2023 Results
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WWE NXT Vengeance Day returned to PPV/PLE in 2023, and we were here to cover the event with complete results and live updates on February 4, 2023.

After airing as a TV special in 2022, the event aired from Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC, and was headlined by a Steel Cage NXT Championship match between Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller. After Waller won the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline, they clashed at New Year’s Evil where Breakker won the match via count-out. NXT Head Shawn Michaels then announced their rematch would be a steel cage match at Vengeance Day.

Apollo Crews and Carmelo Hayes fought in 2-out-of-3 falls match. Roxanne Perez had to face both members of Toxic Attraction in Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin in a triple threat match to defend NXT Women’s Championship. Wes Lee had a new title challenger in Dijak for the North American Championship.

New Day had put their title on the line in a fatal 4-way tag team match where Gallus(Wolfgang & Mark Coffey), Chase U(Andre Chase & Duke Hudson), and Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Prince Elton) were involved. The women’s Tag Team title match was also contested as Kayden Carter & Katana Chance defend their titles against Fallon Henley & Kiana James.

check below for complete results from WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2023 event with live updates, winners, highlights, and complete action.


  • Wes Lee(c) defeated Dijak in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • Fallon Henley & Kiana James defeated Kayden Carter & Katana Chance(c) in a tag team match via pinfall to win NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Apollo Crews in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match by 2-0.
  • Gallus(Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) defeated New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)(c), Chase U(Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) and Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Prince Elton) in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match via pinfall to win NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Roxanne Perez(c) defeated Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin in Triple Threat match via pinfall to retain NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Bron Breakker(c) defeated Grayson Waller in a Steel Cage match via pinfall to retain NXT Championship.


Kick off pre-show is live now. We are told the main event steel cage match between Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller can only be decided via pinfall or submission. We are also told that Breakker and Waller are kept separate backstage and even stayed in different hotels. Yesterday, NXT Anonymous posted an altercation between Carmelo Hayes and Apollo Crews.

We also get a backstage segment where Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen give a pep talk to Kiana James and Fallon Henley.

The main show is live now. Charlotte Flair narrates the opening video introducing all the matches and competitors on the show.

Wes Lee(c) vs Dijak – NXT North American Championship

Both men stay back for a while after the bell. They lock up and Dijak pushes Lee down to the mat. Dijak tells Lee to just give up. Lee puts on a chin lock. Dijak hits a shot to the midsection before a shoulder tackle. The crowd gets behind Lee as he baits Dijak into a kick. Lee dodges a few attacks before sending Dijak into the turnbuckle with a hurricanrana. Dijak fights off Lee before Lee hits another hurricanrana. Dijak moves to the floor and Lee hits a him with a dropkick through the ropes.

Dijak hits a Death Valley Driver on the floor to come back into the match. Dijal unloads as they return to the ring to get a two-count. He hits a few stomps before throwing Lee with a suplex. Lee jabs at midsection and hits an uppercut. Dijak catches his crossbody and throws him out of the ring. Lee is thrown into the barricade a few times. Dijak hits more stomps as they return to the ring. He hits a few back elbows in the corner.

Dijak hits a corner splash. He misses a second one and falls to the floor as Lee sidesteps. Lee hits a punch to the midsection before Dijak nails a shot. Lee hits a spinning kick before unloading to midsection. After a whip to the corner from Dijak, Lee hits a superkick to the back before he attempts and hits a bridging German suplex to get a two-count. They fight on the apron now. Dijak goes for a Death Valley driver but Lee blocks it and hits a back body drop.

Lee hits a handspring dive on Dijak on the floor. He goes for another handspring but Dijak catches him. Lee hits a Poisonrana and a small package driver to get a near fall. Lee misses a senton but hits a superkick. Dijak hits back with a chokeslam but Lee kicks out. Dijak puts on a crossface chickenwing to fade out Lee. Lee tries to get to the ropes but Dijak keeps him away. Lee tries to break free but Dijak gets him to the mat and adds body scissors to it.

