The OC Invades NXT, Balor Teases Bullet Club Reunion

The OC Invades NXT
The OC Invades NXT

AJ Styles and the OC invaded NXT, attacked the Undisputed ERA before the show this week, had a match with Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle, and Keith Lee, before teasing a reunion with Finn Balor…

As the show opened, The OC was seen attacking the Undisputed ERA. They entered the ring after their attack and let NXT know they weren’t taking the previous invasion at SmackDown and RAW lightly. This was the first time that all three of them were at NXT. Styles even cut a promo starting with, “So, this is NXT.” Soon enough, Tommaso Ciampa came out to let them know this is his house. When Styles pointed out that he was alone, Keith Lee and Matt Riddle came out to join him and a match was set for the main event.

At the main eventing for the show, the OC and Team Ciampa put on a hell of a match with the OC looking even better they ever looked in the main roster. Everything was chaos at the end but Tommaso Ciampa was looking to finish the match. Only that Finn Balor came out to distract him and delivered a DDT on Matt Riddle at the ramp. Styles took the opportunity to hit Ciampa with the Pele Kick.

Balor and Styles looked at each other as Styles formed The Club sign and Balor formed the Bullet Club sign from the New Japan days. Styles was then looking to win the match but Adam Cole hit him with the superkick to knock him out. Cole and Balor then locked their eyes as the show came to the close.

During his days in the New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Finn Balor formed a villainous stable named the Bullet Club. Karl Anderson was one of the first members of the club and AJ Styles became the leader of the stable down the line. When Styles, Anderson, and Gallows formed the stable or the first time in WWE, they were simply called the Club. However, in their second reunion this year, they are now called the OC- The Original and Only Club that matters.

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