NXT Vengeance Day 2022 Results- Breakker vs Escobar Live Updates

WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2022 Results
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Welcome to the live results and updates blog for WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2022 event on February 15, 2022.

5 matches are announced for this NXT weekly special show from Capitol Wrestling Center. Expect fireworks as NXT Champion Bron Breakker defends the title for the first time against Santos Escobar in the likely main event. NXT North American title will be on the line as Carmelo Hayes takes on Cameron Grimes.

Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta will challenge Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne for Women’s Tag Team Championship. MSK will take on The Brutus Brothers in the final of 2022 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament. Pete Dunne and Tony D’Angelo will finish their rivalry in a weaponized Steel Cage match.

Join this blog as we bring you live results and updates from NXT Vengeance Day 2022 with the list of winners, highlights and more.

NXT Vegeance Day 2022 Results

  • Pete Dunne defeated Tony D’Angelo in a Weaponized Steel Cage Match via pinfall.
  • Toxic Attraction(Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin)(c) defeated Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell via pinfall to retain NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Carmelo Hayes(c) defeated Cameron Grimes via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed) defeated MSK(Nash Carter & Wes Lee) via pinfall to win the Men’s Dusty Rhodes Classic 2022 tournament.
  • Bron Breakker(c) defeated Santos Escobar via pinfall to retain NXT Championship.

Live Updates from NXT Vengeance Day 2022

The show starts with a video package of Toxic Attraction going through tonight’s match card over texts.

D’Angelo vs Pete Dunne – Weaponized Steel Cage Match

We go straight to the steel cage which popped up with various tools. Pete Dunne is already in the ring. Tony D’Angelo enters in a limo. Tony enters the ring and Dunne hits him with a step-up enziguiri just as the bell rings. He slams Tony from wall to wall. Tony comes back with a takedown and then drops Dunne on a trash can with a falcon arrow. Tony slams him with kendo stick.

Dunne hits his arm with a toolbar. He starts joint manipulation on Tony’s finger. Tony sprays Dunne with fire extinguisher. Dunne climbs to the top of the cage and Tony brings him down with a superplex. Tony cuffs Dunne’s hands behind his back. He takes free shots at Dunne’s face. He works on Dunne’s teeth using a hammer. Dunne hits back with a headbutt. He sidesteps Tony’s charge and puts on an arm triangle while still being cuffed. Tony counters with a powerbomb. He follows with a DDT to get a two-count.

Dunne puts on a Gulittone on while his hands still cuffed. Tony picks up a cutter to break the cuffs and slams Dunne to the mat. Dunne picks up Tony from the top turnbuckle as he was looking to exit the cage and drops him into the table with a powerbomb. Dunne covers Tony and gets a two-count. Tony picks the crowbar but Dunne slams a cricket bat on his back. Dunne hits Bitter End but Tony kicks out of the pin.

Dunne goes for a crowbar shot but Tony hits him with a low blow. He quickly hits with a swinging neckbreaker, but could only get a two-count. Dunne fires back with crowbar shots and drops Tony over a broken table with Bitter End and gets the pin.

Winner – Pete Dunne

We cut to a video package where Cora Jade is woken up at 5 AM by Raquel Gonzalez for training. Raquel puts Jade through intense training and then tells her that they will do all this again tomorrow.

We cut to a promo from Diamond Mine. They take shots at MSK and claim they will win the Dusty cup because it is Diamond Mine forever. MSK cuts the counter promo in their own style.

Next, we see Carmelo Hayes entering the parking lot with Trick Williams. Trick gets distracted by Mandy Rose. Cameron Grimes is also seen walking in the parking lot.

Toxic Attraction(Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin)(c) vs Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell – NXT Women’s Championship Match

Toxic Attraction attacks before the bell and sends their opponent to the floor. They take them out with sentons on the floor. Persia is taken to the ring and asked if she is ready. The referee calls for the bell. Persia hits a fallaway salm on Jayne. Indi comes in and drops Jayne once again to get at two-count. Jayne takes Indi to the corner and tags in Gigi. Mandy runs a distraction and the team in play drop her to the floor with big boot. The referee boots Mandy from the ringside as we cut to a break.

Indi hits back with a chop and a punch as we return. Jayne drops her with a bulldog. Gigi and Persia tag in. Persia hits two clotheslines, drops Gigi on the turnbuckles and hits a suplex. Jayne comes from behind and jumps on her. Persia hits double Samoan Drop on both opponents and gets a two-count. Indi comes in for a tandem spinebuster on Gigi. Jayne breaks the pin. Persia follows Jayne on the floor and Jayne sends her into the steel steps.

Jayne trips Indi on the ropes as she went for a springboard move. Gigi hits a bit kick on Indi. Toxic Attraction does some double-team work in the ring and hits High-Low to get the pin on Indi.

Winner – Toxic Attraction

Wendy Choo is searching for a partner for women’s Dusty Rhodes Classics. She sees Dakota Kai and asks her to team up. Kai starts talking to her split personality. Wendy leave them alone to discuss within themselves.

We cut Grayson Waller in the parking lot with Sanga, planning about taking a video of LA Knight getting arrested. Some police officers come in and Waller tells them there is some man who is bothering him from a long time.

No Restriction

LA Knight enters to the ring and takes the mic. But before he could say something, Grayson Waller comes out with policemen. Waller tells Police that Knight broke the restraining order and shows them footage from last week and from three weeks back. Knight then brings up how Waller attacked him two weeks back and brings up a clause from page 2 of the restraining order where it says Waller also can’t touch Knight. Knight is confused and says in Australia it is only one way.