Lee starts to gets up after a few seconds. Dijak goes for Feast to Eye now, but Lee rolls him up. Lee lands on his feet on Feast to Eye once again and nails a superkick. Dijak starts to laugh as he gets up. Lee runs into a big boot but kicks out of the pin. Dijak hits a superkick and lariat for another near fall. Dijak takes Lee to the second rope now. Lee counters a powerbomb with a hurricanrana from the second rope. Lee hits a tornillo from the top for another near fall.

Lee hits a suicide dive but Dijak ends up sending him into the barricade. Dijak puts Lee on a chair and traps his hands using a stick. Dijak nails a superkick. He goes for a senton, but Tony D’Angelo and Stacks save Lee by taking that senton. Dijak takes Lee back to the ring, where Lee hits him with a handspring Pele kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Wes Lee

In a backstage interview, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter rub off any issues with their unorthodox opponents and say they have faced them all during their reign as Women’s Tag Team Champions, which is the longest for these titles so far.

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance(c) vs Fallon Henley & Kiana James – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Carter and Chance come out through the crowd. James and Carter start the match. Carter starts with a waistlock takedown. James hits a kick to midsection before throwing Carter to the floor. Carter kicks at Jensen on the floor. She hits a body slam on the floor. Chance and Carter double team before Henley is tagged in. Henley and James are not able to perform double team attacks. Chance and Carter take advantage of this.

Chance and Carter brings down Henley with double-team work and hit her with stereo splashes. Henley fights back and tags in James. James hits Chance with quick attacks before Henley comes back with a running tackle for a two-count. Henley puts on a chin lock now. Chance breaks free and gives a blind tag to Carter. Carter whips both opponents to the corner to hit a splash. She hits Henley with a running dropkick to send her to the floor.

Chance gets an assist for a splash on both opponents on the floor. Chance hits a lawbreaker but Henley tags out to James. Carter also tags in and James hits her with a spinebuster for a two-count. Carter and Chance go for a double-team move again but James gets her knees up on splash. Henley tags in and hits a neckbreaker. James and Henley hit a double-team slam on Chance. Carter breaks the pin. Carter takes James to the floor and drops her face first.

Chance and Henley trade shots in the ring. Henley is sent to the apron as Carter is tagged in. Henley blocks a suplex and hits a headbutt. Chance gets a blind tag and hits a hurricanrana from the top rope. Henley kicks out of the pin. Carter tags in. James pushes Chance off the top. Henley rolls up Carter and James grabs Carter’s legs to assist in the pin.

Winners – Fallon Henley & Kiana James

Drew Gulak gives some tips to Hank Walker. He also says they need to get Walker some proper ring attire.

Lyra Valkyrie gets a pre-taped promo where says her day of justice with Cora Jade was supposed to come last Tuesday, but Cora changed her mind. Her day of justice will come soon though.

Apollo Crews vs Carmelo Hayes – 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Trick Williams is on the stage and gives a grand introduction to Carmelo Hayes by highlighting all his accomplishments. Hayes has a Crews shirt on. He removes it and steps over it before heading towards the ring. We get some of Apollo Crews’ top moments on the screen before he makes his entrance.

Crews starts with a takedown after a counter. Hayes picks his leg for a takedown. Some grappling showcase as they quickly counter each other and reach a stalemate. Hayes puts on a waistlock. Crews changes it into a chinlock. Carmelo puts him in a headscissor and tries to stretch his leg. Apollo comes out of it and puts on a chinlock again and then into a front chancery. They run the ropes and Carmelo slaps Apollo. Apollo hits back with a slap as Carmelo showboats a bit.

Apollo catches his leg to block a dropkick and catapults Hayes into the corner. Hayes lands on his feet but Apollo hits him with a dropkick mid air to counter a senton. Apollo slams him into the corner before some kicks. A hard whips sends Carmelo from corner to corner. He hits a bulldog next. Carmelo catches the ropes to block a German suplex. Apollo catches his springboard move to hit a German suplex.

