NXT Takeover New York 2019: Velveteen Dream retains NXT North American Title

Velveteen Dream retains NXT North American Title,  The Velveteen Dream defeat matt riddle
Velveteen Dream retains NXT North American Title

The Velveteen Dream has retained his NXT North American Championship after defeating Matt Riddle at NXT Takeover New York 2019 on 5 April 2019. This also brought an end to the singles match undefeated streak of Matt Riddle.


After winning the World’s Collide tournament, the Velveteen Dream chose to face the North American Champion Johnny Gargano and won the title from him in February. With his undefeated streak intact, Matt Riddle expressed his desire to become the North American Champion but was shot down by Dream. After watching his performance in the no. 1 contender match for the NXT Championship, NXT General Manager William Regal booked Riddle against Dream at Takeover: New York.

Match Description

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Matt Riddle enters first and Velveteen Dream follows him. Dream poses at the entrance like the Statue of Liberty, torch in the hands and is carried to the ring. He comes into the ring and takes his time in the spotlight. Velveteen chants go up on one side of the crowd while Bro chants on the other half. Riddle takes his hand forward for the bro bump and then start. Riddle with sidekicks on the leg.

Dream goes for the legs, Riddle changes it to the waist takedown before going for the Kimura. Dream breaks the hold quickly. Shoulders lockdown to a stalemate for some time. Riddle transitions it into a Russian armbar. Lock again, Dream kicks into Matt’s bare feet, shoulder block off the rope, multiple rollups attempts, a slap in the back. Riddle with rollover waist takedown, going for the third one when Dream counters into a roll up.

Dream with a dropkick sends Riddle to the apron, high knee there and an axe handle at the ringside. Riddle with a german suplex at ringside. Back in the ring, Riddle hits some chops and a couple of running forearms, follows with a knee at the back and a penalty kick. Riddle is going for the bro-mission but Dream prevents it. Riddle puts him in the armbar then. More strikes by Riddle until Dream hits the German suplex but Riddle no-sells it. He hits a high knee and a snap suplex to get a nearfall.

Riddle puts him into a triangle choke. Dream fights out only to be hit with the high knee again and then another german suplex for a nearfall. Riddle hits some more kicks. Dream gets the momentum and strikes with some kicks and sends him outside. He hits the axe handle at the ringside to get a nearfall. Dream is slow to get to the top rope. Riddle hits a high knee strike again to counter the axe handle again.

Dream hits the codebreaker to get nearfall. Dream goes for the running knee but Riddle counters it into the ankle lock. Dream fights out and hits the superkick. He then hits the dream valley driver and goes for the purple rainmaker. Riddle counters it into the bro-mission. Dream fights out and goes to the apron. Riddle picks him up from there to hit an incredible German Suplex. He follows it with a moonsault splash to get nearfall. Dream with some strikes and a superkick. Riddle with the waist takedown, gets another nearfall and puts in the Bro-mission only for Dream to roll him up to get the pin.

Winner- The Velveteen Dream with a pinfall

Dream celebrates the victory for some time. Riddle offers another fist bump as a sign of respect to Dream. He gets the fist bump amid the crowd cheers.

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