Police leaves the ring and Waller wonders if Knight can attack him. He turns around and Knight runs him over with clotheslines. Sanga runs in to assist Waller but Knight knocks him off the apron. Waller runs away to the floor and to safety. Knight says they will clash next week.

Backstage, Persia and Indi are discussing their loss. Indi apologizes for losing the match but her mood changes as Dexter Lumis comes in. Indi leaves with Dexter and Persia is not happy. Duke Hudson comes in after Indi and Dexter leave. Persia goes with Hudson happily.

Tomasso Ciampa cuts a promo backstage on Dolph Ziggler behaving as if he has done nothing in NXT.

Carmelo Hayes(c) vs Cameron Grimes – NXT North American Championship Match

The bell rings and they mock each other with signs. They lock up and has to come to a break when Hayes takes Grimes to the ropes. Grimes picks up Hayes’ leg and he has to go to the corner to avoids an attack. Grimes brings Hayes down to the floor but Hayes gets back to his feet quickly. Grimes hits an armdrag and puts on a shoulder stretch. Hayes reverses the stretch.

Grimes drops him with a shoulder tackle. Grimes avoid Hayes multiple times while running the ropes. He takes a big shot at Hayes before hitting a back body drop. Hayes comes back with a clothesline. Grimes sends him to the floor but Hayes trips him on the floor. A enziguiri on the back of the head and a springboard leg drop from Hayes takes us to the break.

Hayes has Grimes on the floor with a shoulder lock. Grimes counters it and throws Hayes over. He hits a standing Spanish fly. Grimes hypes up and they start trading strikes. Grimes hit him with a headscissors takedown. Hayes tries to counter but Grimes hits tilt a whirl Urinagi to get a two-count. Hayes comes back with a boot to the face and a springboard crossbody for a two-count.

Grimes hits a big punch. Hayes fires back with one of his own. Grimes hits a superkick for a near fall. Grimes hits a couple of forearms. Trick Williams comes to the apron and Grimes sends Hayes into him. Grimes hits Hayes with a frankestiener, hits Trick with a penalty kick and a splash on Hayes to get a near fall. Hayes rolls to the floor and tricks Grimes into sending him into the barricade attack. He hits a leg drop to get a near fall.

Hayes puts on the crossface. Grimes drags to the ropes but Trick takes the ropes away from him. Hayes rolls him over for another two-count. Hayes hits a leg drop from the top to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes(retains North American title)

Kay Lee Rae is smashing stuff with baseball bat. She asks Io Shirai to do the same. Shirai says no and KLR tells her she must be mad over something and this will get the heat out. Shirai also start smashing stuff and they bond over it. Zoey Stark comes and Shirai smashes her cup also. Shirai says she likes KLR. Stark says KLR is on way better start than her.

MSK(Wes Lee vs Nash Carter) vs The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed) – Men’s Dusty Rhodes Classic Final 2022

Carter and Brutus start the match. Brutus takes the early advantage and brings in Julius in quickly for some double team. Julius runs into a double team from MSK after Lee takes the blind tag. Quick double team moves on Julius before Lee hits him with dive on the floor. Julius drops Lee on the ropes, drops Carter off the apron and hits a big tackle to send Lee flying. MSK is down on the floor to take us to the break.

Brutus is unloading on Lee as we return. Lee counters to drop Brutus. Both men tag out. Carter comes in hot and drops Julius a few times with quick moves. He also superkicks Brutus off the apron. He sends Julius to the floor and hits him with a moonsault. Lee tags in to hit a corkscrew headbutt on Julius for a near fall.

Julius catches Carter and drops him to the apron. Lee trips him with drop toe hold and MSK double team on him with a stomp combo. Brutus breaks the pin. Brutus kicks at Lee. Carter sends him to the floor. Carter goes for a dive on Julius but he catches him and drops him on the floor. Julius hits a low lariat to get the pin on Carter.

Winner -The Creed Brothers(tournament winners)

Bron Breakker(c) vs Santos Escobar – NXT Championship Match

They lock up and Breakker pushes Escobar to the corner. Escobar slaps at his chest and Breakker no-sells it and pushes him to the mat. Escobar goes for the waistlock. Breakker puts on a headlock. Escobar tries to use the ropes to break it, but Bron holds on. Breakker hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Escobar hits back with a dropkick. Breakker holds Escobar in the air for a long time as he hits a delayed vertical suplex.

Escobar rolls to the floor. Breakker gives him a chase and then hits a big flying clothesline as they return to the ring. He hits a backbreaker before Joaquin Wilde distracts him from the apron. Escobar runs him over from behind and drops him to the floor. Escobar sends Breakker into the steel steps. Back to the ring, he gets a two-count. Escobar hits a neckbreaker for another two-count. He hits a neckbreaker on the ropes next.

Breakker tries to come back in the corner but Escobar hits him with a big boot. Escobar follows with double knees in the corner for another two-count. Escobar tries something on the steel steps but has to abondon it as Breakker holds onto the ropes. He slams Breakker’s head to the steel steps and takes him back to the ring. Escobar keeps control for a while as he continues to work on Breakker.

Breakker comes back with punches and tackles. He drops Raul Mendoza and Wilde off the apron. Elektra Lopez distracts the referee and Dolph Ziggler hits Breakker with a superkick. Escobar covers but Breakker kicks out of the pin. Tomasso Ciampa comes in and attacks Ziggler. Escobar hits a tornado DDT on Breakker for another near fall. Escobar has Breakker in fireman’s carry but Breakker slips out and hits a spear. He hits the powerslam to get the pin and retain the title.

Winner – Bron Breakker

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