Wardlow Debuts in AEW After Jericho & MJF Promo

Wardlow Debuts in AEW
Wardlow Debuts in AEW

After months of teaser videos, Wardlow finally debuted on AEW Dynamite in helping Chris Jericho to attack Cody Rhodes.

This week at AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho came out to cut a promo and told us that he remained true to his words in defeating Cody Rhodes. Also, Jericho once again started asking for his “thank you” from the AEW roster and employees. MJF also came out and tried to explain why he turned on Cody.

Amid the a**hole chants, MJF said Cody is the villain in this story. He accused Cody of being selfish and using him as one of his puppets. He even went on to say that he is better than Cody and is the new face of AEW. Jericho and MJF then started arguing over Inner Circle membership. MJF kept saying that Jericho wanted him to join Inner Circle and Jericho kept retorting that it is MJF who wants to join Inner Circle.

Another memorable quote from Jericho came when he commented MJF wanted to be like him. He mentioned that both of them are from Long Island, have 3 letter nicknames, and love scarves. Jericho then jokingly wondered if MJF was conceived after his parents watched Jericho defeat Juventud Guerrera 25 years ago on WCW Saturday Night. (It was about 23 years ago actually). MJF wondered who Juvi is and Jericho told him to “Google it, Baby!”

They argued a bit more about joining Inner Circle and then agreed at the same time that they both hate Cody. At that point, Cody came out. As he was not “cleared for action,” QT Marshall tried to stop him from going to the ring. But Cody ran down to the ring and gave a brief beating to MJF and Jericho. That was until Wardlow came out and took down Cody.

AEW had aired a couple of promos for Wardlow, first during AEW All Out and the second one during one of the AEW Dynamite episode.

Cody Rhodes faced Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear 2019 for the AEW World Championship. Before the match, Cody announced that he would never challenge for the world title again had he lost to Jericho. At Full Gear, Cody was put under Liontamer by Jericho and MJF threw in the towel to stop the match. Later, MJF turned on Cody, taking a low-blow on him.

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