WWE NXT September 19, 2023 Results, Live Updates, Highlights

WWE NXT September 19 Carmelo Hayes vs Dominik Mysterio
Carmelo Hayes vs Dominik Mysterio on NXT September 19, Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live results blog for WWE NXT September 18, 2023, which aired from WWE Performance Center as usual, with the build-up for NXT No Mercy 2023 event.

The show featured a champion vs champion match between NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. NXT Global Heritage Tournament continued with Tyler Bate and Butch clashing once again in their storied rivalry in a match from group A. Duke Hudson took on Joe Coffey in a match from Group B.

Lola Vice vs Roxanne Perez match was also announced for the show. Becky Lynch also featured on the show. Tune in below as we post results live from WWE NXT September 19, 2023, with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Butch defeated Tyler Bate in Group A match for Global Heritage Tournament via pinfall.
  • Duke Hudson defeated Joe Coffey in Group B match for Global Heritage Tournament via pinfall.
  • Roxanne Perez defeated Lola Vice in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Dominik Mysterio defeated Carmelo Hayes in a singles match via disqualification.
  • Joe Coffey defeated Duke Hudson & Nathan Frazer in Triple Threat Match for Group B winner of Global Heritage Tournament via pinfall.
  • Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyrie defeated Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James in a tag team match via pinfall.


Becky Opens!

Becky Lynch opens the show and discusses her title win last week. She says she will bring the fight every damn night and it doesn’t matter the name opposite her. She calls Gigi Dolin, Elektra Lopez, Thea Hail, Roxanne Perez, Ivy Nile, Natalya, and Jacy Jayne. Becky gives Tiffany Stratton credit to hang in there with her. She also confirms that there will be a rematch whenever Tiffany wants. Tiffany comes out and takes offense if the match was optional. She then calls for a rematch tonight as the fans would want, but it is not happening.

Tiffany wants the rematch on a bigger stage at No Mercy. Becky says the result is gonna be the same because Tiffany is not hungry enough. Becky says even after 10 years, she wants it more than Tiffany. Tiffany says Becky would not have come to NXT if her name had not come from her mouth and Becky would have been searching for retirement homes to bring back another retired legend to get more clout. Becky says Tiffany is a better fighter than a speaker, so she starts a brawl. Kiana James comes in to help Tiffany. Becky fights them back and force them to run.

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks are discussing their opponents backstage and decide to let them fight it among themselves.

Ilja Dragunov is interviewed backstage and says he will be watching Carmelo Hayes’ match tonight. Becky Lynch comes in and says if Kiana and Tiffany wants to do 2-on-1, they can have it in the main event tonight.

Meta-Four are in their lounge and are dressed like “The Matrix”. Noam Dar cuts a promo discounting whoever his opponent is gonna be at No Mercy. Butch’s entrance interrupts his promo.

Trick Williams is interrupted by Dominik Mysterio backstage. Dominik talks about coming out of shadow of his father and compares it to Williams being under Carmelo Hayes’ shadow. Williams says he was never in anyone’s shadow.

Tyler Bate vs Butch – Group A match for Global Heritage Tournament

Butch takes Bate to the mat and work on the shoulder and arm with a stretch. Bate gets back up and hits a head-scissors takedown. Butch hits a big slap. Bate is angry. He runs the ropes. Butch dodges him a few times. Bate nails him with a punch after he stops running. Back and forth action continues. Butch stomps on Bate’s leg and hits him with a forearm. Bate jumps from the top but runs into a shot from Butch. Butch goes to the top. Bate hits him with a superplex to take us to a break.

Bate hits a shooting star press and a deadlift German suplex. Butch counters with an arm triangle. Bate gets him into an airplane spin. He hits a brainbuster coming out of the spin. We are just 2 minutes before the time limit. Butch counters to hit Tiger Driver 97. Bate comes back with a DDT. Bate hits a twisting slam to drop Butch face first. Butch lands a big shot. Bate hits a springboard clothesline. Butch gets his knees up when Bate goes for a Swanton Bomb. Butch hits Bitter End but Bate kicks out in the final 30 seconds. Butch then hits Better End to get the pinfall seconds before the time limit.