Carmelo goes to throw Apollo to the floor but Apollo hangs onto the ropes. Trick Williams distracts Apollo with some trash talk but Apollo still dodges a suicide dive. Apollo hits a moonsault on the floor, but he is also hurt. He hits a moonsault in the ring again to get a two-count. Apollo hits a delayed vertical suplex for another two-count. Carmelo hits a back elbow before dropping Apollo on the ropes with a back body drop.

Carmelo unloads on Apollo with shots in quick succession. Hayes starts to work on Apollo’s neck. Apollo fights back with some chops, but Carmelo nails him with a short-arm clothesline. Apollo ducks another clothesline and hits two German suplexes. He hits a couple of backdrops next. Crews hits a thrust kick, a big boot, and a clothesline. He blocks gutbuster before hitting a jumping clothesline. Hayes dodges a corner splash before Apollo drops him with an enzuigiri.

Apollo picks Carmelo from the apron from the second rope to hit a superplex for a near fall. Apollo hits knee strikes to Carmelo’s face. Carmelo counters with an armdrag and goes for a crossface. Apollo rolls him up for a two-count. Hayes hits a cutter for a two-count. He hits another cutter to get another two-count. Carmelo puts on the crossface and Apollo submits. Carmelo gets the first fall to lead 1-0.

Apollo nails a shot to midsection. Carmelo nails him with a cross. They trade more punches before Carmelo drops Apollo’s neck on the ropes. Apollo hits a trio of German suplexes and a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Apollo gets to the second rope now. Carmelo hits him with a series of enzuigiri which sets Apollo on the second rope for a leg drop. Apollo kicks out of the pin.

Apollo hits a blockbuster DDT out of nowhere to get a near fall. They are on the top rope now. Apollo manages to drop Carmelo face-first into the turnbuckle. Both men are down to the floor and the referee starts the countdown. Carmelo gets in at 7 while Apollo beats the countdown at 9. Apollo hits a jumping knee. He blocks a crossface and hits another German suplex and a Death Valley driver. Both men are down.

Trick Williams removes a turnbuckle pad. Apollo unleashes with quick shot and whips Carmelo into the exposed turnbuckle. Trick Williams looks to hit Crews with a steel chair but Daba Kato comes out to stop him. Apollo gives a high five to Kato but Carmelo hits him with a bulldog from behind. Carmelo hits a leg drop from the top to get the second fall.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo quickly gets out of the ring as he wins the match by 2-0. Daba Kato gets into the ring and picks Apollo up. He then goes on to deck Apollo in the midsection before slamming him to the mat. The crowd boos Kato.

We see a video from Valentina Feroz where she is with Wendy Choo. Elektra Lopez comes in and asks her if she needs help. Choo sends her away saying that she will be in Feroz’s corner if she needs.

Backstage, we see the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Fallon Henley and Kiana James with Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen. Henley could not believe she has won a title. James credits it to Jensen.

We get a video package for Kofi Kingston on account of Black History month.

We get a video from Andre Chase’s Twitter account where he hypes himself and Duke Hudson to win the titles in his hometown.

New Day(Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs Gallus(Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) vs Chase U(Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) vs Pretty Deadly(Kit Wilson & Prince Elton) – Fatal 4-Way Match for NXT Tag Team Championship

Kofi and Prince start the match with waistlocks. Prince puts on a chinlock. Kofi reverses it. He hits a hurricanrana. Xavier tags in and throws Prince to the floor. Wilson saves Prince by getting him on his shoulders. Kofi hits a dive on Wilson. Xaviers hits a basement slide on the floor. Duke tags in from Xavier as he was hitting a suplex. Duke hits a slam before Chase hits a suplex on Wilson. Gallus then beat up Pretty Deadly with vicious chops.

