WWE NXT July 4, 2023 Results & Live Updates

WWE NXT July 4 2023
Credits – WWE

WWE pre-taped NXT episode of July 4, 2023, last week on occasion of US Independence Day. Below are the results from the show with live play by play updates, winners and highlights.


  • Blair Davenport defeated Roxanne Perez in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Mustafa Ali defeated Tyler Bate in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Kelani Jordan defeated Tatum Paxley in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Eddy Thorpe defeated Damon Kemp in an NXT Underground Match via the referee stoppage.
  • Lyra Valkyria defeated Jacy Jayne in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Dyad (Rip Fowler & Jagger Reid) defeated The Creed Brothers(Julius Creeds & Brutus Creeds) in a Loser Leaves NXT Match via pinfall.


Roxanne Perez vs Blair Davenport

Perez attacks Blair during her entrance. The bell rings and Perez hits a Thesz Press for some ground and pound. She hits a couple of suicide dives as Blair slips to the floor. Blair blocks a Russian Leg Sweep and slams Perez to the mat. Perez hits leg sweep in second attempt. Blair also hits a leg sweep before hitting a running knee to get a two-count. Perez comes back with a bridging German suplex. She also hits a running knee. They trade shots in the corner before Blair throws Perez face-first into the turnbuckle. Perez hits a back elbow before Blair pushes her off the top to the floor. Blair hits a diving double stomp on the floor. We cut to a break.

Perez comes back with some shots, but Blair hits her with a side suplex. Blair puts on an arm and shoulder stretch. Perez hits her with a monkey flip. Blair counters an uppercut to set up Perez to the top rope. Perez counters and brings her down with a crossbody. Forearms from both sides. Perez hits some chops before nailing a big forearm to drop Perez. Perez counters in the corner and hits another crossbody for a two-count. A frustrated Perez clotheslines Blair to the floor. Blair sends her into the steel steps when she gets to the outside. Perez beats the countdown but Blair hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Blair hits a couple of ripcord knee strikes to get the pinfall.

Winner – Blair Davenport

Ivy Nile is backstage for an interview and says Schism needs to be eliminated and does not regret a Loser Leaves NXT match for the Creed Brothers. Tiffany Stratton comes in and asks why is she being interviewed when she defended her title successfully last week. Ivy argues that everyone saw Tiffany tap out last week. Tiffany says referee did not. Ivy leaves after some more arguement.

Baron Corbin gets a video where he says he does not want to seen as consistent but wants to be feared and respected. We see him throwing clothes and props from his old gimmicks into the fire as he looks to build on The Lone Wolf persona once again.

Tyler Bate vs Mustafa Ali

Bate pushes Ali away from the lock-up. He powers Ali to the mat before Ali locks him up with arms wrapped around the neck. They trade quick pin attempts. Ali puts on an arm wringer. Bate counters but Ali comes out with some flips before putting on a chinlock. Ali hits a shoulder tackle. Some quick actions as they trade several pinning predicament. Ali ends it by putting a crossface. Bate counters with an ankle lock. They trade elbows and uppercuts in the corner. Bate hits a dropkick, a running uppercut and a diving uppercut from the second rope. He hits a leg lariat on the floor.

Bate hits a back body drop as we return. Ali hits a gamengiri but runs into a pop-in bang. Ali counters Tiger Driver and puts on a crossface again. Bate puts Ali in an airplane spin. Ali is sent to the floor and is hit with suicide dive. Ali catches him with a knee on the apron and hits a suicide dive of his own. Bate hits a springboard clothesline for a two-count. Bate hits a couple of body slams. Ali ducks him when he goes for the splash. Bate meets Ali at the top where Ali hits headbutts before making him off balance on the top rope. Ali hits a 450-splash to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tyler Bate

Ali challenges Wes Lee for North American title at Great American Bash 2023.

Joe Gacy and Ava Raine are interviewed backstage where Gacy says he did not push the Dyad into anything they are not aware of.

Tatum Paxley vs Kelani Jordan

Jordan counters Paxley from a headlock and hits a couple of armdrags. Paxley hits a shoulder tackle before a dropkick and another armdrag. Another shoulder tackle from Jordan before Paxley runs her over with a back elbow. She hits a backbreaker next. Paxley keeps control for a while before Jordan counters a suplex with a stunner to get the pinfall.

Winner – Kelani Jordan

Cora Jade comes out and mocks Jordan while also saying that a friend of Dana Brooke is her enemy. Jordan cuts her off and tells her to meet her in the ring right away. Cora replies not to tell her what to do ever.

Andre Chase is welcomed back to Chase U. He thanks MVP Duke Hudson to help Chase U survive. Chase asks him to take his seat and he seems miffed. Chase praises Thea Hail for her performance in the title match last week. Chase says Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey tried to poison students’ minds. One students asks if they won’t guest lecture at Chase U anymore. Duke helps out Chase with a rant on the student and promises Chase U beating for them.

Eddy Thorpe vs Damon Kemp – NXT Underground Match

Thorpe hits calf kicks to start. Kemp gets a double leg takedown before some ground and pound. He gets another takedown before putting on a lock. Kemp controls the match with more wrestling skills. Thorpe counters on the mat and hits a big forearm shot. Kemp rolls over but Thorpe rolls him over once again and hits more big forearm shots. They fight to the floor where Kemp hits a low blow. He throws Thorpe into the barricade before having a staredown with Gable Stevenson.

