Payback 2020: Keith Lee, Big E, Matt Riddle With Big Wins

Matt Riddle Payback 2020

Keith Lee, Big E and Matt Riddle got their big PPV wins in their respective matches at WWE Payback 2020 PPV.

Keith Lee debuted on WWE RAW last week and is put against Randy Orton immediately. Lee was at his explosive best at Payback and countered with his power and agility whenever Orton seemed to be getting grip on the match.

The same was the case when Orton was getting ready for an RKO but Lee countered with the sit-out powerbomb to get an unexpected finish. The match was a bit shorter with the finish coming in under 7 minutes itself.

There are always apprehensions about NXT call-ups being thrown under the bus in the main roster. But whatever we have seen for Keith Lee till now, WWE seems to have big plans for him on RAW.

Similarly, Big E and Matt Riddle looks like getting some serious push on SmackDown. There has been a lot of focus on Big E’s single run in recent weeks. He faced a daunting prospect in Sheamus who used his experience by focusing on Big E’s knees during the match.

Big E tried to come back into the match several time but Sheamus was quick to thwart any kind of momentum. The match seemed to be over for Big E when Sheamus was getting ready for the Brogue kick. But Big E countered with a powerbomb and hit the Big Ending to win the match.

On the other hand, Matt Riddle’s rivalry with Baron Corbin is likely to continue further. Corbin attacked Riddle before the bell at Payback and dominated the early part of the match. Riddle managed to defeat Corbin at Payback with a flurry of moves late in the match to catch Corbin off-guard.

However, Corbin seemed dissatisfied and attacked Riddle after the match during the backstage interview.