Wilson tags in Xaviers who unloads on Coffey. Wolfgang tags in to hit Xavier with a big chop. Prince tags in from Wolfgang and stomps on Xavier in their corner. He hits a suplex. Wilson comes in for a corner splash. Pretty Deadly is screaming at Xavier that he has ruined his life. Xavier hits back with a headbutt but Wilson hits him with elbow drops to keep him on the floor. Quick tags between Pretty Deadly as they cut the ring in quarter.

Thea Hail screams at Prince as he knocks off Chase U from their corner. Woods hits an overhead kick. Kofi gets the tag and hits quick moves on Pretty Deadly. He also knocks off Gallus from their corner. Kofi hits clotheslines on Wilson, Prince and Coffey and hits them with boom drop. Kofi hits SOS on Wilson but Prince breaks the pin. Everyone starts to get involved with quick moves. Pretty Deadly hit double-team lungblower on Kofi for a near fall.

Kofi fights off Pretty Deadly and tags in Woods to hit Midnight Hour. All the other teams run in to break the pin. Chaos ensues as everyone starts to fight on the floor. Chase and Kofi fight on the top rope. Chase throws Kofi on everyone on the floor. Wilson nails Chase with a big punch on the top rope. Chase hits him with a superplex and takes out everyone on the floor in the process.

Gallus send Chase into the announce table. Duke saves Chase by sending both Gallus men into the barricade. Hudson clears the announce table. Pretty Deadly work on him and sends him into the apron. Pretty Deadly put the announce table back in place. Duke hits Pretty Deadly with a double clothesline. Duke unloads with jabs, belly-to-belly suplex on Pretty Deadly before a suplex on Mark Coffey.

Wolfgang pulls Coffey out of the ring. Duke follows them to the floor. Gallus send Duke through the announce table with a double chokeslam. Andre Chase fights Gallus alone in the ring. He sends Wolfgang to the floor with a clothesline before dropping Coffey with a Russian Leg Sweep. He hits Chase U stomps on Coffey before a splash from the top for a near fall. Chase puts him in a figure four. Wolfgang hits Chase with a Swanton Bomb to break the submission.

Gallus drop Chase with double team finisher but Chase kicks out. New Day work on Gallus now. Kofi goes for a dive on Pretty Deadly on the floor but they catch him and hit him with a double team neckbreaker on the floor. Xavier hits Pretty Deadly with a dive on the floor. Gallus hit Xavier with their finisher to get the pinfall.

Winners – Gallus(Wolfgang & Mark Coffey)

Roxanne Perez(c) vs Jacy Jayne vs Gigi Dolin – Triple Threat match for NXT Women’s Championship

Jacy and Gigi enter together for the match. Roxanne is on her own. The bell ring and Toxics surround her. Jacy and Gigi attack in tandem. Roxanne fight them off at first but the numbers game catch up. Roxanne goes for a crossbody but they catch her. Gigi hits a backbreaker. Perez rolls out of the ring. Gigi throws her back to the ring.

Roxanne rolls up Jacy for a two-count and hits a Thesz Press on Gigi. Jacy was going for a roundhouse kick but Roxanne ducks, and Jacy pulls out in time to stop hitting Gigi. Roxanne manages to send them to the floor. Gigi holds Roxanne as Jacy hits a senton from the apron. Roxanne ducks and Jacy ends up hitting Gigi.

Roxanne takes Jacy to the ring and they start to fight one-on-one. Jacy is able to drop Roxanne and starts to work on her. Jacy hits a big clothesline on Roxanne. Gigi pulls her out and screams at her. She asks Jacy to work with her. Gigi pulls Jacy into a suicide dive from Roxanne the very next moment. Gigi sends Roxanne into the steel steps and then into the barricade. Roxanne fights Gigi on the apron but Gigi drops her on the apron.

Gigi drops Roxanne with a leg sweep but Jacy breaks the pin. Gigi and Jacy start to fight each other. They trade shots and pin attempts. Roxanne hits them with a crossbody. She drops Jacy with a clothesline before some shots on Gigi. She sends them to the opposite corners to hit running uppercuts. She drops them with Russian Leg Sweep and DDT combo. She gets two-count on both women one-by-one.