Thorpe puts on arm triangle but Kemp counters it with a powerbomb on the apron. Kemp brings him back into the ring to hit a German suplex. Thorpe hits a kick to midsection. Kemp puts on a rear naked choke but Thorpe gets to his feet and throws him over. Thorpe hits a German suplex. He hits a Saito suplex next. Kemp hits a big right hook. Thorpe hits a knee strike. Kemp hits a German suplex in the corner of the ring to send Thorpe down to the mat. Stevenson and the referee check on Thorpe.

Kemp pushes Gable into the barricade. Thorpe sends Kemp’s shoulder into the ring post. Back in the ring, Thorpe puts on an arm triangle. Kemp tries to hit a powerbomb but his body gives out. Thorpe puts on more pressure on the submission and the referee stops the fight.

Winner – Eddy Thorpe

One of the trainees tries to play with Gable Stevenson and this leads to Gable hitting German suplexes and belly-to-belly suplexes on some of the trainees.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are backstage and address Judgment Day’s threat. They invite them all to NXT next week.

Stacks goes to meet Tony D’Angelo in prison unaware that Joe Gacy has told Tony that Stacks was the rat responsible for his jail time. Gacy also joins him. Stacks tells Tony about a match between Gacy and him, and if he wins, charges against Tony will be dropped. Tony is angry that Stacks agreed to it without asking him first. Stacks says he is running things outside very well and Tony has to live with his decision.

Jacy Jayne vs Lyra Valkyrie

Jacy throws Lyra to the corner for shots at midsection. Lyra hits a sunset flip before working on the arm. Lyra hits a running shoulder before extending the elbow. Jacy locks her neck with her legs. Lyra kips up to her feet. She avoids a charge in the corner and rolls up Jacy before a dropkick to send her to the floor. Jacy drops Lyra onto the apron. We cut to a break.

Back and forth action as we return. Jacy hits a superkick to the face. She misses a cannonball in the corner. Lyra hits clotheslines before a back heel kick and a pump kick. Lyra nails a leg drop to get a two-count. A dropkick through the ropes when Lyra goes to the floor. Lyra misses a missile dropkick from the top. Jacy gets a two-count. Lyra nails her with roundhouse kick and spinning back heel kick to the face to get the pinfall.

Winner – Lyra Valkyrie

After the match, Jacy drops her with a clothesline. She rips off Lyra’s costume wings.

Noam Dar is sitting beside a photo of Heritage Cup and says his life is so difficult without it and talks to it like a long lost lover. Others from Metafour come in and say they have to fix it.

Kiana James reaches her office and finds it turned upside down. She finds a note from Gigi Dolin and says gloves are off.

We cut to Von Wagner beating up Bodhi Hayward after Bodhi was running his mouth against Wagner. Mr. Stone tries to calm Wagner down but he puts Bodhi through the table.

We get a video package for Lucien Price and Bronco Nima, who claim that they will rule the tag team division. They will make NXT debut next week.

The Creed Brothers(Julius Creed & Brutus Creed) vs The Dyad(Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler) – Loser Leaves NXT

The Dyad attack the Creeds from behind as they enter the ring. After a while, Julius hits a superplex on Reid. Brutus hits Fowler with a back body drop to send him to the floor. Julius hits a shooting star press on Reid in the ring but Gacy pulls Reid out to stop the pinfall. The referee boots him off the ringside.

Fowler has Brutus under control as we return. Fowler drops him for a quick two-count. Fowler hits a clothesline next. Brutus hits a suplex. Tags to Julius and Reid. Julius hits quick tackles before The Dyad double team on him. Julius hits a double clothesline to send them to the floor and hits a dive on them. Fowler is back to the ring and The Creeds hit a double team spinebuster to get a near fall. Brutus is dropped to the floor. Julius hits a powerbomb on Reid and Fowler breaks the pin with a chop block. Reid also hits a chop block when Julius fights Fowler. Julius rolls to the floor

Fowler puts on a single leg crab on Julius as we return from the break. Julius gets to the ropes after a while and kicks Fowler away. Brutus tags in and tackles Reid off the apron before unloading on Reid. He hits a Death Valley driver and springboard 630-splash for a two-count. Brutus puts on an ankle lock. Fowler rolls over and kicks him away. He hits Meteora off the top rope. Reid tags in and hits punches after unwraping the tape off his hands.

Julius motivates Brutus to fight on. Brutus starts no-selling punches from Reid before dropping him with a clothesline. Julius tags in but Fowler pulls Brutus down from the top to stop a tag out. Reid tackles Brutus off Fowler’s shoulders with a suicide dive. Julius fights both opponents and hits a double Northern Lights suplex and a moonsault. Ava gets into the ring and Ivy fights her to the floor. A masked man hits a loaded headbutt on Julius. The Dyad hit double team codebreaker on Julius and Fowler covers him to get the pinfall.

Winners – The Dyad

Finn Balor cuts a promo responding to Carmelo Hayes. Balor says Hayes is trying to get Balor rub, but there are no happy endings. Balor says Judgment Day comes to NXT next Tuesday.

What’s Next for Breakker?

Bron Breakker comes out. He recalls how he competed in the biggest match in NXT history a couple weeks ago. He fought Seth Rollins, who is far more experienced than him but everyone believed that he had a shot. Breakker says he is 25 and has proved he can hang with the very best in the business and we should get used to seeing his face for decades to come.

Breakker then comes to what is next. Ilja Dragunov comes out. Dragunov says he is next in line for him and he came out here to call him out face to face, unlike Breakker who blindside him with speared. Dragunov says Breakker is the only man between him and NXT Championship, and he will eliminate him. They start to brawl until the referees and crews pull them apart. Dragunov hits a suicide dive. Breakker hits a spear.

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