WWE/AEW Rumor Roundup- IIconics, AEW Second Show & More

Why did the IIconics Split?

WWE has broken one of their best women tag team in the IIconics. Last night at RAW, WWE booked a #1 contender match for WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler. And the added stipulation was losing team will disband. The Riott Squad defeated the IIconics in an entertaining match which will mean that IIconics will have to split.

Talking about the IIconics, Dave Meltzer said that Vince McMahon see Peyton Royce as a big singles star and hence she was freed from the tag team. But a good singles run can still happen even when someone is in a tag team or a stable. Doesn’t it?

AEW Second Show

There was a news earlier in the year that WarnerMedia has signed a deal for another show with AEW. But we are still to get any update on the show. Dave Meltzer is saying that show is still in the work and might premiere before the end of this year.

Keith Lee Will Be a Big Star

Keith Lee getting a win against Randy Orton was a shock for some fans but the other half equally excited with the outcome. Another reason for the shock was that Lee got the win in under 7 minutes. And there is a very good reason to be excited for Lee.

Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT is saying that Vince McMahon asked Randy Orton to make Keith Lee a star at Payback. Vince McMahon has major plans for Lee and wants to push him to the moon. We might see him in the title picture sooner than later.

Evolve Wrestlers Signed

Last month, WWE struck a deal with Evolve Wrestling to purchase the promotion, the video library and their talent contracts. In an update on the same news, PW Insider is reporting that WWE has decided to take over the Evolve contracts of Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene, Joe Gacy, Brandi Lauren & Curt Stallion and referee Jake Clemon.

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