Undertaker Explains Using Steroids Early in His WWE Career

The Undertaker opened up about using steroids early in his WWE career and discussed the wrestlers’ mindset about it from the time.

Undertaker in WWE

During his conversation with the Joe Rogan Experience, The Undertaker disclosed that wrestlers thought they needed to be big and ripped in order to survive in the pro-wrestling industry, which led to huge usage of steroids across the locker room.

“There was a time when you had to be jacked. Especially with the big guys there was a stigma. You had to be 300 pounds, it’s in our head. Nobody gives a sh*t. They’re interested in the characters we are on TV, but in our head it was like, ‘f*ck I gotta be 350 pounds.’”

The Phenom was asked about Roddy Piper who admitted that he needed to take steroids to stay medium-sized. The Undertaker replied that wrestlers thought that way back then. He also added that he does not understand how today’s wrestlers remain so fit, because he wasn’t able to achieve that look even on steroids.

“That was the wrestler’s mindset then, but now we’re tested for everything which I don’t understand because there are some big motherf*ckers out there and they’re cut and I don’t know how they did it. Like, I couldn’t get that way when I was on steroids.”

Undertaker then revealed how WWE started testing for drugs in order for wrestlers to not get arrested by authorities. They even use to fine wrestlers and send them to rehab when they are caught multiple times.

“Well, so one, prescription drugs. They started out early on, like we’re talking 90’s. They didn’t want people getting pulled over and finding weed in the car, so the fine you. The second time you get fined a little more, and the third time you get fined and maybe you have to go to rehab.”

The Deadman then noted how this policy from WWE had an adverse effect on wrestlers and they inadvertently started pushing them towards pills and alcohol.

“What they didn’t figure out is when they take that away, you’re gonna drink more and you’re gonna take more pills because you’ve gotta cope with the pain somehow. So, then you’ve got guys overdosing. So, everything’s kinda led up to this drug protocol. We didn’t have doctors traveling with us at the time, we didn’t even have trainers with us. Now we travel with trainers, doctors. There’s all types of protocol. Now when you get a dinger… used to be it was like ‘I gotta make a living,’ same thing with injuries, like you don’t work you don’t get paid. In that sense our industry has come a long way and our industry has come a long way.”

The Undertaker more or less blamed WWE’s touring schedule for wrestlers getting addicted to different kind of substances and steroids. He used the metaphor for WWE’s touring schedule as like that of “throwing darts” and explained how his body always use to be in bad shape as he was needed to tour across the country on a daily basis.

“I stayed f*cked up, honestly. We had this motto that we’ll sleep when we’re dead. When you’re young you’ve got that kind of energy and you can go out and enjoy that and you’ve got the nightlife too. Things have progressed so much in our industry. I mean we’re on the same level as Football. I mean our drug testing program, concussions, I mean we are probably in some cases even better.”

WWE’s current Wellness Policy has come a long way from the times that Undertaker is talking about. The company has suspended many wrestlers in recent times on account of Marijuana usage and other policy violations for a month or more. Also, unlike earlier days, trainers and doctors travel with talents for live events. They have also upgraded in terms of dealing with concussion issues.

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