WWE Hall of Fame 2022- Inductees, Tickets, Date, Time, Location

WWE Hall of Fame poster

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 Ceremony will induct the 23rd Class of WWE Hall of Fame. The ceremony will take place on April 1, 2022, at American Airlines Arena in Dallas, TX, along with the SmackDown episode on the same date. WWE Hall of Fame honors wrestlers and personalities for their contribution to WWE and professional wrestling.

The Undertaker will headline this year’s ceremony. Queen Sharmell and Vader will also be part of Class of 2022.

Check the list of inductees, date, time, location, how to watch and tickets for the WWE Hall of Fame 2022 event.

Event Info

  • Date: April 1, 2022
  • Time: 10:30 PM EST
  • Location: American Airlines Arena, Dallas, TX, US


The event will take place after WWE SmackDown tapings at American Airlines Center. WWE is offering a 2-in-1 ticketing event where you can buy just one ticket for both WWE Hall of Fame 2022 and SmackDown episode of April 1. You can book the tickets at the below links starting from $140.

How to Watch

The WWE Hall of Fame 2022 Ceremony will air on Peacock TV in the United States. You can subscribe to any of the Peacock TV plans to access live streaming. You can check the below link for a one-week free trial.

The event will be available on Sony Liv in India. WWE Network will present the show in other countries.


The Undertaker

The Undertaker WWE Hall of Fame
Credits- WWE

The Undertaker’s Legendary career will get him a well-deserved place in the heart of the Hall of Fame this year. He will be inducted by Vince McMahon.


Vader WWE Hall of Fame 2022
Credits – WWE

Vader by posthumously inducted by his son Jesse White.

Queen Sharmell

Sharmell WWE Hall of Fame
Credits – WWE

Queen Sharmell was inducted by her husband WWE Hall of Famer Booker-T.

Shad Gaspard (Warrior Award)

Shad Gaspard Hall of Fame 2022
Credit: WWE

Dana Warrior presented Shad Gaspard’s wife and son the Warrior award.

The Steiner Brothers(Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner)

Steiner Brothers WWE Hall of Fame
Credits- WWE

The Steiner Brothers were inducted by Rick’s son and Scott’s nephew Bron Breakker.


    1. Batista is supposed to go into the Hall of Fame at a future event, but it is not confirmed if it will be this particular year.

        1. He was announced to be inducted to Hall of Fame.
          The day he gets inducted, he will become a Hall of Famer. He is officially confirmed to become one, just not inducted yet.

        2. He’s not. He was announce as going in at the 2020 hall of fame but he couldn’t make the event because of a movie he was shooting so the wwe said they will put him in another year as he wanted to be able to thank the fans.

          1. Batista could not attend the ceremony last year due to COVID-19 restriction in travelling. He asked to be inducted at some other year in future.

        1. His given name is David Bautista!! His wrestling name is Batista so it’s not really something that needs to be pointed out!!

        1. He wasn’t in ex ever , he’s not in the hall of fame at all, he definitely also as I said wasn’t ever in dx

      1. First of all Amy his name is Dave Bautista, his wresting name is Batista so get your info straight before jumping all over some one, also he is not in the hall of fame, he was announced to be inducted, but he ended up not being to make the date and was removed and still has not been inducted.

      2. No he’s not. He was supposed to be inducted during covid but didn’t want to because there was going to be no fans

    2. kelly kelly is the last person that deserves to be inducted….. she’s not done anything hall of fame worthy in her entire career

  1. The Undertaker has to be a lock to be in it,Celebrity wing has to be Betty White,if she hasn’t already been inducted

  2. Undertaker should be the only one inducted this year. That’s how legendary he is. Also it will give him a proper farewell

  3. I really want to see Brian Pillman be inducted, obviously his son would receive it on his behalf but I think he deserves to be there ❤️

  4. How about we get Cyndi Lauper as the celebrity category for helping launch Wrestlemania, managing Wendi Ritcher to two women’s titles, making a wrestling match the top viewed program on MTV, doing that Rock and Wrestling Album, giving visibility to wrestlers in her videos, the second greatest Piper’s Pit after Snuka where hits Albano with her purse, making the women’s division an actual thing. She did more for the sport than all the other celebrity inductees combined

  5. As far as wretslers, The Rock and Batista would be great additions but Ray Mysterio & Baron Von Raschke should be in by now too.

    1. Rey is still wrestling me d night express is already HoF and it’s Vader and Sharmelle booker t wife that this year class with Taker

  6. Shawn Michaels & Triple H were DX they were not in Evolution.
    Triple H was part of Evolution though with Bautista, Rick Flair & Randy Orton!

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