Jacy catches her and puts her in the corner over Gigi. She stomps on Roxanne who is on top on Gigi. Jacy hits a cannonball on both women. Jacy hits shining wizard on Roxanne but Gigi breaks the pin. Gigi and Jacy trade shots now. Jacy hits a rolling punch on Gigi to drop her. Roxanne gets her in a small package for a two-count. She gets another two-count with a crucifix.

Roxanne ducks a punch but hits a roundhouse kick. Roxanne’s Pop-Rox is blocked and Gigi hits a clothesline on her. Gigi hits a senton on both opponents now and all three of them down. They trade shots between three of them. Roxanne eats a double superkick. Jacy and Gigi fight and drop each other with headbutts. They both drop on Roxanne but she kicks out of the pin.

Toxic Attraction come to the same page again. They bring out a table on the floor. Roxanne fights them off. She hits Pop-Rox on Gigi on the floor. Jacy is driven into the apron and back to the ring. Roxanne goes to the top now. Jacy nails her with an enzuigiri on the top rope. Gigi comes to fight them on the top. Roxanne pushes Gigi into the table on the floor. Roxanne hits Pop-Rox from the top rope to get the pinfall.

Winner – Roxanne Perez

We get a special video package for Carmelo Hayes now.

Bron Breakker vs Grayson Waller – Steel Cage match for NXT Championship

Waller has a Golden boot and a champagne escorted out for a Shoey celebration if he wins. Breakker shows off his title on the floor. Waller slams the door on Breakker’s face as he was coming in. Waller sends Bron into the barricade. Bron tackles him back but has to stop in his tracks when Waller dodges his DDT. Breakker slams Waller’s face into the cage door and takes him back to the ring.

Waller is trying to climb up the cage as the bell rings. Bron pulls him down and Waller takes the upper hand. Bron runs the ropes rapidly and hits a Steinerline. Bron hits a delayed vertical suplex. Bron keeps working on Waller until he slips out of a power slam and nails a punch. Bron is not affected with it at all. Waller jumps on the cage and hits a DDT with a counter.

Waller hits blows to his back. He hits a low dropkick to trip him. Waller hits more blows to the back. Bron stops himself from getting sent to the cage. He hits a spine buster. Bron hits another big spine buster. He hits a bulldog from the top rope. Waller sidesteps on a spear and Bron crashes into the cage.

Waller starts working on Bron’s back with more blows and knee strikes. He hits a crossbody against the cage. Bron catches the second crossbody. Waller slips out and sends Bron into the cage again. He hits the Unprettier for a two-count. Waller hits a snap suplex next. Bron meets him on the top rope and hits him with a Frankesteiner from the top rope for a two-count.

Waller hits a knee strike mid-air and Bron was going for a splash. Waller quickly hits an elbow drop to get a near fall. Bron’s arms are trapped in the ropes and Waller starts to take free shots at him. Waller nails punch after punch before hitting a running tackle. Bron starts to hulk up now and break free of the ropes. There is fear on Waller’s face.

Waller jumps on the top but Bron pulls him down to the mat. Bron throws him into the cage a few times. Waller dodges a running tackle and hits Bron with a low blow. Waller hits a Stunner but Bron kicks out of the pin. Waller climbs to the top of the cage now amid “Let’s Go Waller, Waller Sucks” chants from the crowd.

Bron gets up and climbs to the top himself. Bron pulls Waller back and hits a superplex. Bron hits a spear next. He waits for Waller to get up, which Waller is unable to do. Bron asks him if he wants to talk trash now. Bron says he runs NXT. He hits another spear as Waller gets up and gets the pinfall.

Winner – Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker takes his title and climbs to the top of the cage to pose. Carmelo Hayes comes out to the stage with Trick Williams and stares down at Breakker. The show goes off the air with Breakker on top of the cage.

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