Winner – Butch

Butch has topped the group A with 5 points. He will face the winner of Group B next week.

Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail go shopping for Hail’s makeover. Hail is nervous. Jacy picks outfits for Thea to try on. They decide on a few dresses. We will see Thea’s new look next week though.

Duke Hudson vs Joe Coffey – Group B match for Global Heritage Tournament

They lock up to start. Hudson no-sells a shoulder tackle. Joe does the same. Duke runs him over after more no-sells. He hits a hurrincanrana next to get a two-count. Joe pushes him to the corner and hits shots. He kicks at him aftera takedown. He hits a backbreaker for a two-count. Duke comes back with his signature punches. Joe pulls out of the ring and tackles Duke into the apron when he comes out. Joe hits a missile dropkick. He hits a Glasgow send off. Duke ducks a shot and rolls up Joe to get the pinfall.

Winner – Duke Hudson

Group B now has 3 wrestlers at 4 points. Nathan Frazer is backstage and is being told that a triple threat match will take place tonight to find the winner of group B.

We see the tweet from Mr. Stone saying Von Wagner will need time to recover.

Roxanne Perez vs Lola Vice

Perez starts with some shots. Vice gets her down to the mat. Perez uses an innovative cover to get a two-count. Perez hits some shots after this sequence. Perez trips her on the ropes and hits a big shot. She stomps on Perez’s back. Vice pulls her arm back into a stretch. She throws Perez into the corner. Perez counters it hte second time. Vice gets her down to the mat once again and traps her arm. Perez breaks free and is trying to fight back. Perez hits a boot to the face. She hits a tackle off the second rope and a shotgun dropkick and an uppercut. Vice blocks Pop-Rox and puts on another submission. Perez turns into a pin attempt to get the pinfall.

Winner – Roxanne Perez

Eddy Thorpe cuts a promo saying he knows Dijak is trying to get under his skin by calling him coward. He challenges Dijak for a strap match.

Roxanne Perez goes to Becky Lynch backstage and offers to be her tag team partner later tonight so that Becky doesn’t have to fight alone. Becky tells her she got this.

Carmelo Hayes vs Dominik Mysterio

Dominik attacks Carmelo as he finishes up his entrance. Dominik poses with the NXT title. Carmelo decks him and hits a springboard tackle. The bell rings and Carmelo continues to hit quick moves including a dropkick. Dominik moves to the floor and so does Carmelo. Dominik sends him into the steel steps. Carmelo hits Fade Away on the ropes. Dominik tries to fight back but Hayes him with a bulldog. We cut to a break.

Dominik is in control as we return. Carmelo counters a suplex into a cutter. Carmelo drops him once again. Dominik rolls towards the apron. He hits a DDT when Carmelo pulls him back. Dominik hits 619. Carmelo moves out from the way when Dominik goes for a senton. They fight to the floor. Carmelo ends up throwing Dominik into Ilja Dragunov who is sitting on the commentary. Dominik then pulls Carmelo into Dragunov. Dominik slaps Dragunov once more before getting back to the ring. Dragunov attacks him to cause a DQ.

Winner – Dominik Mysterio(via DQ)

Dragunov beats up Dominik but Dominik pulls Carmelo into the torpedo. Dominik leaves to the ramp. Dragon Lee comes out and hits a superkick.

Trick Williams is watching this match when Joe Gacy and Ava comes in to try and help Trick as he is alone.

Duke Hudson is out of his breath backstage with the triple threat match approaching. Andre Chase gives him a pep talk to hype him for the match.

Duke Hudson vs Joe Coffey vs Nathan Frazer – Triple Threat Match for Group B of Global Heritage Tournament

Coffey attacks Hudson and pushes Frazer away when he tries to attack. Frazer hits them with a dropkick. Another dropkick from Frazer on Joe before he hits an elbow to drop Duke off the apron. Joe hits a crossbody to take Frazer down. Frazer sends Joe to the floor but Duke comes in to cut off his suicide dive. Joe and Duke fight after a while.

Joe is in control and hits some shots on both opponents. Frazer takes the running start ducking both men and hits a dropkick. He hits a suicide dive on both men. Frazer brings Duke into the ring for some back and forth. Duke hits an Urinage to counter in the corner. Joe trips him from outside and pulls his leg to send his groin into the ringpost. We cut to a break.

Joe is in control as we return. Frazer hits punches to midsection but Coffey hits him with a suplex. Frazer gets a two-count with a roll-up. Coffey sends him to the corner. Duke rolls up Joe once again, like in their previous match. Duke hits a sidewalk slam on Joe. Frazer hits a superkick on Duke before a double DDT on both men. Frazer hits a standing Spanish fly. Joe goes for a spear but Frazer cuts him off with a shot. Duke is sent to the floor by Joe.

Duke comes back in to hit a kick. More back-and-forth action between the three men. Duke throws Joe to the floor. Frazer hits spiked hurricanrana on Duke. Frazer hits a twisting moonsault from the top rope. Joe throws Frazer out of the ring and hits a discus clothesline on Duke to get the pinfall.

Winner – Joe Coffey

Mustafa Ali is exasperated backstage on Dragon Lee getting a title shot vs Dominik Mysterio on RAW next week even after he is the #1 contender. He will deal with both of them on RAW next week.

Kiana James and Tiffany Stratton are finishing off their warm-up for the main event.

Josh Briggs blames Fallon Henley for bringing in Myles Borne. Baron Corbin comes in hearing the argument and tells them to shut up and let him enjoy his massage. Briggs says he is glad to know that Corbin can still hear after Bron Breakker popped him eardrums last week.

Carmelo Hayes is leaving the arena when he is caught for an interview. He says he is still the champion and will beat Dragunov again at No Mercy.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance for the match. Tiffany Stratton and Kiana James attacked her on the ramp. They double-team on Becky in the ring when Lyra Valkyrie runs out to make the save. Tiffany and Kaina try to run away but Becky and Lyra bring them back. The match is now turned into a tag team match.

Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyrie vs Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James

Becky hits an exploder suplex on Kiana to start the match. Kiana’s face is slammed into the turnbuckle a few times. Becky throws Kiana to the corner and ask her to tag in. Tiffany draws Becky into an attack but Becky drops her face into the turnbuckle and brings her into the ring. Becky slams her into the mat before Tiffany counters disarmher. Becky avoids a double stomp and hits a kick to midsection.

Lyra tags in and trips Tiffany into a kick from Becky. Tiffany decks Lyra with a forearm. Lyra hits a low kick to trip Kiana as she tags in. Becky hits a bulldog. Kiana hits some shots before Becky uses a low bridge to send her to the floor. Becky hits a basement slide dropkick. Tiffany is also thrown to the floor and hit with a dive. We cut to a break.

Becky is hitting punches as we return. Tiffany corners her and tags in Kiana. Kiana slams her to the mat. Becky hits punches but James corners her again. Tiffany tags in and Becky dodges a handspring splash. Becky tags in Lyra after kicking away Kiana. Lyra hits clotheslines and kicks on both opponents. She hits a crossbody on both opponents before sending Tiffany to the floor. Lyra hits a Northern Light suplex bridge on James. Tiffany breaks the pin. Becky comes in to save Lyra from a double suplex. They hit tandem kicks and legdrops by separating Kiana and Tiffany.

Kiana kicks off the pinfall. Tiffany trips Lyra on the ropes and slams Becky’s face into the ring post. Kiana hits a powerbomb on Lyra and Tiffany follows up with a Swanton bomb. Becky breaks the pin. Becky tags in to hit a missile dropkick on James. She hits a double inverted DDT before putting James in a disarmher. James rolls through and kicks Becky. Lyra tags in. Becky hits Manhandle Slam and Lyra hits a frog splash to get the pinfall.

Winner – Lyra Valkyrie & Becky Lynch

After the match, Tiffany hits the winners with chair shots. Tiffany leaves the ring. Becky takes the mic and tells Tiffany that their match will be extreme rules match at No Mercy.

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